A Scrappy Little Rug!


I made a little rug for the kitchen the other day. I actually saw something similar on another blog but I can’t find it again! If it was yours please tell me so I can link you!

*****I found my inspiration! Thanks Autumn! Click HERE for Autumn’s tutorial guest post and HERE to have a look at Autumn’s great blog, Creative Little Daisy!*****

It was super simple if you can sew a straight line! I used these fabric strips for the front…


And terry-cloth for the back. Bella can’t resist something soft to snuggle on…


Then I sewed the strips together with a 1/4″ seam allowance and sewed the backing to the front-right sides together leaving a 3″ opening.

Turning the rug right-side-out through the opening, just press and sew around the edges, turning under and closing the opening when you get to it!


A little piece of no-slip rug backing underneath helps keep the rug from slipping.


Have a Happy Day my Friends…

Some of my readers  have suggested using this for a dish mat (see above) or a rug in a baby or toddlers room or a bath mat! All great ideas!


****Might I suggest putting this tiny treasure in front of a bathtub or shower? The Husband cooked red sauce last weekend and…well, ‘nough said.****

I’ll be linking…(check out lots of great blogs HERE)


  1. Very pretty. Stella would love to cuddle up on that rug. Jackie
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..How did it get to THIS! =-.

  2. Julie Garmon says:

    If one can sew, there are no limits!! In awe, my friend.

  3. I made something similar and did a little tutorial for Sew Mama Sew, http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=584
    Yours looks great, love those fabrics and with the terry cloth backing, it’s perfect for the bathroom. I have some towels that have seen better days and no rugs in my bathroom. I think I need to get in the sewing room!
    .-= Autum´s last blog ..Randomness =-.

    • Robin says:

      YES! Autumn it was YOU!!! Thank you for the idea I’m going to update the post and link to you right this red-hot second! xoxoxo
      (you’re so smart by the way!)

  4. I’m thinking this would make a great “custom bathmat”, with the terrycloth backing. Great idea! My husband cooks, too, and it wouldn’t survive a day in the my kitchen….but, I’m not complaining.
    .-= Jane Carter´s last blog ..Just Watching the Sun SetTogether =-.

  5. oh robin ~ i love this little mat so …
    absolutely darling!
    i love how you see and just DO …
    so, now … on my wish list … a lavender frilly tee and a sweet scrappy rug!
    oh, and do you have any of that bottled energy of yours to spare as well? ; )
    i know i have said it before, but gosh you make me SMILE! : )
    love and warm wishes to you ~ have a happy festival!
    .-= prairiegirl´s last blog .. =-.

  6. Its so pretty. Yes, perhaps a bath mat? Its wouldn’t stand a chance in my kitchen either with the boys and their mess, but in the bathroom it may stand a chance.
    .-= Vicky´s last blog ..Ushering summer out =-.

  7. Looks pretty! I love the colors you chose. If you have a wooden floor in your bedroom it would also make a nice rug to step onto in the morning when you get out of bed. :0)
    .-= Eileen´s last blog ..Cloudy Day And A Pumpkin Harvest Candle =-.

  8. I made dishmats similar to this for my mom and mom-in-law for Christmas last year. I really need to make one for myself, especially with all the bottles drying on my counter (and soon sippy cups).
    I used the tutorial from this blog. http://www.flythroughourwindow.com/
    I think she got the idea from soulemama.com

    • Robin says:

      Alissa I hadn’t seen these but wow! Brilliant! I’m linking your tutorial (at Life in Grace) and your blog too! Thanks for the link, I LOVE the idea of making a dishmat like that! xoxo

      • Robin,
        I can’t take credit for Darby @Fly Through Our Window’s amazing dish mat idea and tutorial. She has a really great blog and super cute ideas. Just wanted to make sure no one thought I was her!
        Thanks for linking up to her!

  9. I thought I let you know… I’m loving how you hung your starfish garland over the lamps and featured it today -thanks!!

  10. That is just darling! Husbands tend to do those kind of things :/.
    .-= Kim @ Cheap Chic Home´s last blog ..Fabric Fun Thursday No 14 =-.

  11. I love it! It’s so simple yet so classy! :) Thanks so much for sharing!! :) I’m trying to redecorate my kitchen, and I think it could use one of these.

    Have a great day! :)
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Custom Custom! Get your custom order today! =-.

  12. very nice–I’d love to have a collection so I could wash a whole load of these from the bathroom.
    .-= QuiltyBee´s last blog ..-Happy Neighbors- =-.

  13. this is so cute…i love it, but would be so afraid to use it.

  14. I love it! It’s so simple yet so classy! :) Thanks so much for sharing!! :) I’m trying to redecorate my kitchen, and I think it could use one of these.

    Have a great day! :)

  15. I love this little rug and idea but just can’t see it in my house with active dogs and my OCD need to have rugs exactly in their place. lol

    It does look great, though so maybe I’ll try… :)
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..I am sewing and telling on paper piecing! =-.

  16. What a sweet little rug. Thanks for linking up to the Under $100 Linky Party!
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Under 100 Linky Party! =-.

  17. Great idea! I love the fabrics you used. I might make one like this, but more of a runner, for my laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. stitchingmum says:

    Just gorgeous, I need to make one of these for DD’s bedroom!

  19. really cute! I want to make a dishmat like this!
    .-= amylouwho´s last blog ..sew &amp tell – cute overload =-.

  20. While I’d never be brave enough to put something this pretty on the floor of my kitchen (Yikes!) I do love it and I’d find a place for it somewhere!
    .-= Vicki´s last blog .. =-.

  21. Great rug! I have about three dish quilts that I have made, and I love them. Hope a spa treatment in some Oxiclean can get that red sauce out!!



  22. What a cute little rug! I’m so sorry about the red sauce mishap, but how great that your husband cooks!
    .-= Dayna´s last blog ..Almost There =-.

  23. Super way to use scraps, and yours are adorable. Love the great use for an old towel as well. Very nice!!!
    .-= Anne K´s last blog ..Episode 6 – Green up your lunch =-.

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