Pantry with a Sliding Barn Door!

Last week I posted about our latest project on Stone House Lane, a pantry-posted: HERE

The new (old) house didn’t have a pantry so, The Husband and I decided cut into the wall in the laundry room and go out a foot into the garage to add one. (this photo is from the construction day…there’s sheet rock covering the hole now!)

Max and Buck (The King’s Carpentrys) built in the pantry and added a barn door on sliding hardware (from a tractor supply store)

I finished painting the door and the pantry and put in my food, which had been living in the garage for the past month. Food in the garage floor is kinda chaotic, in case you were wondering.

Also, I’ve never been so short on food, turns out I wasn’t buying pantry items when I didn’t have a pantry! But the good news is that I’m kinda starting fresh, nothing out of date, nothing I don’t use…it was therapeutic to systematically put everything in it’s place. It felt…

…like I was simplifying my life.

After all the chaos of these past months, everything we do these days feels like another step towards simplicity.

Beautiful, serene …

Simplicity ~ my one-word for 2012

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I might just be feeling more simplicity than chaos these days.

I’ve done a little update to the pantry HERE

Organizing the Pantry

Did you chose one-word for the year? If so …how’s it going?


***Paint colors: As always, I used Behr Ultra Paint with Primer- The door is a Behr Paint color Irish Mist (like my kitchen cabinets)  and inside the pantry walls are painted the gorgeous Behr Paint color: Pensive Sky. and the laundry room walls are Behr Paint color: Rhino!


  1. That is one very nice pantry door!

  2. Glenis says:

    Robin, looks sooooo good!!! Love the barn door idea! I wonder if you could take an old French door and do the same..hhmmm… Simplicity brings peace doesn’t it! I am working on it too. Feelin’ the peace slowly but surely.

  3. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!! I love the pastel shades you used!!! Everything is so organized, wish I could come over and ask to borrow a cup of sugar.

  4. I love an organized pantry!! :) Seeing this reminds me I need to paint the inside of my pantry. ;)

  5. LOVE that sliding barn door. I so want to install one in our next place. Thanks for letting us know where you got the hardware to do it! We have a tractor supply store near us, so I know right where I’ll look when it comes time to do ours. It must feel so good to be starting from scratch in your new pantry. There is much to be said for using only the essentials and cutting out all the extra nonsense. Your new home is an inspiration, Robin! xoxo

  6. Wow! That is such an awesome door! But even more awesome is the pantry depth… Who knew you could fit all your goods in a foot-deep space?!? I’m always loosing stuff “behind.”

  7. Claire says:

    Thanks for letting us know where you got the hardware to do it! We have a tractor supply store near us, so I know right where I’ll look when it comes time to do ours.

  8. LOVELY PANTRY, but i have to ask: do you really drink FOLGERS?!?! oh dearie, we have to talk!

    • Robin says:

      Jenn, we DO drink folgers!!! Great price at Costco~ do I need to upgrade my coffee???? xoxo

  9. Such a lovely, yet practical solution. I am truly inspired when I come here, on so many levels.

  10. Michelle says:

    Oh, yes you need to upgrade your coffee! LOL.


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