Christmas Ornament Wreath

One year I decorated with pastels…ahhhh, I loved doing that! This was the wreath I made using yarn balls and dollar store ornaments! (The yarn balls were also made with dollar store ornaments! Just wrap yarn around plastic ornaments and taadaa! )

DSC_0345 copy

Yarn balls are super easy, you don’t even need glue! Grab a bunch of cheap Christmas ornaments- yarn in 3 colors  and start wrapping. No glue needed! Just tuck in the end piece when you’re done! You will need loads…I had around 30!


Then you’ll need 50 plus Christmas balls! The dollar store is stocked right now and they come in packs of 7! Run out and get some before they’re picked over…won’t be long.


A (wire) wreath-form anchors the lovely BOB! (That’s bunch of balls!)


A glue gun that is high heat and high heat glue sticks are your other tools…turn the wreath form so it looks like a bowl and start laying out the first layer…


I had freezer paper underneath so the glue wouldn’t stick but I found it was easier to glue and press while the wreath frame was lifted. Only takes a few seconds to cool!


After the first layer was glued on I turned the wreath over and went over each ball with more glue.


Then I simply built on that first layer…you can get carried away I’m tellin ya. The wreath doesn’t have to be this thick …you could use fewer balls and it would look great!


DSC_0345 copy

Have a lovely day my friends xo


  1. says

    Oh, pretty, pretty…..shiny, too! I’ve been wanting to try one of the ornament wreaths since I saw them around last year, but the yarn balls add so much to it. Definitely like the way this turned out, Robin!!! You are so creative, girl!
    .-= Jane Carter´s last blog ..HalloweenFamily Style!!! =-.

  2. Pinky says

    This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a neat idea! Maybe I can make yarn balls this winter and make this for next year! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cindy@ Applestone Cottage says

    That is just outstanding! What a great idea, and would be a fortune in a store!
    Kudos to you!

  4. says

    I love this! I especially love the colors – so different from what you usually see for Christmas, yet they still speak “Holiday” – great job! I am putting this on my facebook page, and bookmarking it so I can make one too!

  5. says

    I just found you and am in love with this wreath! It is just darling! Now I’m a new follower! So going to pass this idea along to my sister who will just love this!



  6. says

    So beautiful! I love it. I think I may just do one of those for my front door this year! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Suzie @
    .-= Suzie´s last blog ..Hoo Am I =-.

  7. says

    Love the wreath. I saw a mix of the shiny with the yarn balls at Starbucks last year and have all of the materials ready to do it. I also have made one with all vintage ornaments and it is beautiful. You might want to add a tip to people to make sure that when hanging it is not over a heat source like a heater or fireplace, it will melt the glue. Most important, when Christmas is over, it can not be stored in an attic. I made the mistake of leaving my vintage wreath in the car on a hot day when I first finished it and it melted the glue and had to be redone! Again, really nice job and I love the color combination.

  8. says

    That’s adorable! Love the colors! I made one with just ornament balls last year but the yarn balls add so much texture. Very pretty!

  9. says

    LOVE THIS! The mixed textures of the yarn and glitter and shiny balls really does it for me! I have some of those wreath forms in the greenhouse and everything else you’ve listed so you’ve really lit a fire under me, you clever woman. I may make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas too, I like this so much. Thanks for the wonderful post!
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..Sweet candlestick makeover =-.

  10. Sally says

    Just found you today…actually just discovered the joy of the “blog search”!!! And am so going to make this!! My Mom is a former knitter…just a little to old to concentrate anymore…so I think she would get avkick out of this!!! thank you so much!! Just gorgeous!

  11. says

    THE WRETH IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!! Just wanted to let you know that I “ Featured” you on Santa’s Gift Shoppe Blog Hop today for your great project & inspiration! Be sure to grab the “I was featured” on Santa’s Gift Shoppe Button/Code for your sidebar! You deserve it! Thanks so much..If you’re not a follower already we’d love for you to join us…
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Monday Blog Hop-Walk of Fame =-.

  12. says

    The colors you have in your house now are so fantastic… and I can’t believe how festive they even look for Christmas! I think you’re totally starting a new trend…
    .-= gitz´s last blog ..Ask The One =-.

  13. Virginia says

    I’m going to make one for my knitting/crochet teacher at our church. We meet every Saturday morning, and this would be so appropriate for a Christmas Gift. Last year she crocheted everyone Christmas coasters. So pretty.

  14. says

    Hey Robin….just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my little blog and leaving a message. I was here at your blog today and fell in love with everything I saw…so it’s a huge compliment to me.
    The wreath is so yummy, did you contribute to the
    Inspire Co. E-zine? I thought I saw the wreath on their new Christmas edition? I think my fave wreath in the entire bloggy world is the one you made with the pompoms…so cozy and warm ! anyway, sorry for the novel…I’m your newest fan ! xo


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