What’s the giant in your life?

Confession time…I cringe when I hear someone say things like:

“I know God’s given me the victory” or “God didn’t bring me here to fail”.


Probably because I’ve had those same thoughts in the past, I’ve not said those things because I’m not that bold, but I’ve had the thoughts.

And in my life, I discovered that my definition of “victory” and God’s definition of “victory” are often times very different. There have been times that God has indeed arranged circumstances that set me up for what most people would term “failure”, all the while working huge change for good in my heart.

But the other day in my Bible study, I was reading 1 Samuel about David and Goliath. Most everyone has heard that story a thousand times, but as I read David’s strong faith filled words, “All those gathered will know that it’s not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s…” and pictured David on the brink of his fight:  “As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line…”  I asked myself…  When was the last time I ran quickly into a battle? Am I missing something? Does God want me to be a bit bolder when it comes to the giants in my life?

So I’ve turned that thought over and over in my mind asking God to open my eyes to the truth He wants me to see.

Here’s what I think He might be saying…before I can run into the battle with the confidence that God’s going to fight and win that battle, I have to really know the giant.

Give me a second to explain…

Right now,  my knee-jerk reaction to the question: What’s the  giant in your life, would be … how I feel physically. I’d like God to fight that battle and destroy that issue (giant) in my life. I’d like to have the energy I used to have.  Because, (Bear with me for a moment)  after searching for what was wrong with me for 2 years and finally getting the Celiac diagnosis, I expected to be full of energy and feel better than I used to…that’s what lots of people with Celiac Disease say.

But it’s not been quite that way with me.

After iron infusions last summer, I was convinced my energy would come back…although I felt a little better, still I was not close to feeling normal.

After a particularly confrontational appointment with my Rheumatologist a couple of months ago, I left with a Sjorgen’s Syndrome diagnosis (another auto-immune disease) and a prescription for a mediation that will hopefully calm down my overactive immune system.

It’s too soon to tell if the medicine will help out my energy level but I’m realizing my energy level may not be the issue.

Perhaps my inability to move with graceful acceptance from one season of my life into another is my real battle. Perhaps it’s the stubbornness in me that is having a hard time letting go of other things that could be sapping me of energy…things like sugar and processed foods.

Or maybe my giant is both of those things.

Anyhoo, I’m intentionally turning my focus off of how I feel physically and asking God to give me the courage to run into the battle with the real giant in my life. And I’m trusting…that the battle belongs to Him.

Is there a giant in your life right now? Prayers for those of you who may be in a battle…



(Sorry for being late on posting…we had a surprise early start date on our construction project in the den-posted about that HERE...I’ll update in the next day or two, you wouldn’t believe the upheaval around here!)


  1. says

    Love your analogy, Robin. Sometimes shifting the focus away from the giant and toward God is exactly the medicine we need.

    Praying that you’ll feel better soon.
    Blessings to you, my friend.

  2. says

    That’s exactly how I should feel about how I have been feeling in the last year too, Robin. Thank you for showing me that I must shift my focus to God! :0)

    Hope you start feeling more like yourself. I know that I have tried to count even the most minute changes in my getting back my health and also realize that I must learn to live with (and change how much I do each day) until I am fully back to health. xxoo

    • Robin says

      Eileen, I know you understand. I pray that I’ll do what you do with looking at even the small things as blessings…sending you love and hugs~xo

  3. says

    Sorry about another diagnosis but as usual I love your perspective Robin! God is able but we have to do our part. :) Thinking on this more today. :)

  4. says

    Its always an honor to have you share the innermost workings of your heart. I think I am hearing “surrender” in your words. But maybe the surrender is to Him instead of the disease… I don’t know. Sigh… yes, my giant looms and is a constant reminder I am not in control… and going back to who I was before is an illusion as well.

    This is a great metaphor and bible passage to keep in mind… hugs sweetie, I’m praying for you. Love you!

    • Robin says

      Vicky, Oh Honey…you are my hero. Plain and simple.
      And I want to surrender to Him…yes, it’s the only way. I love you.

  5. Karie says

    Hi Robin! Just read your post and wanted to share with you how the healing process has been for my 3 year old with celiac. It has been 2 years on the gluten free diet and she is finally showing signs of total healing. It takes time…and for some a lot more time! Elese struggles with another auto immune disease too and this plays a part in the healing process. You are not alone and this is a battle worth fighting for! I’ll pray for you my friend :)

    • Robin says

      Karie, thank you for sharing with me Sweetie. I’m so sorry your tiny one has Celiac but so happy she you found out early. Hugs and smooches to the both of you~

  6. Nancy H says

    I just love reading your blog! As always, this was what I needed to hear just when I needed it as I am facing a huge GIANT right now, and not handling it with grace…thanks for this post!

  7. says

    Just the word “battle” makes me want to run and hide my head.

    I love this sentence. The inability to move with graceful acceptance from one season of my life to another. Totally identify!!! You nailed it. Once again, He speaks to me about my word Surrender.

    Thank you.

  8. says

    This is exactly what I needed to hear as well since I too am facing quite a Giant. I constantly have to remind myself that something that may seem good to me may not always be good. in my fellowship group we’re studying the book of Ruth and at one point I found myself identifying with Naomi, in that the situation seemed so bad but God had a glorious plan for which she had a role in.

    By the way, with regard to your celiac’s have you looked into the GAPS diet? My husband and I are starting it in a couple months but while reading about it also mentions how it’s helped people with celiac’s too :) Just thought I’d pass it along.

    Thanks again for the great post – I missed my fellowship group today due to transportation issues so this was perfect :)

    • Robin says

      Caroline, thanks for the heads up about the GAPS diet, I’ll look into it!
      I pray God will fight your battle for you my friend. Sending love and hugs~

  9. says

    You are such an encouragement even though you are going through so much. Praying for breakthrough and healing for you!
    Your comment on my blog just blew me away and then when you posted my dining room on Pinterest, wow! You made me feel like a million.

  10. says

    Have you ever thought that maybe the Lord wants you to and disease? Why do so many times we think to follow our Christian walk we need to be enjoying full health and vitality? Each morning I ask the Lord Jesus to enable me and give me strength to continue and overcome all obstacles (Giants) … can see his outstretched hand saying, come what I’m sheltering?
    God bless every new dawn!
    Love, Dolly

  11. Rhonda says

    Hi! I too have to eliminate gluten.I am facing a giant and battle to leave gluten out of my diet.I just finished a 21 day fast,(the Daniel fast)eliminating sugar,bread,meats,dairy.I felt fantastic and lost 10 Ibs.When I eat gluten I feel soooo bad,and when I eliminate it feel sooo good! Why is this sooo hard? Thanks for sharing your great gluten-free receipes and sharing your heart with us.I love your wedsite and it helps me in my walk with Christ! Thanks again!

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