Happiest Thanksgiving!

Holy gluten-free dressing & gravy! The Husband and I have been busy this morning packing an entire GF Thanksgiving dinner for me to take to my Sista’s house, some GF dressing & gravy & GF  treats to pass along to my fellow Celiac Julie and a whole Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter Stephie and her son Jon who’ll be staying home with brand new baby Finley…

Now I’m relaxing with a mug of hot cider…sigh.

Deep breath.

Thinking of all my friends and asking God to give you a bit of bliss today~

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now I leave you with a tacky but oh so delightful photo!


~Enjoy your moments~

Love to you my friends


  1. dad says

    Going forward and from this time forth and for evermore,
    until eternity and way beyond infinity, GF = GOOD FOOD!
    Proclaimed and made official this day, November 24, 2011.
    That is the correct date…..right?

  2. Julie Stewart says

    Hope you enjoyed your special day! Was just looking at another site and discovered there is a new cookbook out called Gluten Free Baking for Dummies by Linda Larsen. You probably have already heard about it, but thought I’d pass it along just in case you hadn’t! :)
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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