My First DIY Project of 2011…it won’t be my last!

I did a little painting project last week to jump start my BIG upstairs re-do! I’m going to grab a few gallons of my favorite paint: Behr Paint with Primer and my trusty paint brush and spread magic all over my upstairs! Remember when I went CRAZY with Behr Paint with Primer last year? HERE are the posts on Behr Ultra Make Overs!

I spread the love in the kitchen…on walls, on trim even on the cabinets! Here and Here are a couple of the kitchen posts!

There was the den where I painted the dark paneling, the fireplace…even the wood blinds! Here is the den before and after and the wainscoting-trim-door painting project Here and Here is the post about the blinds!

The foyer…(Before)

Where even the frames on the photo wall got a touch of Behr paint with primer! Here is the foyer!

Oh…and the dinning room! I started with the furniture and quickly went to the walls and trim…HERE is the dinning room furniture.

Lastly the little library room…HERE

There was even more…I used Behr Ultra paint with primer on everything!

After weeks of painting 24-7, I decided to rest before I took the Behr Ultra to the upstairs. But now that the holidays are over, I’m ready! Like I said, I started with my night table, which is actually an old desk…

I even did a little Mod Podge patchwork inside the drawer!

It’s only the beginning Sweet Friends. When I start painting I have a difficult time stopping…I love that you can completely transform the feel, the flavor, the mood of your home with color…

One of my favorite quotes…

“Color answers the feeling in man.”

(I wrote about the changes in me that resulted in changing the colors in my house: HERE)

~The upstairs re-do is pretty much cosmetic, but very much a big project…I’m on my way~

Stay tuned!

Have you got a project planned for 2011? Tell me about it in a comment and link up at Whisper Wood Cottage on January 11, 2011!

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  1. Wow, you’ve been a painting whirlwind! I am looking forward to seeing about your transformations to come. I really like the mod podge liner in the drawer, cute idea!

  2. Robin, awesome paint job. I’m inspired. I love how you transformed your house. Beautiful! Keep sharing!

  3. Wow! It’s amazing how much you’ve accomplished and everything looks so fresh, cozy and inviting!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for 2011.

  4. So, you’d recommend Behr paint with primer, then? ; ) Love the color you did on that table, Robin. I’m not doing any major projects this coming year. Well, at least until we move. I’m saving my energy for a new house!

  5. You have a beautiful house!

  6. Wow! What amazing makeovers! I love the beautiful blue color, and also your gorgeous dining room furniture! You sure have been busy, what a difference paint can make!!

  7. Wow! I can’t believe all the things you painted this year! I LOOOVE color, too! Are you familiar with Susan Sargent’s decorating books? She uses amazing color in the funnest ways!

  8. That color is fantastic!

  9. Wow! Love everything you did. I have a lot of natural wood in my house including wainscoting in the kitchen, family room, downstairs hall, up the steps, and upstairs hall. Oak kitchen cabinets and wood floors. All of the wood looks the same. TOO MUCH WOOD! How did you ever convince your husband to paint over the wood? Like most men, my husband likes the wood.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the way your house is turning out! I love all the light and pastel colours! I feel as if I get to live vicariously through some of the beautiful homes, in the blogs I follow. I have three school age children, two of which are boys……….needless to say everything in our home is in the warm color family, BROWN hides a multitude of sins! LOL. I look forward to seeing how you transform the upstairs areas of your home, because the downstairs is just LOVELY! Many Blessings……Paula :)

  11. I love the color on the desk. And the transformation in the other rooms – WOW! Repainting frames has my wheels turning! Paintbrush cheers to you!

  12. That teal retro stove would look great in your kit…….
    wait, don’t tell Mike I said that:-}

  13. Tammy says:

    Calvin built me a console table over the last few weeks. He finished it up last night and now I need to paint it.(He copied one I liked at Pier 1 but made it for last than 1/2 the price and it’s more solid….I love handy husbands!!!!) So do you paint your furniture with a brush, roller or spray paint? Do you prefer one method over another? It won’t be antiqued if that helps. Thanks

  14. fabulous! I love everything you did – well done!!

  15. Pamela says:

    Oh boy have you been having fun or what??? You are like me, when I get tired of how something looks I repaint it. But, I do cheat a little bit. We have a drywall and paint business. I let my paint crew spray the furniture for me and I can do the rest from there…. I can’t say that I use Behr, but will consider it in the future. Right now we are helping our oldest daughter and her husband redo their master bedroom by repainting the furniture. After that we are going to redo our living room. Can’t wait to brighten it up!!!

  16. too lovely!

  17. Wow, Robin. Those transformations are incredible. You are right – paint changes everything! Can’t wait to see more.

  18. I LOVE it.

    almost as much as I love you :)

  19. I can’t keep up with you!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ashamed to say I don’t have all my Christmas away yet!!!!! (but I HAVE been sick so that is my excuse). I ahve ALOT of plans but can’t start til I get the dran Christmas away. TOMORROW it is going to get ALMOST done!!!! XO, Pinky

  20. I love all your decor. I noticed the china cabinet and loved it the most because I have spotted one at a used furniture store for $225…way too much, but maybe he will come down and it would need painting. The problem is the shelving is only 9 inches apart but I see how beautifully you have your displayed and it gives me new hope. Thanks for sharing. Terry

  21. I love your home, it is so beautiful.The table looks great!

  22. I love your painted table. Loved all your painted furniture. This is my first time by your site and I”m going to go through all of it. I have a similar dining room set that I am painting now.

  23. That is absolutely beautiful! Loving that blue!

  24. It looks great! Love the paint finish and the lining you did inside! Should be an exciting 2011! Thanks for linking up!

  25. I love the color you used!! :)

    And my kitchen cabinets are sage green on bottom and creamy white on top too!!!! It’s been that way for almost 2 years and I still love it! :)

  26. Love the color! You must be worn out from all of that painting. You sure did a great job on everything!

  27. These are some great projects! I’d love it if you’d share the colors you used & then link up to my Paint Color Party going on now!

  28. I am in love with the den makeover!! You rocked it!!

  29. Naida Rivera says:

    love your work.. inspiring

  30. Everything looks so wonderful!!! I love the soft colors you chose for everything!


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