Bedroom Before & After! (Willow Creek Bedroom)

Welcome to the bedroom before and after post! I’m so happy you’re here…come on let’s look around..

.I’ve be sequestered to the house for days on end as I finished up my bedroom project. I started this project two months later than I intended because of health issues but finally I’m done!

I’ve always used warm cozy colors in my home. But last summer The Husband helped me lighten up my downstairs living area.


(Den Before/After, Dinning Room Before/After, Entry Before/After, Little Library Before/After, Kitchen Before/After )   While I love the feel of cozy the older I get I’m drawn to fresh lighter colors like creamy latte and soft blue-green. So this summer the upstairs was on my project list!

Some before and afters aren’t drastic…but I think, this bedroom before and after is kind of a big deal…

Here’s a picture of the bedroom before…


I painted the walls using Behr Ultra (Behr Ultra is my FAVORITE paint in all the world!) I used a Behr paint color: White Clay (730C-1)

Repainted all the trim and doors in white. (Also Behr Ultra)

 This furniture gave me a little trouble. We bought it when we moved into our house 23 years ago and although I love the curvy lines of the pieces,  I’m completely over a bedroom full of oak. This oak was however stained with oil-based stain so I had to use oil-base primer before I painted it!  I hate oil-based anything and I’ll do a quick post about using the primer to cover oil-based stain really soon!

As usual,my re-do was almost free! I found 2 burnt orange ceramic lamps at Goodwill for $3.00 each (lamp shade included on one!) I used metallic silver spray paint, paint stripper and a pearl craft paint to give them a finish I like! (I’ll do a post on this soon, it’s super easy!)

On my lamp I added some pretty trim from JoAnn’s!

And see these cute sconces? I got them for $2.50 each at a thrift store. (they were brass) If you have an upcoming project and take time to do a project board (use Pinterest or an inspiration board) you’ll know what you’re looking for and be able to find things that are a great deal! I collected things for months!

I knew I wanted to use vintage frames…

…and mirrors on the bedroom walls. These are Anthropologie inspired Acid Wash Vintage Mirrors posted HERE.

I wanted light airy curtains but didn’t want to make them. I got Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic for Target eyelet curtains. They were almost perfect but I thought they were a bit too short. Loving the scalloped edges on the bottom, I turned the curtains upside down and added a strip of pretty fabric to the top to give them some color interest and length. (the fabric was a bed sheet I found on sale, I’ve used the fabric from that sheet on lots of things!)

More mirrors I’ve been collecting over the past year!

I found the bedding last summer on sale at Target. It was the inspiration for the rest of the room…

I made the dust ruffle out of a white sheet and ruffles from a pair of curtains and…remember that sheet I used to lengthen the curtains? I also used it for a pretty ruffle on the dust ruffle…

I mixed up the furniture using creamy Antique White and this soft blue-green which I had Home Depot color match for me…

Here’s a view from the bed into the little nook of the bedroom. Until I get to re-do the guest room and change it into a bedroom for our sweet granddaughters, we have a crib tucked into the ‘nook’.

There’s plenty of room in the nook for the crib and a few pieces of furniture.

I rocked my 4 babies in this chair, now I snuggle with my granddaughters…

That’s one project done! Next, I’m starting the master bath!

Are you guys working on any projects during these last weeks before autumn’s intoxicating chill demands our undivided attention?

~Hugs & Smooches~

(ps…thanks to my daughter Emma who brought over her HUGE lights and helped me take these photos! It’s harder than it looks! )


  1. Joanne says

    Your re-do of the bedroom is SWEET ! I love it ! And you look amazing too, like you had a nice relaxing summer. Take care, Joanne

  2. says

    So very beautiful and serene! So glad to see you are up and “into” a project again – this must mean you are feeling better. And I know I speak for all when I say we have missed our Robin-inspired projects this summer! Sweet dreams shall abound in your “new” room….

  3. Jane says

    Thanks for sharing this with us! It is so beautiful! I can’t imagine how much work and planning that all was- great job! And very inspirational! I love the baby nook :)

  4. says

    Everytime my eyes would drop to a new picture, I’d think, okay, this is my favorite thing. They’re ALL my favorite things!! And you did it on such a miniature budget~~~~~Bet the pups love it too.

  5. Rena says

    Love your redo! I am very interested in how you redid those lamps. I have 2 ceramic ginger jar lamps that my grandmother made for us as a wedding gift over 30 years ago. The color and design doesn’t go with anything in our house any more but I just can’t throw them away – but painting them would be perfect. Sounds like you are feeling better every day.

  6. says

    Your bedroom makeover is incredibly beautiful!! I love the soft, soothing colors and vintage accessorie. So much wonderful inspiration here. I have started reading the “One Thousand Wishes” book – love it! Have a great week! Heidi

  7. says

    Robin!! This is just gorgeous!! You are one talented lady :) I’m in the midst of my master bedroom re-do and this is great inspiration :)
    We just finished a complete overhaul of our kitchen though…come take a peek!

  8. Cindy@ Applestone Cottage says

    Just a fabulous re-do Robyn! I love this, all your special touches and your vision and hard work that brought it all together!
    Kudos to you!

  9. Gina says

    Oh, I love it! I’m like you…loving and switching to lighter and brighter! I love all the frames and mirrors. I had old mirrors in mind for my bedroom. 😉 Your furniture looks fabulous painted too! I’ve been collecting ideas for my bedroom so I’m “pinning” yours. :)

  10. jenn nahrstadt says

    holy moley, woman! how many pieces did you repaint? i’m thinking 1) the headboard, 2) the side tables, 3) the dresser, 4) the armoir (with the oval glass in the doors), not to mention all the accessories!!! no WONDER you’re tired every afternoon. {smile} it looks FANTASTIC! that little nook is great. i’d hole up there quite regularly to read. GREAT JOB!

    speaking of which, what are you reading these days?

  11. says

    Oh Robin, it all looks SO pretty and so YOU!!! Love the idea of the mirrors, they are great! YOu sure are one busy girl. You look FABULOUS!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. says

    Hi Robin ~ Your bedroom looks beautiful, you did a wonderful job! I have the same bedding from Target and I really love it ~ the colors and pattern are just so pretty. I’ve been planning on painting our bedroom so I’ll have to check out your paint color ~ it looks great!

  13. says

    All of your cozy touches just breathe new life into that room! That nook with the crib is just breathtaking… I get teary eyed just thinking about it and the new life growing all around you! Such inspiring, beautiful work- its clear your heart and soul were involved in the whole process. Love, love, love!

  14. says

    Everything looks so wonderful fresh and gorgeous!!! Whew! You hopefully can breathe a deep breath and hopefully enjoy all your hard work now.
    I saw you comment about painting the oil-based furniture. I recently learned of Chalk paint (not chalkboard paint) and understand that it doesn’t require all the usual priming and such…you might want to check it out, just in case there’s another piece of furniture calling your name.

  15. Ann says

    Oh Robin, your room is so amazing! You are an inspiration to me ( I say this with sincerity), to start a project and finish it. How did you find out that the pieces you were painted were oil based? I have cabinets that I want to paint, but have no idea what was used prior.
    Thank you once again for sharing your home and talents!


    • Robin says

      Ann…I was trying out paint colors on the side of my tv cabinet (different whites and blues) and using Behr Ultra samples. Even after 3 coats the stain would start showing through making the colors yellowish…so I talked to the brilliant paint specialists at Home Depot and they told me there was probably oil base stain on the furniture…they told me to get Kilz oil base primer and paint 2 coats before painting the color ! It worked…but boy was it a lotta trouble! xoxoxo

  16. says

    Can you come over to my house and help me redorate plz? Like you I too have painted every room in my house a warm dark color. Now as I get older, I’m longing to brighten things up with lighter colors. So it’s looks like this coming winter I’ve got a few paint projects in mind and a few BIG rooms for the hubby as well:) LOVE what you did with your bedroom! Gorgeous.

    • Robin says

      Kelly…I’m on the way :) Paint is a wonderful thing and although the whole house is overwhelming, room by room you get almost instant gratification! Pick up that paint brush!!! xo

  17. Shannon A says

    LOVE the curtains and the bedskirt! Do you have instructions on how you made both the curtains and bed skirt? Thanks for the inspiration! ~Shannon :)

  18. says

    Beautiful bedroom transformation. I find too that as I get older, I am switching my house from the cozy colors to lighter colors to brighten my home which is especially dark in the summer months due to all the trees. Love what you did with everything and wanted to leave you with a tip about painting over oak or anything for that matter. If you use the Caromal Color paints, you don’t have to sand or prime first. They are a little pricey and similar to the Annie Sloan paints that are all the rage right now. You do have to order them from the company, but I use them on all my furniture now for myself and that I sell and love the time it saves me. You also dab on the paint instead of using strokes which eliminates all brush marks or drips. I hate oil-based primers too, and this solves that problem and saves you time in the process.

  19. Cheryl Siciliano says

    I would love to have serene bedroom like that. The pinterest board idea is genius. I am so all over the place nothing ever looks pulled together. I love all of your posts.
    You do not look like a grandmother……So pretty and young looking. You also have a wonderful husband to think of your gluten restrictions. It must be hard on you.
    Take care. Have a blessed Holiday!

    • Robin says

      Cheryl you are so sweet and encouraging! Thank you! And yes I do have a wonderful hubby! Happiest holiday to you too! xo

  20. Terri says

    Your bedroom looks amazing. I would love to have a bedroom that is as beautiful. A real inspiration. Thank you for sharing. :)

  21. Susan Vander Molen says

    Your ideas are great but I still like the furniture to have the original finish. My husband and I sell antiques and here in California the painted white furniture is not in demand as it is in other areas. I love your paint colors! I’m getting ready to paint my son’s room (he’s moving!) and make it a sewing/craft/office room. I like the colors you chose for the living room. They inspired me… we live in an old Calif. Spanish house…

    • Robin says

      Susan…I had a man come to my garage sale last year that refinished furniture, he nearly had a heart attack when we talked about my obsession with painting furniture! He, like you, loved the original finish of the wood. I totally understand! I’m crazy when paint is involved :)
      Good luck with your painting project in your new craft room! How exciting! Sending love my new friend xo

  22. Martha Galan says

    Your a woman after my own heart! I too have all brown furniture and doors and trim, and I am painting the bedroom ultra pure white today! I am half way done, but am thinking about painting the trim and doors too. I needed a fresh look after having mostly all browns! The bedroom is in the basement with just a sliding door for light, so living in the north we need the lightness! Thanks for the inspiration!


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