Autumn Nesting ~ Scents and Sounds

More Autumn Nesting today…as always in my life decorating for the seasons has a bigger purpose than to make the house look good. I call it “Setting the Stage for More Important Things” and I’ve written about it several times….here’s one.

I want my humble little home to say: come in…grab a pup and snuggle while I get you something to sip and nibble…you’re special. You’re loved. I’m glad you’re here…

dsc_4692I don’t have little ones at home any more so when my adult kiddos stop by or when we host a big family get-together, which we do several times in the Fall, I want my house to be a place of comfort, inspiration, acceptance and love. I want everyone who comes to our house to leave feeling a bit better about themselves. (That’s my deepest desire for my little blog-home too Peeps.)

2So, that’s my motivation for nesting each season. When I change the house from one season to the next I love to engage all five senses don’t you? My favorite of course being the sense of taste…but today I wanted to share my go-to Autumn scents and sounds…

Both are a matter of personal taste, but whatever the preference, don’t leave them out of your nesting ritual. Scents and sounds are powerful triggers for nostalgia and a sense of well being.

As you know I love candles. My favorite for long lasting scrumptious aromas are Yankee Candles.My Favorite Autumn scent is Harvest. It evokes a physical response in me. I adore the smell of that candle…


My girls love the Wood Wick Candles, but I don’t have one yet! The wick is wood and makes a little crackling sound when it burns. Gotta admit it’s a pretty candle! (Their favorite : Fireside)

woodwick-candleOn Mother’s Day, Stephanie and Jon gave me this Wood Wick Reed Diffuser and Oil. These things surprised me with the constant aroma. Better than a candle. I loved it so much that I went out and bought a bunch of them…at Walmart. I wanted to save money…don’t do it!!! They barely smelled and within hours didn’t smell at all. They made no difference in the house whatsoever. I’m afraid when it comes to Reed Diffusers you must pay to get a good one. TJ Max and Marshalls often have these by Woodwick or Yankee but not always in the “flavors” I like. (Yankee Wood Diffusers are every bit as good as Wood Wick, I have one!)


But my all time FAVORITE thing for bringing amazing aroma to your home is this little puppy…it’s not sexy like the candles or reed diffusers but oh my holy cow does it work!

My Baby Sis gave me a little melting pot a few years ago and I keep it going from September to January…You can get a little pot at Walmart for cheap.

warming-potAgain I use ONLY Yankee Tarts…the cheaper ones are, I find, inferior and these don’t cost much anyway. tart

Each tiny tart costs between $1 and $2. They last 8 hours and give the most amazing fragrance throughout house. When you’re ready to change seasons just put warmer in the freezer for 10 minutes and the wax pops out and you can put in a new fragrance. (They have some amazing Christmas tarts that smell like a live Christmas tree!)

I leave mine on the kitchen counter in a corner and turn it on in the mornings when I’m going to be home…it’s the best way I’ve ever found to infuse your favorite aroma into the home.

*******Soap-Box ALERT*******I must put in a note about candle scents like : Apple Pie or Sugar Cookies…you know those yumalicious smells of  baked goods…if you come to my house Peeps and smell Apple Pie I can promise you one thing…I WILL NOT be offering you a candle.It will be an actual Apple Pie. I just can’t put pretend baking smells into my house, it breaks my fragile spun-sugar heart. I truly dislike this type of false advertising. Okay, I’m stepping off the soap box now. ‘That was a close one, I almost got started on those fake books that are actually boxes or some such nonsense. Whew.‘****************

And as for sounds…I love music Peeps. All kinds of music. But in Autumn you’ll find this background music for all of my get-togethers…

spenser-lewisI first heard this CD when The Husband took me to Woodstock Vermont. The music hypnotized me and the title of the CD brought me to tears…A Sense of Place , I’ve been searching for a sense of place my whole life.

This music is to me…Autumn. Go to iTunes and listen to a bit see what you think…

Another favorite that I just found last spring is Landon Pigg…oh I love his voice and music. I’m adding him to the playlist for my parties this Fall. (If you haven’t heard him, you’re going to LOVE him. I promise!)

landon-piggOkay, now it’s your turn. Tell me how you use scents and sounds during the glorious Fall. Favorite candles? Favorite music? Any thoughts on “setting the stage for more important things”? Love to you today …

Visit Melissa over at Inspired Rooms for her Fall Nesting Party and get some scrumptious ideas!!!


  1. says

    Eva Cassidy’s AUTUMN LEAVES-(from her album SONGBIRD) id Beautiful! I also burn the candles and tarts in the fall scents. I love Bean Pod Candles because they are a cleaner burn (no black soot for your lungs to breath) and they burn longer with a very strong fragrance. Price wise, they are pretty close to the Yankee brand, maybe a bit cheaper, depending on where you shop.

    We always buy mums, and corn stalks and hay stacks for outdoor decration- a beautiful fall wreath on my door and I put various fall decor pieces throughout my home, much like what you have shown here.

    I start cooking my soups and baking with my apples now too!

    Fall is my favorite of all seasons.
    .-= sherri´s last blog ..Calling All Book Lovers! =-.

  2. says

    How I adored the practical ideas in this post! I am going right away and see if I can’t listen to some of this CD. I too love the candles this time of year. Sometimes I use the tarts when I have a ladies group coming over and they always oh and ah over the smell of my house. That is not a small thing for my house as it is an old craftsman and tends to smell like an old house! There is a CD called Autumn, I can’t remember who put’s it out. I like to play that one. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am going to have to visit again.
    .-= Gayle at Mountain Moma´s last blog ..Suddenly September =-.

  3. says

    I’m a TOTAL tart whore too!!!! I haven’t burned a candle in years since I discovered tarts!!

    I too LOVE Yankee, and Cranberry Chutney is my all time favorite!! I do like you turn it on in the morning when I get up – everyone always comments on how good our house smells, even our kids friends.

    FYI, if you ever run across a shop that sells McCalls Candles, their buttons are WONDERFUL as well! VERY strong- we used to see them in our shop, wish I had bought a few cases before we closed up! LOL

    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..Today’s Creative Blog Featuring ME! =-.

  4. says

    Oh, I so miss having good smells in my house, but I prefer breathing so I’m not complaining too much.

    However, since reading your soapbox rant, I now have a total craving for apple pie. I’d settle for apple crisp. Now I just have to find someone to bake me one…
    .-= gitz´s last blog ..But Can You Believe My Voice? =-.

  5. says

    I love decorating the house for fall, but before I am ready to concede the end of summer, I fill the house with autumn scents. We all love the pumpkin pie and cinnamon roll scents. Most of the time, it is the candle or burner that we smell, but often that just serves as inspiration for me to bake the real thing!
    .-= Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last blog ..Cereal Box Organizers For Kids’ Stuff =-.

  6. Pinky says

    OK, first of all thanks for the info on the …ahem…cheap diffusers! I bought one and it was NOT good! It didn’t last at all. Now I know, “you get what you pay for” at least in this dept.!!!:):) I am going to try the wood wick candles, just for the SOUND!!!! I LOVE tarts, I have them in all scents for all the seasons too! As for sounds…..never thought about “Fall music”! I will have to check out your suggestions! Thanks!!!! Hugs, Pinky

  7. says

    Great post about all the scents of the season.
    We recently had a yankee candle store open near by and I had forgotten how wonderful their flavours are. Thanks for adding to the fall nesting party, it has been great fun to see what everyone is doing to celebrate.
    .-= Pearl Maple´s last blog ..Celebrating Seasons =-.

  8. jane carter says

    i recently went to work part-time as a legal assistant for an attorney (who, by the way, changed careers later in life and passed the bar exam at age 57). he puts the yankee candles on a little electric warmer and, voila, our entire office smells fabulous! gotta say, this is the first time i’ve ever worked for a man who really gave a flip about how the office smelled. we are enjoying ‘lavender sage’ right now! but, i definitely think i am going to trot across the street to the hallmark shop and pick up some of the yankee tarts and try that route at home! thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Kat says

    I love the apple pie and pumkin spice scents, but when I do burn them, and some people I know are coming for dinner, i’ll also bake an apple or pumpkin pie. Then the scent isn’t overwhelming, but it’s just at that point where it’s close to overwhelming, but not quite there yet. So it’s just perfect. As for music, i really dont listen to much more than Metallica. I know, kind of odd, but I like it.

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