Celebrating October


Maybe we should celebrate the end of every month...say good bye with a ritual of some sort...after all, once gone, they don't come again for nearly a year. And of all the months, October is my favorite. So whether you do a little Halloween celebrating or not, take a moment in the next few days to … [Read More...]


Twirl and Take a Bow

How are you sweet friends! Welcome to Twirl and Take a Bow...before we get started I wanted to tell you about a series I'm going to be doing... The first post HERE explains a little more in case you're interested! Stay tuned! Now my bud Karin is going to tell you about the … [Read more... ]


Rustic Nursery

A tiny boy is born and we welcome him into the world with snuggles and kisses and whispered promises of family and forever love... And we bring him home to a little corner or even a whole room that is his very own. My daughter Bethany and SIL Darren, brought home Baby Ford, our first grandson, and … [Read more... ]


Easy Holiday Decorating

For everyone in the US, Halloween is fast approaching and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's GO TIME for events and decorating and celebrating...the time from October 1st through January 2nd flies by in a blur. So much to do---Earlier this month, when I was Autumn-Nesting (with … [Read more... ]


Fall Nesting with Mrs. Hines

I'm so excited because one of my favorite friends is sharing with us today! Do you know Sharon from Mrs. Hine's Class? If not, you're in for a treat... *** Hey y'all! I'm so excited to be contributing at All Things Heart and Home this Fall. I first discovered this blog about two years ago. Then, … [Read more... ]


WOW Projects! And Twirl and Take a Bow!

Hello sweet friends! How's your week going? We spent yesterday at the hospital welcoming our 5th grandchild! The first boy! Baby Bradford "Ford" Kent  is our first grandson! Needless to say, we're so thankful...nothing gives perspective like new life. Did you get a chance to have a look at my … [Read more... ]


8 Five Minute Fall Centerpieces!

For our family, autumn ushers in the holiday season. I'm not talking about Christmas in particular, but the season from October 1st through January 1st. It's the time of year that we have lots of get-togethers with our family and friends. With those gatherings in mind, we feel that decorating our … [Read more... ]


Behr MARQUEE Launch & Sunset Idea House

 You guys who've been hanging out with me for years know how much I adore Behr Paint...I mean, Behr Paint was one of the first categories I added to my blog years ago! (All Things Behr Paint) I've been loving my time with the Behr DIY Expert team this year, doing monthly projects using Behr MARQUEE … [Read more... ]

Buffet fall front view with drawers

Easy Fall Tablescape

I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to another one of my friends who is contributing to All Things Heart and Home this fall and holiday season!  I met Tammy from One More Time Events when she started linking up with Twirl and Take a Bow (the link-up that I co host!) I was so impressed with … [Read more... ]


Fall Nesting and Twirl and Take a Bow!

Hello Sweet Friends! How's your month going so far!? We're enjoying ours, just waiting for our 5th grandchild to be born...any time now!I spent yesterday with my 9 month pregnant daughter Bethany and we did a little fall nesting on her front porch...And I had a couple of fun kid-friendly Halloween … [Read more... ]


Ikat Inspired Pumpkin

My ikat inspired pumpkin is my favorite pumpkin in the history of ever. You know how much I love soft less saturated colors and this little pumpkin fits all my criteria...   Bindi loves it too...maybe she thinks it looks a little like the puff of white she sees in the mirror... I started … [Read more... ]

Book Page Projects

Book Page Projects

Do you love a cute fox as much as I do? They are second only to cute little deer in my book! My friends at DecoArt asked me to come up with a project for their blog last month and I was so excited to make this little fox. I knew he'd find a home among my book collection... You know I've been … [Read more... ]

kid friendly halloween decoration

Kid Friendly Halloween Decoration!

Remember when I told you I had some amazing contributors lined up for the fall & holiday season!? I'm so excited to introduce you guys (that don't already know her) to Julie! Julie's blog is Lilacs & Longhorns, you'll love it but I'm going to let Julie tell you all about it! Hi there!  I'm … [Read more... ]


Easy Glitter Pumpkins

I love all-things autumn and that includes Halloween! But unlike lots of people, I don't do scary. There's enough scary in the world without me adding to it...(I know, that's just me :) ) But I'm all about kid-friendly Halloween decorations! This year I felt like adding a little star-dust … [Read more... ]


Twirl and Take a Bow

Hello Sweet Friends! It's Twirl and Take a Bow Tuesday (or Monday night if you're here early!) Before we get to there features, did you guys see my post on our Easy DIY Range Hood? Easiest project ever! And yesterday, I posted 10 Tips and Tricks for planning a Fall Party HERE! We just had our … [Read more... ]


Fall Party

I've been throwing a fall party for 11 years. It's my biggest party of the year and honestly, it might just be my favorite. Better than Thanksgiving or Christmas you ask!? Probably. Maybe...okay, not better-than Thanksgiving or Christmas...but at least as good as...  The coming of autumn kicks … [Read more... ]


Easy DIY Range Hood

Hello sweet friends...today, I have a story for you... It's all about the time I got my way and Mike built a sweet little range hood in place of the microwave! Fascinating stuff huh? :) This tale started on a crisp afternoon in autumn. (most good things happen on crisp afternoons in autumn don't … [Read more... ]