Indoor Playhouse Reveal!

The Husband has been busy! He finished the new indoor playhouse for our tiny girls and once again, he outdid himself!

This is the second indoor playhouse he’s built for the granddaughters. The first one was  smaller and he constructed it a little differently because he had to build out from the closet.  The first indoor playhouse is posted HERE.

(Building an indoor playhouse inside a closet does not ruin the closet …when we moved recently, we simply took the facade of this playhouse down and put up a bi-fold door, a shelf and hanging rod inside and just like that it was a closet again!)

Remember the first indoor playhouse?

closet playhouseThis time, at the new house, we had a bigger closet but a really different opening…

Because the closet is so big, we didn’t have to build out. I thought a front porch would be cute so of course The Husband made it happen…

He says if you build a closet playhouse, you’ve gotta have a bit of wood working knowledge. Every closet is different so he didn’t write out measurements, but did show his process…

Here are the supplies we got (as usual) from the Home Depot~

Bead-board for the front and bannisters for the porch…

The natural roof line was perfect for an A frame…

We wanted the door to be more cottage and less barn-door like the first playhouse, so he cut an arch…

Cedar shingles and a arched dutch door give it a bit of charm…We used Behr Ultra Paint with Primer – white exterior (because we had some!) and Behr Ultra in Rhino for the door-

I have put in an order for a couple of rocking chairs for the front porch…he says he can make ‘em…

Hartley loves the indoor playhouse!

“Come play!” she says…I can’t wait to show you what The Husband made for the inside!!!

Ellie and I are so excited to decorate their little house for Christmas!

~Sending love my friends~

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  1. That is ADORABLE and yes, Mike outdid himself again!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing. Hartly is gorgeous. I want to see inside too:):) XO, Pinky

  2. Wow! It really is a tiny little house just for them- in a closet. Even my boys would have loved playing in something like that. Beautiful workmanship and lucky grandchildren!

  3. Oh wow!! He out did himself! It is so adorable. It makes me think ahead for my future grandchildren. ;)

  4. What lucky granddaughters! It’s fabulous!

  5. oh my gosh, that is amazing! i wanna play in there, lol.

  6. As always, The Husband did a fantastic job! Your granddaughters aren’t going to want to go home! I too can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas!!! :0) xxoo

  7. This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time! How creative – I’m betting the little ones are just loving it!


  8. Wowza! I’m loving this. This is amazing. Can he make one for me?? WOW!

  9. This payhouse is amazing.I can hardly wait for Christmas time!

  10. LOL playhouse!

  11. judy in carefree says:

    What lucky granddaughters you have and amazing husband! Enjoy every moment because my two are 10 and are so busy with school and sports that I don’t get to spend much time with them. While one lives close to me, the other one is 1700 miles away so I enjoy every second I have to spend with them.

    Can’t wait to see the Christmas decorations as that is my favorite time of year! Your projects inspire me!

  12. Non ho mai visto niente di così stupendo!
    Tantissimi complimenti: è favolosa!!!!

  13. I want to know what kind of vitamins you both take, so I can get some of your energy! Wow! This is precious!

  14. Amazing! What a talented husband and a warm home!

  15. What a precious gift for your grandkids. Your husband did an amazing job! I think I need to borrow his skills, am in need of a shed in the backyard, and I am envisioning one from an English Garden. Can you spare him? LOL!

  16. Jeannette says:

    You have a very talented hubby! I’m sure there will be lots of fun and laughter in that playhouse….enjoy

  17. Best playhouse EVER!!

  18. Brenda Osborne says:

    AWESOME, AWESOME AND AWESOME!! That is so cute!! I didn’t think anything could be any cuter than the first playhouse, but this one
    is even better. Great job Mike! I know the grandchildren will love playing at Gigi and Pop Pop’s house.

  19. Utterly enchanting, and absolutely brilliant!

  20. What an amazing man! So awesome! Lots of memories for them!

  21. SO impressed! We are totally going to do this one day! :-D

  22. That’s very creative! Very cool!

  23. Michael says:

    Great design! We also have custom indoor playhouses and plans at Tanglewood Design. Let me know what you think.


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