Frozen moments in time…

Happy 2010!

I’m so excited about doing this 365 project .(I start today!!!)  A photo a day for a year.  Simple. Yet profound. I love the idea of  looking back over the ordinary and extraordinary and seeing  a moment from every single day frozen in time.

Many people tend to take photos of only the “red-letter” moments in life, birthdays, holidays, vacations…but what about the days in-between? Those ordinary days, in great part, make up what we call life. The way we spend our time day in and day out is the way we are living our legacy. And I’m passionate about living my legacy. I believe that whether we acknowledge it or not we are all living the legacy that we will one day leave.

So this project fits right in with my passion. Before I decided to embark on this journey I was simply meandering back through photos of 2009, I noticed that both my mind and emotions were engaged as I looked at every photo. Sharp, vivid memories, rich with feeling enveloped me with just a glance at a photo. Let me show you what I mean…


Photo 1,2,3: Our first grandchild Elliot/Ellie, came early. My daughter Stephanie’s  life was in danger. Ellie had to be in the NICU for 2 weeks. But thanks be to God, He allowed them both good health in the end…the range of emotions I feel looking at these 3 photos is sobering. Raw fear to bliss.

Photo 4: Our baby Emma graduated from college. Pride and hope fill me as I look at Emma on her graduation day.

Photo 5 & 6: Our oldest daughter Bethany married the love of her life, Darren, in a stunning ceremony in Charleston…I feel the beauty of that weekend and promise for the future when I look at these photos.

Photo 7: Our only son, Timothy, and his precious girlfriend Jamie. They are working hard to build a life together, this makes me happy.

Photo 8: Emma and her then fiance’ Tim. The wall between them in this photo was perhaps a prophecy of things to come. They broke off their 5 year relationship in 2009. This filled me with such  grief . I love Tim like my own child. Looking at this photo and others of the two of them brings overwhelming sadness. But also,  hope flickers for the new chapter in both their lives.

Photo 9 & 10: Our extended family enjoyed some special times together. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude when I look at these photos.

Photo 11: Another beautiful “start” this year as my niece Jamie marries the love of her life, Trey. New beginnings …that’s what I feel when I see this photo.

Photo 12: I cooked, baked and ate my way through 2009…fun, creativity and The End of the Madness is what I feel when I feel when looking at this photo!

Photo 13: The Husband.  He lost his precious father in 2009, he’s become more tender as each day goes by…the expression on his face in this photo speaks volumes…pain, grief and yet…hope in knowing there’s more beyond this life.

Photo 14: Our baby Emma, who after a horrific year, has taken great joy in being Auntie Em. Ellie has that effect on everyone…Healing and hope for the future fills me when I see this photo.

Photo 15: Humbled and beyond grateful that this amazing man has loved me for 24 years…this photo fills me with contentment and gratitude.

Photo 16: And here is the place we find ourselves after all these years…Gigi and Poppy. Empty nesters who have another chance to give love to a child. Hope. This photo causes the hope in me to burn brighter and the love in me to overflow.

And that’s why I’m over the moon thrilled to be embarking on the 365 Project for 2010. Love to each of you, as we live our legacy~one day at a time. Happy New Year friends…


  1. Pinky says

    Beautiful mosaic and a great idea! I just hope I can REMEMBER to take a pic each day!!!:):) Happy New Year. I hope this new year brings GREAT HAPPINESS to you and your family! YOu are SUCH a sweetheart, you sure deserve all the happiness in the world! XO, Pinky

  2. says

    I tried to do a 365 but I felt pressured into taking a pic that day and then getting it on the web.. I just couldn’t always keep up with it so I started just auto posting a pic at 4 pm everyday. This way I can take several and then post several in one setting.. my kind of 365.. does that still count?

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