Decorating for our Graduation Open House

My baby graduated from college! We must celebrate! We had an Open House this past weekend. I wanted the “mood” of the party to match the “mood” of her graduation announcement…here…


Remember the banner I made for the party? There’s a tutorial here! I wanted something hanging over the food table but wasn’t having any luck…till I found these!


These were on sale at Walmart (the Martha Stewart line). They were white eyelet and I knew that woul never fit the mood!


While lurking around the Dollar General, I found these! Also too bright for my mood but I loved them and knew I’d figure something out!


You know how I love spray paint!? Soooo, I sprayed these lanterns ivory…still not quite right…


Soooo, I dipped a rag into my trusty can of stain and dabbed it all over the lanterns in different amounts.


I also rubbed the flowers with a tiny touch of stain.


I played around with these flowers doing all sort of things…then I thought why not hang the lanterns by the stems???


Looking around my Fun Room I spotted some paper scrapbook flowers..and WaaaLaaa! (I just added them to the biggest lantern)


Here they are hanging in the Fun Room…


And Here they are over the table right before the party!!! Don’t ya love to think outside the box and make things work!?!?


  1. says

    I don’t know which deserves more congratulations–your lanterns or her graduation :) Seriously, I know she appreciates the effort to make her day special and let her know how proud you are. The decorations are awesome!

  2. says

    I think what amazes me the most is that you buy something (the flowers) and don’t really know how you’re going to use them. You don’t lay awake for hours planning it. It just comes together. Such natural talent.

    Are all you craft-oriented people this way?

    Still wishing I could have made it to the party. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  3. says

    Miss Robin, you just have a way of infusing everything with your signature style! I am certain everyone had a wonderful time. Will look forward to seeing more on Thursday.

    Vicky’s last blog post..Love…

  4. Sharon Butler says

    Great Decorations…..Great Food…..Great Time!!! Emma and Tim are starting a new chapter….. Congratulations!!

  5. says

    I love what you have done with these paper lanterns. I love paper lanterns and always use them for parties and you’ve just taken it to another level. Thanks for sharing!

    Janie Gore’s last blog post..I’m Shocked!


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