Living Cozy with Scrumptious Yarn!



This elf’s on a roll! Decorating, making gifts, planning my weekly baking day…But you know, if you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile that I don’t decorate or bake or entertain just for the sake of doing those things.

I wrote HERE about setting the stage for more important things. The important things are the people in my life. Do they feel wrapped in love when they come home? If they’re weary or worried, do they feel an atmosphere of serenity and rest? If they’re sad do they feel a tiny tickle of joy or hope? Can my home be an expression of God’s love and creativity?That’s the river that runs through me and spills over into my tiny corner of the world.

As summer kicked and screamed it’s way out of the Southern US I felt, as I usually do, a longing for brisk autumn mornings and the promise of the holidays. During those weeks of changing seasons I kept hearing this little whisper: Live Cozy. Over and over the two words tiptoed through all the busyness in my mind.

Maybe it was simply the longing of my over scorched summer-heart after too many days in the upper 90’s, nevertheless what started as a whisper became my Christmas wish.

My winter wish.

And lately I’ve been whispering the little phrase to God in prayer on behalf of everyone I know. Everyone who visits All Things Heart and Home.

I find that  “live cozy” expresses my heart in a simple way. To me it says:

If you’re hurting…be gentle with yourself.

Every day breathe in your moments.

See the sacred in the mundane.


Give back.

Every night, snuggle in and as you relax into sleep… give thanks.

That’s my wish for you, my prayer.


So that’s why I’m particularly drawn to all things cozy right now! And for some odd reason my friends, balls of soft scrumptious yarn make me feel cozy. So as usual, I’ve gone crazy making yarn balls!

Remember, I made a Ornament & Yarn Ball Wreath a few weeks ago…tutorial posted HERE.

DSC_0345 copy

I posted a few Yarn Ball Snow Peeps HERE along with a budget friendly idea about avoiding expensive Styrofoam Balls when making your own balls of yarn...

DSC_0140Last weekend I settled in front of a Hallmark Christmas movie and made a few more yarn balls and thought they might look yummy in a wreath all by themselves, even without the Christmas ornaments!

I was right! What’da ya think???


I’ll be able to leave this yummy wreath up all winter long…(I made it the same way I did in the tutorial HERE only used a smaller wire wreath form!)


Since we remodeled last Summer and changed all the colors in the house (One of the Before & After Posts: HERE!)I’ve had to rethink all the Christmas decorations…so I made this smaller version of the Ornament and Yarn Ball Wreath…


Do you recognize those itsy-bitsy pearly balls?


I used them when I made those Tiny Christmas Trees…


I love those little pastel pearls…I just hot glued them in some spots that looked empty!


Yarn balls in all sizes are showing up all over my house these days…




Yep, yarn balls out the wazoo…you know my middle name is: Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone!

Have you finished your decorating?


Whatever you do today…remember my friends~

live cozy



  1. says

    You have inspired me!!! I love your wreaths. And I am feeling the living cozy feeling. We have a little hunting cabin that I have furnished with my Granny’s furniture and it is all old and cozy and simple. I love it and it is not anything. But it is something to us. So I love your cozy attitude. It makes me want to make my home cozy. Thanks for your posts.

  2. Gina says

    Everything is so pretty. I bet your little grand daughter loves the snowmen. :) I just started my decorating yesterday. I collected some greenery and plan to start on a wreath in a little while. 😉

  3. says

    I love this yearn ball wreath! I am drawn to anything cozy (especially yarn, felt things) and I have seen your beautiful creations out in blogland and just had to peek in to see more! Love it! And living cozy…I could not say it better. We have been through some rough stuff this year and as I forget NOT all of God’s benefits I thank Him for our family, our home that I can create as a sanctuary for my family, and I am reminded of what is important. And those cozy, home feelings are what gives comfort. Such a sweet post.

  4. says

    I’m just loving your post today. The yarn balls are so cute and that they are everywhere in your home is making me laugh — I totally “get that”! LOL! Your cozy sentiments are hitting home and I thank you for the inspiration. xoxo
    .-= aimee´s last blog ..Meanwhile =-.

  5. says


    I love the colors that you used in the yarn ball and ornament design and I am also very fond of the wreath made from just yarn balls.

  6. says

    I have been planning on doing a gray and oatmeal colored yarn ball wreath and ornaments. Great minds think alike.

    These are GORGEOUS!!! I would love to have you add them to my PARTY.



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