Mercury Glass Pumpkins~(not really!)

It’s September the FIRST! WooHoo! This means that one of my 2 least favorite months of the year is ovah!

Please don’t judge. I try not to talk too much about it until after August is done, but I am not a fan. Remember where I live…the deep south. In August if feels like me and my neighbors have settled in a sweet little town smack in the center of hell.


But enough ’bout that! It’s September and Praise Be, autumn is on the way!

In the celebratory spirit of autumn I’m going to show you my little version of the Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkins that are sweeeeeeping through blog-land!

Here’s the gorgeous inspiration…(Image: Pottery Barn)

pottery barn pumpkins

Lots of Mercury Glass looks a bit splotched with light brown…(Image: Bassett Furniture)

bassett furniture website

This is what I was going for…I like the brown.

Now I tried 2 ways one was super easy…

Start with a little punkin and some spray paint…


I sprayed the punkin (primer first then metallic silver) and then used light brown craft paint and a stencil brush to splatter …DSC_0338

Cute but I wasn’t tickled…and I like to be tickled.


So I got The Husband involved…the 2 of us came up with this:

After spraying with Primer and then Metallic Aluminum The Husband flipped the tiny sprayer off of the ‘Brushed Satin Sesame Shimmer’


Then he showed me how to use fine point tweasers to gently press the release button allowing paint to sputter out…


Okay…this is touchy. And messy. For the love of Pete wear disposable gloves and practice a few times on some paper before attempting it on the pumpkins. BUT, even if you mess up…you can always spray some more silver to correct your mistake!



I liked these better!



I’m not done with this faux mercury glass Peeps…I’m going to try a few other techniques…stay tuned!




  1. Julie Garmon says

    Thought about you during our porch party this morning. Noticed the cool air and wondered if it is “time yet.” I see it is. Can’t wait to show my husband, king of spray painting, your idea!! I love it.

  2. Jane says

    I felt that bit of cool in the air and rejoiced! Our “little” heat wave is over, whew! I’m with you on the August thing ( 2nd only to February. ) The pumpkins are so cute. Must get some of those neat spray paint colors you have and give it a try. Happy Fall :)

  3. Sherry says

    LOVE your pumpkins! Love your blog. I’ve sprayed pumpkins before but never w/ this lovely detail. Word of caution. Years ago, I made a lovely fall tablescape … large enough that I didn’t move it for weeks. From the top & outside the pumpkins continued to look perfect. From the underside, they rotted AND adhered to my table, ruining the finish!!!!

    • Jan says

      Martha Stewart did a marble painting technique on real pumpkins, so I’m sure it would. Just be careful so they don’t rot and adhere to your table like what happened to a previous poster!!

  4. Pinky says

    How cute!!! I am late getting here but so glad I didn’t miss them! It is 96 degrees here but I am READY for Fall………………XO, Pinky

  5. Katie says

    Too cute! I almost LOLed reading about August being one of your least favorite months. I’m exactly the same way- I loathe August with a passion, depsite the fact that 75% of my friends and family have August birthdays. I also happen to live in Alabama, so its no big secret why I hate summer. I’m a total fall girl. My three FAVORITE months of the year are Oct, Nov, Dec, the latter because of Christmas and my birthday :)

  6. says

    OMG- I woke up friday to FALL weather and thought the H*LL of summer was over (were in LA.), but no, it was momentary…SIGH


    I love the pumpkins! Thanks for figuring it out!


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