Working on the Closet Playhouse!

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Gramma. She nurtured me and taught me a million things, from how to read to how to wash my face. (Put Noxema on the tips of your fingers and use tiny circular motions all over, in case no one taught you.)

I loved being at Gramma’s house. Her “junk-room”  full of books,  her soft sheets that held the fragrance of spring, the two lazy cats who had a tranquilizing effect on me as they lounged the day away…everything, I loved everything about being at my Grammas.

So when we started clearing out a room for our granddaughters, my mind raced all over the place, wanting to create a space they would love and remember forever.

The Husband and I had so much fun throwing around ideas! We very nearly knocked out a wall in my fun (craft) room to make a double room for them! But in the end we settled on making an indoor playhouse in the closet of their bedroom.

It extends a couple of feet outside of what was once the closet…

 We made a lot of progress this weekend!

It’s been so much fun thinking up fun things to do with the tiny house! Cedar shingles are coming this week! Won’t that be cute?

And because sometimes little people like to cook, The Husband is working on a tiny stove for the inside!

This is going to be a big week around here, the great-room bookshelves are being installed Thursday and this little bedroom will probably be done by next Sunday…when those two projects are over I’ve no idea what we’ll do with all our spare time.

Actually I do but The Husband has threatened both my life and liberty if I dream up another project anytime soon…

Do you have sweet memories of your grandparent’s house?

~Hugs and Smooches my friends~


  1. Oh, Robin, the playhouse is soooo cute!!! Great job! Love all of your projects! As far as
    memories of my Grandmother’s house, yes, very fond ones. She lived is a beautiful old victorian that had a huge staircase we used to (secretly) slide down, hidden closets, two balconies, a music room, big fireplaces, and a carriage house in the back in the orchard that was a haven for hours of fun. I am sure your girls will have sweet, sweet memories of your wonderful house too!

  2. Marydon says:

    My Mother’s Mother, G’ma Maggie, was a quiet lady. My fondest memories are of her lifting her aproned skirt just a tad & doing the Irish jig for us. She was directly from Ireland. We just marveled at how she could bend those ankles & dance so beautifully.

    I love this fabulous idea for the kid-lings. What fun they are going to have. My gr-dau is so not into feminine fun imaginary things like this. Oh, how I’ve tried. Sad …

    Happy Valentine’s ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Great post! I have been working all week on moving my guest room/teddybear room/children’s library! I want to make it all cozy even though my kids are teens. Now they are coming back in for some childhood memories.

  4. Adorable! Would love to see the inside too when finished. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looking good!

  6. Oh what a fun project for your grand daughters! I can just imagine the precious memories they will have of you and your husband one day. :) It makes me think of what I want to do when I have grandchildren one day. Hopefully I’ll be the kind of “Gigi” as you. ;) I am fortunate to have memories of my grandparents. We lived next to my great grandparents at one time and I have a lot of fond memories of them too. :)

  7. Oh, Robin! I want your playhouse for my writing hideaway! It’s so darling. BTW, my Gramma taught me about Noxema, too!

    Blessings to you, my friend. XOXO

  8. Absolutely darling ~ you are going to make some fabulous memories. I loved going to my grandma’s, playing outside in the apple orchard, lots of cousins to play with, and quirky bedrooms to sleep in. I try so hard to make memories with my 4 grands. It is pure joy.
    Can’t wait to see your new family room ~ and I am trying hard not to be jealous of your bookshelves. My books are everywhere!

  9. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

  10. How cute !! Can’t wait to do sweet things like that someday. Yes, lots of wonderful memories with my Grandma & Grandpa. Spent lots of time with them. My Grammy taught me how to play rummy — we would play cards alot. And we would go outside for walks in the summer or go swimming. My Grammy always had home-baked cookies waiting for us at her house. So special to have so many things around my house today that belonged to her — an apron and her sewing machine are 2 of my favorites! So sweet that your grandchildren will have such wonderful memories of their grandparents :)

  11. Oh this does my heart so good! So glad I got to see it even if I’m a day late! Heck, I’d come and want to play in that! Your love is such an example to me and you show it over and over again in all that you do. Happy Valentine’s day sweetie! Hugs and love!

  12. Oh my goodness, E just told me she wished you were hers… :) You two are amazing grandparents and your girls are so blessed, my friend. I love the way you love everyone so very well….xoxoxo, dear friend.

  13. Looks very great. Nice House


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