I’m a life long Thrasher

This is the second time in 5 months that my outside-life is in demo mode.

The first time was in January when we had a couple of walls knocked out to make our den bigger. The project took a little over a month(or was it 6 weeks?) from start to finish but the house was in absolute upheaval during those weeks.

One small project at a time and I thrive but I’ve discovered that when my whole world in in demo,  I have a hard time keeping my eye on the prize…the finished project. If I”m not careful I tend to focus only on the demolition.

I’m trying to remember that this time.

 This past weekend we spent long days working on the Stone House Lane project. The Husband tore out much of the kitchen and I painted like a mad woman.

Mr. Max has floors ripped out…

…and he’s working on that beautiful arch.





Sitting here before dawn this morning I remember all those times when there was demo going on inside me. When my heart was broken or when I was consumed with anger or fear. When life looked like a complete mess and chaos ruled.

God used all those times, perhaps He even ordained them. While I was  only feeling the upheaval, only focusing on the demolition,  He was tearing down strongholds,  re-framing my attitudes, changing my reflection to look more like Him.

So often when a part of my life crumbles I don’t see past the turmoil. My choices are simple…I have to either keep focus on the Father, trusting that He is in control of the chaos or I focus on the demo which leaves me thrashing wildly until the dust settles.

I’m a life long thrasher my friends.

I’m thinking maybe if I can practice resting when my outside life is in chaos, like right now…that perhaps I’ll remember this lesson the next time Father is doing big work on the inside.


So this is what I’m thinking as I look at the mess on Stone House Lane and look at all the packing I need to do on Willow Creek…there is a plan and it reaches beyond the chaos of the moment~

~Sending prayers for peace your way my friends~


  1. says

    Not always is it bad being a Thrasher. Accepting everything that comes down the pike without some discomfort shows either hiding from reality or denying God’s work in our lives. He is not satisfied with the status quo and leaving us the same. But to change will sometimes mean kicking and screaming from time to time. That brings about growth as the reality of His work sets in. Hmmm, maybe I am preaching to the mirror.

  2. Jane says

    I’m with you…so hard to see through the mess sometimes. But after it’s all done, as the years pass I tend to forget what a mess it was and just how much effort it demanded.
    Growth and rest. I think it’s a cycle of life. xo

  3. says

    I’m a thrasher too. Love that term, but I hope, in time, to thrash less.

    I love your sentence…”A plan that reaches beyond the chaos of the moment.” So profound.

    The new archway is gorgeous!!! Just makes me take a deep breath and let it out slowly. :-) And I LOVE your fireplace. Can’t wait ’til you show us every single nook and cranny!

  4. says

    I’m a thrasher too–sometimes good, sometimes not. Good in that it has pushed me to do better, seek better, and accomplish goals I didn’t even know I could. But yeah, a lot of the time I should be more peaceful and let the changes take place :)

  5. Gina says

    I think it’s quite a feat to remain calm and quiet when life is chaotic but I’ve been around people who have accomplished it. I am always envious…in a good way. :)

  6. says

    I too am a thrasher, Robin. And, I definitely needed to read this today! Thank you!!! Isn’t a Thrasher the state bird of Georgia? ;0)
    The entry way into your new home is so lovely!!! I love seeing all your pictures on the work being done and look forward to the “after” ones.
    Eileen xxoo

  7. says

    I understand the chaos and feelings of unrest when going through demolition. We went through that ourselves with a total house reno – the chaos is not just in the house but in your mind – your whole world is turned upside down. With belief and faith, and lots of hard work, things will be ‘righted’ again – in time. Just remember, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – so hang in there, have faith, and it will all work out!
    Hugs –

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