A Change in Perspective


Sometimes I need mine to change. It’s odd, because I know the issues, those things that I’m stuck on, that dry up my joy and ignite negativity in me.

If left alone, they almost become a part of me as I think about them. On a loop they play over and over in my mind.

This morning on my walk, I was asking God to help me change my perspective on a certain issue before I ‘m compelled to change. Because I don’t want to wait until I’m compelled. Do you know what I mean by being compelled?

It’s like this…

A woman who looks in the mirror every morning and berates her body for all the things she sees wrong until one day a cancer diagnosis comes in. Suddenly her body is her greatest treasure and she sees in that mirror the beauty and the blessing. She is compelled and just-like-that her perspective changes.

Or the man who dreads his job, hates it every day to the point that is sours his life. Until one day he loses his job and suddenly he misses the security of the paycheck and the productivity that comes with a job well done. He is compelled and just-like-that his perspective changes.

Or the couple who’ve been married for years and fallen into backbiting and criticizing each other. They live in a cloud of annoyance until one day one of them is taken early and the other is left alone. Suddenly the aggravating habits become endearing and the ache of regret consumes. The one left is compelled and just-like-that the perspective changes.

This makes me think…

Makes me wonder…what would the circumstance be that would compel me to have a change of perspective? I think through a scenario and feel myself tense. One foot in front of the other, and I’m certain there’s a crack in that stone-hard place in my soul.

And I see clear the what has dried up the living water…

” Father, I’m sorry for stubbornness and pride that keep me from showing love”.  As I round the last corner home, I’m sure I feel it…the beautiful wellspring of joy that I  can’t live without.

Thoughts are powerful aren’t they?


~Sending you love today my friends~


  1. says

    Beautiful and compelling. Thanks for sharing this powerful message. How perspectives can change so quickly. I am thankful that with the little thoughts we have that God can provide so much power. Funny, where I was this morning was in a place where Paul reminded me that God’s power is among us. Blessings and courage!

    • Robin says

      Tom, I loved you affirmation on God’s power, He uses even the smallest things to change us doesn’t He???

  2. Glenis says

    Thank you Robin…your thoughts shared here are always timely and speak to my heart.

    I really really needed to “hear” this today.


    • Robin says

      Glenis, thank you for encouraging me, I pray God uses your thoughts to bring the change you want. xo

  3. Lynn Osborne says

    I agree 100%. I often pray the Scripture (can’t remember the reference right now) that says God will take our hearts of stone and break them to turn them into flesh.

    • Robin says

      Lynn, That’s the BEST scripture, I love the miracle of my heart of stone becoming soft under God’s tender care…xo

  4. says

    Very insightful and challenging thought Robin. I like that (the insight but not the challenge). LOL That means I need to change my perspective. Hope the move is going well for you.

    • Robin says

      Bill, I bet you keep your perspective on track with what God wants! (the move is coming right along, thank you!) Hugs

  5. says

    How do you always know what I need to hear???? I have had a big change in perspective with this move…..about alot of things. The first and biggest is how I have looked at living here. I have always hated living in the woods and didn’t really allow myself to see all the BEAUTY surrounding me. Now I am taking pictures like crazy to remember. I also had gotten a little daded and probably took Joe for granted, but now see, again, what an amazing husband I have. And what a GOOD TEAM we are. I love your heart, Robin. Wish I could walk with you in the mornings, but I am never up as early as you;):):) XO, Pinky

    • Robin says

      Pinky, I love that God is using your upcoming move to give you a change in perspective! My favorite thing is what you said about you and Joe, that you make a good team! That’s what so often I forget about Mike and I…we are on the same team (and like you and Joe, Mike and I make a pretty good team!)

  6. Gina says

    Yeah, I “know” those areas in my life too. It is scary to think God could change my perspective quickly. It’s such a battle sometimes. Something to “think” about…

  7. says

    Ohhh, how I love this post. It shakes up my thinking. I LOVE the picture and the picture in my head of “dried up the Living Water.”

    Beautiful, my friend. Thank you.

  8. says

    “Thoughts are powerful,” and yours are beautifully expressed. The loops, oh the loops, yes. I read a simple statement awhile back that I’ve pondered and tried to use when needed… It said “if you don’t like the thought you have now, just think a new thought.” Its so simple on the surface and yet its amazingly spot on. Sometimes its the feelings that go along with the thoughts that are the hardest to change :)

    • Robin says

      Vicky, so true. My thoughts inevitably bring my feelings along-this can of course be good or bad :) xoxo

  9. Ann Garvin says

    What wonderful words that I needed and very appropriate on my First Day of Summer Vacation! Thank you, Robin

  10. Claire says

    Great post. Its so simple on the surface and yet its amazingly spot on. Sometimes its the feelings that go along with the thoughts that are the hardest to change Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    Robin, got me right where I needed it…sometimes get so sick of myself and my obsessions. New perspective is needed.

    thanks and love to ya.

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