Thoughts on Moving

Just taking a moment to say hello from the land of :

Holy Cannoli-Moving-is-Hard!

Slowly The Husband and I are getting things under control. I can’t wait to show you the results of Mr. Max & Buck’s (The King’s Carpentry)  handiwork all over the house. The photo above shows one of the things they did for us… the arch. There were two arch’s already and in an effort to open up the space even more they added the one in the center. We love the result!


Now after nearly two weeks of moving (And we STILL haven’t completely cleaned out the old house!)I have a few thoughts on the subject:

Moving is not for sissies – in case you didn’t know…I’m a big-ole sissy.

Moving is not for old people.- in case you didn’t know…I was born old.

 Moving makes even organized humans feel overwhelmingly disorganized…speaking for myself here.

You lose things when you move…like remotes and your favorite coffee mug and your mind.

Moving makes you forget your words…trying to ask a simple question comes out something like this:

“Do you know where that….you know that thing I need for the … for the thing I’m putting together in the…the other room … don’t look at me that way, you know what I’m talking about, I can’t think right now, but YOU had it yesterday…WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT?????

Moving makes you snap at those you love…it’s gotten so snappy around here that The Husband and are beginning to burst out in hysterical laughter at our grumpiness, which is good because for awhile there was talk of killing each other.

Moving upsets the balance of the universe and may cause some people to hide in a corner of the closet under their favorite blue  blanket.


Sending love and hugs from under my blanket…


  1. says

    believe it or not, you’re on the downhill side of this if this picture is any indication. i’m sure there are still boxes to unload, and the stuff from the other house, but if all the furniture’s moved, you’re better than halfway there!

    hang in there…what’s happening to you is NORMAL…and funnier to watch than to experience, having been there, done that!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I’m roaring in laughter. Just read this to my husband….we are moving right now too. Everything you said so perfectly describes us right now too. I love the part about losing your words. :)

  3. says

    Thanks for the great giggle this morning! Been there… done that! Take deep breaths and remember to just give each other a BIG HUG at the end of the day!

  4. says

    Looking great so far and can’t wait to see the rest! My husband and I swear we are never, ever, never moving again…..unless it’s in a pine box!!!

  5. says

    Oh honey, I know of what you speak as we are in the same boat here!!!!! I have said all along, ” moving is NOT for sissies….or OLD people, (like US)!!!!!!!!!!!! We haven’t been too snappy, thank God but nerves do get frayed for sure. I just posted on FB all we did today. But we are getting near where we can FINALLY show the house and HOPEFULLY get it SOLD!!!!! Please God!!! Your new home is gorgeous, I am on pins and needles to see it ALL!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO, Pinky

  6. Brenda Osborne says

    Robin, I love this post! Very frustrating when you can’t find something, however your description is hilarious! Reminds me of Erma Bombeck ! You are definitely NOT a sissy and I can’t wait to see the finished decorating. Love you~

  7. Gina says

    I don’t envy you one bit. I think moving would “do me in.” 😉 Thank goodness you can see the end of the tunnel and it will be calm and peaceful. :)

  8. Barry says

    Take deep breaths and remember to just give each other a BIG HUG at the end of the day! Thanks for letting me stopped by.

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