Easy Frame Tray


It's March... And I find myself wanting to throw the doors open so I can breathe in that very moment when winter gives way to all-things-spring...   While I'm waiting, I think I'll freshen up the inside of the house with a few spring touches- this Easy Frame Tray is the first of many. It has … [Read More...]


Shabbilicious Friday!

  Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday Before we get this party started, I wanted to show you what I've been up to this week! (Just in case you missed it!) In honor of National Bird Feeding Month (did you know?!) I put together a cute Platform Bird Feeder!  And I told you about my secret … [Read more... ]


My Year of Reckless Crafting!

I thought I should let you know that 2015 is going to be a year of reckless crafting. Reckless you say? Yep. This is about as reckless as I get…crafting outside of my comfort zone…or doing anything outside of my comfort zone really. Can you relate at all? I decided early in January that I'm going … [Read more... ]


Easy DIY Platform Bird Feeder

Did you know that February is National Bird Feeder Month? I suppose it's because our tiny feathered friends have a harder time finding food in the coldest months...and we've had some cold months! While I can't do anything about the weather, I can try to make a small difference  in my own back … [Read more... ]


Giving New Wood a Rustic Finish & Shabbilicious Friday!

 Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday! Before we get started with our features (which are amazing  by the way!) I wanted to show you what I've been up to this week...just in case you missed something!Have you ever tried Glass Etching?  This is my first try and I'm telling you...it's easy! HEREAnd HERE is … [Read more... ]


Kitchen iPad Holder

Do you guys use an iPad or other tablet for recipes when you cook?  Because I do, I've been asking Mike to make an iPad holder and whatdayaknow! The other day he did! Isn't the wood beautiful!? It's one of a kind since (at this point) we can't get any more of this gorgeous wood... The wood … [Read more... ]


Easy Glass Etching

I've been wanting to try glass etching for a long time, but I put it off, thinking it would be messy and wouldn't work.  Sooo not true! Turns out, etching glass is super easy! I started with an simple project, etching a glass jar to display some of my vintage silverware... Got a minute? If so, … [Read more... ]


Shabby Chic Accessories & Shabbilicious Friday Link Up!

Hello Sweet Friends! Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday! Before I show you the features for this week, if you missed my post on Monday---check it out here!  I'm all about the chocolate this week! I can't wait to see what you've been up to ... my friend Jeanette picked some great features this week-do … [Read more... ]


Easy Chocolate Recipes

I told you on Monday when I posted my Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe, that I can't imagine Valentine's Day without chocolate! Well, today I thought I'd bring a few more easy chocolate recipes  in case you're still stumped about what to make on Saturday! This little Fudge Pie is really too … [Read more... ]


Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes-Gluten Free Naturally

It's a cliche ...chocolate & Valentine's Day~but it's a cliche for a reason... I can't imagine a Valentine's Day without something chocolate- this year, I thought I'd try making mini flourless chocolate cakes! If you are one of my friends with Celiac Disease, I imagine you're like me, and get … [Read more... ]

Shabblicious Friday

New Link Up! Shabbilicious Friday!

Hello my friends! I'm so excited to tell you about a new link party : Shabbilicious Friday that I'll be co-hosting every week! It's a GLOBAL inspiration party with my favorite bloggers - some from across the pond! (Because some of our co-hosts are on Aussie time- the Friday link up will go live on … [Read more... ]


YogaBed – A Review!

My friend Diane represents a new company called Yogabed - when she emailed and asked me if I'd like to review one of their mattresses I knew exactly who I'd ask to do this review for me! My daughter Stephanie, who has had neck and back pain for years and coincidentally had been talking about buying … [Read more... ]


Plants & People…it’s the broken pieces that add beauty.

 My favorite plants are succulents. They aren't perfect plants mind you, I mean, any plant that breaks so easily is just a bit frustrating... I can't tell you how many pieces have broken off this little succulent fairy garden since I planted it 8 months ago. I'll just walk by and brush up against … [Read more... ]


Scrap Wood Heart

Making something out of nearly nothing...I love to do that... Take these hearts for instance. They're made out of scraps of moldings. End pieces that didn't make the cut...Not big enough for a big baseboard project, just cast-offs... Have you ever had a day like that, where every moment felt like … [Read more... ]


Bedroom Makeover

New Link Party Announcement at the end of the post! Although we've had a quiet January around here, as in no big projects, we've been planning our first DIY project of the year. It's a little Master Bedroom makeover...our master is on the main level and we've been thinking about ways to make it … [Read more... ]


Moss Heart Flower Pot

Giving someone something, no matter how small, is one way to show love. And my One-Little-Word for 2014 is love after all... My mama was the most creative person I've ever known. She never had a week when she didn't make something...something she could give away. Every season brought something new … [Read more... ]


Easy Beeswax Candles

A long time ago I was a runner. My kids were small so I would go on my run before sun up while Mike was still at home. In the pitch dark with only splashes of light from the street lamps, I couldn't see down the block to where I was going...I could only see right in front of me...  I had just … [Read more... ]