4th of July Party Ideas for Kids!


 A summer party is so much more fun when there are outdoor kids games! With the 4th of July coming, I wanted to show you a couple of easy backyard games! A couple of years ago, my friends at Kroger challenged me to put together a summer party with only things from their grocery store! It was so much … [Read More...]

Patriotic Bandana Wreath

30+ Patriotic Projects!

What do you think of when you think of sweet summer time? A few things that come to my mind are long days, lemonade in the afternoon, late dinners, early morning coffee out on the porch, beach breezes and all-things patriotic! I asked a few of my friends to share their Flag-Inspired, patriotic … [Read more... ]


Painted Milk Can

Today, I'm gonna be honest about a couple of things. The first one will be easy to swallow ...you might even agree with me...I love a good milk can! I always linger over them in antique stores, sometimes I even carry one around with me while I try to talk myself into buying it... But I've never … [Read more... ]

DSC_9490_edited-1Summer Decorating

Summer Decorating

The past couple of months have been anything but ordinary for us. It all started with Mike having 2 emergency surgeries and developing a DVT. Health issues can throw an ordinary life into chaos, but as each day passes, Mike's recovering and as he gets better, we're beginning to have a sense of … [Read more... ]

Easy Fairy Garden with TEXT

DIY String Light Projects

I love using string lights! Big bulb Edison style lights, tiny white fairy lights and even those itty bitty LED lights! String lights can turn something ordinary into something magical and there's no need to wait until the holidays to spread a little magic... Today I'm partnering with Porch.Com … [Read more... ]


Easy DIY Painted Sign

For me, there's nothing more fun than painting a sign! (I know, I'm not exactly the life of the party!) With so many finished and unfinished wood cut outs available these days, it's easy to find almost any shape for your sign! I've been wanting to play around with a cut out in the shape of the … [Read more... ]


DIY Herb Drying Rack

This spring I started planting herbs like a mad woman. There's something harmonious about clipping fresh herbs while preparing a meal. My dream would be to walk outside and gather a few vegetables to serve with dinner but with our mostly shady yard, a vegetable garden isn't going to happen. … [Read more... ]


Inspired by Teal

We're all inspired by color and one of my favorites is teal! There are so many shades of teal...it can go towards blue or green, either way it's dreamy. And no matter which shade your love, a little teal can sweep you away in an instant... (Source) The southern tradition of painting porch … [Read more... ]


Bathroom Makeover Update

 Our bathroom makeover is pretty close to being done! There have been a few glitches along the way and with Mike in the hospital for nine days, it's just been slow-going. But I thought I'd give you guys an update and I picked my favorite area to focus on! This window in front of the tub...ahhhhh, … [Read more... ]


In Front of the Garden Gate

I did a little gardening this weekend! It was different than my usual gardening because it wasn't behind the garden gate. Two years ago, we completely made over our back yard and ever since, we've been working on the garden space behind the gate... But if you don't sneak back here...you'd never … [Read more... ]


Deck Makeover & Shabbilicious Link Up!

Hello my friends, welcome to our Shabbilicious Link Up! Before we get started, I want to show you what I've been up to this week... First, I made Mike some Rustic Poster Frames for (an early) Father's Day gift! These are super easy (because I made them all by myself!) and what dad wouldn't like big … [Read more... ]

Welcome Home Summer Tour

Welcome Home Summer Tour

Have  you been following this weeks Welcome Home Summer Tour with Balsam Hill? Balsam Hill who is known for being our go-to Holiday Shop, sent 24 bloggers, beautiful home goods to incorporate into our summer decor~  Balsam Hill has way more than holiday additions for your home...let me show you … [Read more... ]


Easy DIY Rustic Frame

In this all-things-digital time we live in, I cherish actual photos. Filling our home with pictures displayed on our bookshelves, walls and in photo books, is a powerful way to tell our story and relive our memories.  With that in mind,  I decided to make a couple of rustic frames to hold some of … [Read more... ]

shim sign

Easy Wood Shim Sign

I've been having fun getting the yard summer-ready and thought I'd make a colorful sign for the playground area. I wanted something really easy and I didn't want to ask Mike for help (I want him to rest so he can recover quickly from the drama of the past 5 weeks!) When I think of easy wood … [Read more... ]


Room Challenge & Shabbilicious Link Up!

Welcome friends! It's time for a little inspiration from last weeks link up but before we do, I want to show you what I've been up to! After our really stressful month, I've been completely drained. Mike's recovering, slowly beginning to get into a more normal routine and I'm so thankful. But … [Read more... ]

with text

Wicker Chair Makeover!

I haven't done a project in weeks (because of Mike's long hospital stay) and I was itching to make something pretty! So I grabbed my favorite go-to decorating and DIY tool: paint and transformed these sweet little Ikea wicker chairs... I love the shape of these chairs and in just over an hour, they … [Read more... ]


Inspired by Blue

Thank you guys for being amazing. While Mike was so ill in the hospital I got really behind on my business obligations and projects for the blog. You've been so caring, reaching out to us and so patient while I work on catching up- I'm truly grateful. Today, Memorial Day, I shot all the photos for … [Read more... ]