Time Flies

I dreamed of my mother in the night and woke with tears on my cheeks.

She’s been gone for six years and I miss her.

In my dream she was young, in her twenty’s.

Happy. Beautiful. Her life spread out in endless days…

Replaying the dream as I lay in my bed, my mind continued down the path of  Mama’s story. Snapshots of a life well-lived… and then seamlessly, Mama’s story dissolved into my own.

And pictures of my own life lit up my brain.

Young. Full of hope and future.

Then older.  Happy. And maybe a little tired.

A bird’s-eye view of decades past.

How strange that the bird’s eye view, the one that sees clear where I’ve been and sees clear where I’m headed, puts all things in perspective.

My daddy signs every card he ever sends like this:

Time Flies~

Those two little words hold a lifetime of wisdom.


I’m still counting gifts my friends…

#1126- Thank you Father for adjusting my perspective…one more time.


  1. Julie says

    My goodness you have just struck a nerve I try to keep buried that I will eventually lose my parents- reading that touched me so deeply I could actually feel my heart aching at the possibility of losing my mother in whom I treasure and adore. Who has been my mentor and also my biggest critic, Thankyou for reminding me that crafts and blogs are fun but the gift of our earthly parents is on borrowed time- “TIME FLIES” your dad is wise and with this I think I will call my mother

  2. says

    What a positively beautiful way to sign a card. I love that! I have moments when I think of my mother (she passed 9 years ago) intertwined with my own. I believe it is my mother speaking through those thoughts and letting me know she believes in me and is proud of where I’m going!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. says

    Thank you for sharing this and for the wake up call. Yes Time Flies and you are encouraging me not to settle. God wants us to live to His fullest and may we live fully in His heart and His Spirit today. Thanks Robin! Blessings and dreams!

    • Robin says

      Tom, I’ve missed my affirmations this week…I’m a little behind :)
      I’m right with you, I don’t want to settle. Prayers that we’re always aware, thankful and living full each moment.

  4. Elaine Arent says

    I can sooo relate to your message this morning. My parents have been gone for ten plus years now. My heart still aches for them. Then I recall all the wonderful times that we did share. I’ve found it very important to comfort women who have lost their mom’s especially at those special occasions, graduations, Mother’s Day, Weddings. Many times the event is so joyous that people forget the pain many of us suffer quietly within wishing our mom’s were there to celebrate with us. Enjoy your memories and don’t forget to pass them along to your family.

    • Robin says

      Elaine~so true my friend. Reaching out to other women who’ve lost their mothers is so important. I had one precious friend, Beth, who reached out to constantly for an entire year after my mom left. She gave me permission to grieve in the way I needed to and she probably didn’t know it, but she nurtured me with her tender words.
      sending love your way

  5. says

    It does sweet one, it truly does and there is indeed a life time of wisdom in those two little words! You’ve lodged these words in my overflowing heart today- thank you. xoxo

  6. says

    Time flies…those words have touched my heart so many times lately. My Mom has been mailing me pictures, that I in turn scan and send back to her. Relieving the days when my kids were small and when I was small makes me realize how fast the time does fly by. When looking at these pictures I think, “wasn’t that just a sort time ago?” In a few weeks, my Dad will have been gone a year. Some days, there are things I want to tell him and then realize that I can’t. It hurts.

    Thinking of you, Eileen

    • Robin says

      Eileen, what a good idea-the sharing of pictures w/ your mom…that first year is so hard isn’t it. Sending you love and a long hug

  7. Sandy says

    I know what you mean my Momma has been gone for 23 years now in July and everyday I think of her and I wish we just had another day to visit. It never gets better it seems for me. I am an only child and now have lost both of my parents. I made up my mind years ago that I would never just have 1 child and God gave me two a girl and a boy. When I remarried for the 2nd time I gained another daughter LOL. God answered my prayers, I just wish my parents had lived long enough to see the beautiful Great-Grandchild they have. I know your Mom is watching over you and is smiling at you.

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