Easter & Spring Decorations! And A Shabbilicious Link Up!


Welcome to this weeks Shabbilicious Link Up where we love all-things perfectly imperfect! Today we're showing you some Spring & Easter decorating! Before we get to those features, here's what I've been up to... I showed you my Garden Party this week! Maybe you'll find some ideas for your … [Read More...]


Hanging Mason Jar Flower Chandelier

When I put together my Garden Party, I thought it would be fun to have a hanging mason jar flower chandelier or two! This project is so easy... And so pretty! Here's what you need: (affiliate link included) Mason Jars String Wire Basket---> Scoop Basket, Medium, Cool Gray When … [Read more... ]


Making Strawberry Jam

It's strawberry season and I couldn't be more excited because this year because, in addition to freezing bags of strawberries for smoothies, I'm making jam! Strawberry jam is my favorite and after eating our homemade jam on toast and biscuits, Mike is leaving grape jelly behind... Although I … [Read more... ]


Garden Party-Perfect Mix of Rustic & Refined

Welcome to my Garden Party~ a perfect mix of rustic & refined!  I wanted to bring you some inspiration from my last year's Easter Lunch with hopes that maybe you'd get an idea or two for your own spring celebration! Last April, I threw a garden party on Easter Sunday...fortunately, the … [Read more... ]

vintage inspired tray 2_8094

Shabby Vintage Tray~Best of DIY

I've got a fun project and an even more fun link up today! Some of my favorite DIY blogger peeps have teamed up to bring us a little inspiration! And just for kicks and giggles...I'm throwing in a project of my own! I found the inspiration for my project in the hardware aisle of Hobby … [Read more... ]


Shabbilicious Link Up!

Welcome to our weekly Shabbilicious Link Party! Thank you to all of you who stop by and share your projects with us every week, I am truly inspired each time I visit your blogs. It's so exciting to see this little group of ours grow, and I often struggle to choose only a few features with so many … [Read more... ]

teacup bird feeder

Teacup Bird Feeder

How about a 5 minute project?! Once upon a time I collected teacups. I don't hunt and buy teacups anymore, but I have quite a few tucked into cabinets. If you have one you aren't using, this teacup bird feeder is so easy and would make a sweet Mother's Day gift for the bird-loving-mom... I made … [Read more... ]


Spring Table-Decorating with Dishes

Some of my favorite times of year, are those months when one season gradually makes room for the next. After a rough winter, spring is so much sweeter isn't it? My heart is so ready for budding trees and warm breezes and I love for my home to reflect that change... When you're doing a little … [Read more... ]

renovated-kitchen so much better with age

Spring Centerpieces & Shabbilicious Linkup!

Welcome to this weeks Shabbilicious Link Up! Before we get started I wanted to show you a couple of easy spring centerpieces in case you're in the mood for a project!  Cute Spring Centerpiece  Aged TerraCotta Spring Centerpiece ! I'm so ready for spring, aren't you? You might get a bit of … [Read more... ]

Spring Mantle 3

Spring Mantle!

I don't know if I've ever been so happy that warmer days are just around the corner. I'm almost giddy over the daffodils in the back yard and the green on my spring mantle! Isn't it just amazing how a hard winter can make for a sweeter spring? Maybe our bodies crave the warmth of sunshine and our … [Read more... ]


Early Spring on the Porch

My favorite place to be in early spring is on my porch surrounded by beautiful plants, listening to the sound of our backyard waterfall... I know, I know...I'm rushing things, but we live in the deep south and March always gives us a few days that are beyond perfect. We had a couple of those days … [Read more... ]


Easy Lavender Sachets

Lavender...ahhhh, even the sound of it makes me feel better. The word is beautiful but the aroma, well the aroma is the real treasure isn't it? Lavender is soothing and peaceful. And to be honest, lately, I've needed all the peace and serenity I can get. WebMD says: "Lavender is used for … [Read more... ]


Vintage Inspired Projects & Shabbilicious Link Up!

Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday! In case you and I don't know each other yet, I'm Robin and my blog is called All Things Heart and Home because I believe that everything I do in my home is a reflection of my heart. From the smallest things like putting together a craft project to bigger endeavors … [Read more... ]

Target Wedding 2

Target Wedding!

Do you know a couple who got engaged over the Christmas holiday...or maybe Valentine's Day? For those couples...It's Time To Register and Target Wedding's It's time to REGISTER! Campaign is in full swing! The campaign "encourages couples to "Be Yourself, Together" and join forces without losing the … [Read more... ]


Easy Frame Tray

It's March... And I find myself wanting to throw the doors open so I can breathe in that very moment when winter gives way to all-things-spring...   While I'm waiting, I think I'll freshen up the inside of the house with a few spring touches- this Easy Frame Tray is the first of many. It has … [Read more... ]


Shabbilicious Friday!

  Welcome to Shabbilicious Friday Before we get this party started, I wanted to show you what I've been up to this week! (Just in case you missed it!) In honor of National Bird Feeding Month (did you know?!) I put together a cute Platform Bird Feeder!  And I told you about my secret … [Read more... ]


My Year of Reckless Crafting!

I thought I should let you know that 2015 is going to be a year of reckless crafting. Reckless you say? Yep. This is about as reckless as I get…crafting outside of my comfort zone…or doing anything outside of my comfort zone really. Can you relate at all? I decided early in January that I'm going … [Read more... ]