Tile Coasters!


As you know I love The Home Depot. I feel inspired the moment I walk through the door! But I can’t always be in the middle of a painting or home improvement project. That however doesn’t keep the ideas from coming! One day while I was walking around I passed by all those gorgeous tiny glass tiles they sell for back splashes and bathrooms.  Getting completely lost in their possibilities; I thought of coasters!

While I was there, I picked up a small tub of  Pre-Mixed Grout, a bunch of ceramic tiles (the cheap ones for under 20 cents each) and some of those pretty glass tiles.

The tiny tiles have to be glued onto the larger ones using Mosaic Tile Adhesive. (I got that at Hobby Lobby!)

The tiny tiles come glued onto mesh which makes it super easy. Just cut the mesh to the size of ceramic tile and spread the Mosaic Tile Adhesive before placing the tiny tiles onto the bigger tile!

This has to dry for 5 hours before grouting.

Picnik collage1

Using the Pre-Mixed Grout I just iced the coaster, making certain the grout was pressed into all the spaces. Take your time this also needs lots of drying time.

I pressed grout around the 4 sides of the coasters forming a small edge …

Picnik collage2

Using a wet sponge wipe the majority of grout off the tiles and let them dry overnight. (You can clean them more when the grout is completely dry)


When the grout is dry and the coasters are clean you can use a grout sealer and seal the grout…I didn’t have any so I didn’t do this step. The Husband and I have been using a set of these coasters since April with no sealer and they still look great! It’s up to you!

Now, using your high-heat glue gun adhere cork to the back of the coaster. I’ve used small cork “dots” for coasters in the past. But these tile coasters are heavy and I feel better using sheets of cork which provide more protection for tables!

I used the roll of cork with adhesive on one side. (I still found it necessary to use the high-heat glue gun, the adhesive just wasn’t sticky enough!)




If you want more craft ideas check out All Things Crafty in the pull-down menu on the left sidebar!  More gift ideas to come!



  1. Julie Garmon says

    Wow! I love “icing the tile.” We haven’t sealed our slate/tile floors and they seem fine. :-)

    Great gift idea and I love the pretty ribbons, too.

  2. April says

    I love this idea – I am wondering if you could get slightly larger tiles and do them as trivets – so you know if they would be heat resistant?


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