Winter Decorating!

Hi Sweet Friends. I sure hope your Christmas was merry and brite! The Husband and I couldn’t be happier with our holiday and we’re looking forward to this week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Today, I’m not trying to rush you to take down Christmas, but in case you’re like me and dread the lack of magic when the Christmas decorations come down, I’m reposting a few winter decorating ideas from last year. Not sure what I’ll do in the new house for winter decorating …we’ll see :)


Simple snowflakes from the Dollar Store make a nice winter garland.

And a few icy/snowy things here and there are nice…

I  did a fun little project that most of you have probably tried. I used a bit of epsom salt to mimic snow and ice!

To make the pastel blue add 1 drop of food coloring to 1 cup of Epsom Salt (thanks to Crafts by Amanda for that tip!)

To make the pastel pink (hey, Valentine’s Day is coming!) I used a smidgen of craft paint mixed with 1 cup of Epsom Salt.

For candles or glass candle holders brush on some Mod Podge…

And sprinkle on the Epsom Salt…

See the little balls? They are those dollar store Christmas balls that I used in place of Styrofoam to make yarn balls…I was thinking with Epsom salt they’d look like snowballs! (I painted them with Mod Podge, sprinkled Epsom Salt, let dry and repeated those steps to make them look more….snowy!)

I like the way the candles turned out and yes, they would be great at Christmas…but Winter’s good too…

I also put a bit of  sparkle salt on some dollar store snow flakes too…

Happy Winter Dear Friends…



  1. says

    So sparkly and pretty! Nice job! I spent my weekend taking down Christmas stuff and cleaning – maybe next weekend there will be time for a craft project or two.

  2. says

    Love it all! All that white makes everything look so fresh and clean! Just what we need after all the holiday decorations have been stowed away!

  3. says

    Neat ideas! Isn’t mod podge great? And Epsom salt does come in handy as cheap, instant snow. Thanks for sharing. My mantel is looking very bare since Christmas. I need to use some of your ideas to spruce it up.

  4. says

    Lovely! I did this for a centerpiece in December. I coated red & white candles in Mod Podge & did just like you. They were beautiful lit up all together in the middle of the table for our event. I also took small terra cotta pots & painted them red, painted the rim white – Mod Podged it & coated in ES. They were the favors for each person at the table, of course filled w/ goodies. It’s funny b/c most people don’t think to craft w/ Epsom Salt. Everyone was very surprised. I think it’s great =) And I too decorate for winter!!

  5. Nanci says

    I love this idea! My mantle looks so bare now that all the Christmas decor is put away. I love leaving a bit of winter out, so off to buy some modgepodge. BTW…do you have a source for those cute square candle holders? I also love that snowflake garland. I looked for one this year to no avail.
    Cheers to 2011

  6. says

    You know that I am loving this since I leave up 5 of my trees and convert them to Valentine’s Day trees. And I change the outside of the house over to Winter decorations so I will definitely be using this idea. Love the thought about pink paint to create a pink paste!!


  7. Penny says

    love this craft! Do they shed much? I’ve been looking for items to fill my apothocary jars. This will be great for winter!

  8. says

    These are adorable. I still have Christmas up so by the time it is down it will be time for Valentine’s:) I love the candle holders and candles with the SPARKLY Epsom salts!!! I was lying in bed last night thinking of ideas for a “winter” table….you have given me some ideas!!! Thanks!!! XO, Pinky

  9. says

    What a cleaver idea to wash away those post holiday blues. I especially like the candles and candle holders. So pretty.

    Is the result very delicate or could these be saved for the next year too? Do you think you’ll have to re-salt?

    • Robin says

      Kat…I’m hoping to save them! They did shed a bit at first, not as bad now. I read you could spray a gloss finish over them…maybe I’ll try that!

  10. Tammy says

    When I suggested this to my daughter last week she thought I was nuts! She wanted something wintery for her dorm. So I am sending her the link and she can make them…with flameless candles of course. I also sent you an email today….when you have time. Ha!

  11. says

    Oh, this is how out of touch I am, I had no idea you could make such cute things with Epsom salts! Love seeing all of your projects- just breathtaking!

  12. says

    Love the stunning mantel…wish it were mine! I just spray painted my brass screen black as it was ugly, but would love ideas on how to lighten it up. I have a blustone fireplace and it is very nice and quite pretty, but would love to make it lighter without paint. Any ideas anyone? Would love the feedback! Thanks for this great blog. The epsom salt ideas are very cool – may have some left over from the birth of my 2nd child after those sitz baths – hahaha!!

  13. says

    I love these, Robin!!! I also have seen them on other sites, but yours are so beautiful! I want to give them a try. They look like they would be fun and so easy!!! Thanks for your sweet email. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  14. says

    Wow, I love your winter sparkle! And what a great idea, because I always feel kinda bummed out when I have to put away Christmas and my house is back to the same-ol-same-ol. Do you have to worry about the salt damaging the furniture finish or anything?
    I was actually sent to your site to read a (really old) post about feeding stray cats, as I’d just posted about the same thing. I’m really glad I came by!

  15. says

    I was so excited when I saw this post! Using epsom salts seemed to be a more natural way of crafting too, as opposed to store bought glitter. My daughter and I decorated some pine cones, a candle holder and a foam ball yesterday after I saw your post. The pine cones came out so nicely. We achieved a bluish tint for the foam ball and candle holder by adding some craft paint.

    I plan to post about it on my blog soon, to spread the word about this neat idea!

    thanks again!:)

    • Robin says

      Carmie…I have been concerned about this! I think I’ll investigate further…thank you BUNCHES for the heads-up!

  16. says

    Your decorating is SO pretty! The salts are a great idea! LOL, yesterday I was at the store and a guy spent 20 minutes looking for epsom salt in the spice aisle!

  17. says

    This is so neat! Even a great project to do with the kids 😀
    You “AMAZE ME”! Thank you for linking up to the “Amaze Me Monday” blog party!!

  18. says

    This is sooo pretty! I put out all my snowman things after I take down the Santas…keep up the greenery and berries to go with them. In my snow village this year, I put ES in champagne flutes and put a white tea light in each one, then lit them on New Year’s Eve to light up the village, along with votives. I have placed votives in the ES in other containers, but had not heard about it being flammable! Careful! Love the icy look they give when glued onto the glass! the possibilities are endless!

  19. Tamra says

    I would really like to know if anyone has found anything else out about this being a ‘flammable’ project. This is the only site I have come across that I’ve seen that mentioned. I plan on doing this project with my daughter’s class the end of this week. I wonder if the person that had the experience with the fire used something other than mod podge? Would love to hear if anyone has found out this would not be a good craft to do with kids. Thanks.

  20. Hannah says

    Hey there!
    These are lovely! But dont worry, Im almost positive they are NOT flamable! My mom was doing a project much like this and someone said that also.. So for like half an hour we tried to light some epsom salt on fire.. It didnt work.. haha! So maybe just test yours a head of time! 😉

  21. KC says

    My mom put Epsom salt in a class vase with cranberries on top and a candle this year, and a couple days ago we walked into the kitchen to find flames shooting out the top the vase. Epsom salt has magnesium in it which is a highly flammable element. It can burn in oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide environments. It can also burn under water. It is really hard to ignite Epsom salt though, it has to get really really hot, and the conditions have to be just right. We were lucky cuz the flames were contained in the glass vase. I wouldn’t like to think what would have happened if it had just been an open candle…. So once again, its really rare that it happens, but it is possible!!

  22. Prasanna M. Apte says

    Such a great idea to decorate various things. I tried it & like it too much. I would like to share more ideas for craft projects.


  23. TJ says

    Beautiful pictures and great ideas! Just FYI: Epsom salts are not flammable, but many things that are used to adhere or seal epsom salts are flammable. Believe it or not, there is an Epsom Salt Council (who knew?) with crafts and information.

  24. says

    Lovely! Thanks for the inspiration and tips. I took down Christmas today – it’s been up since before Thanksgiving and the house needed a thorough cleaning sans decorations! At first it felt clean and fresh, but now it seems a tad empty. I may try some of your ideas. It’s the only “snow” we’ll see where I am in Texas.
    Happy New Year!


  1. […] 1. Add Some Sparkle. Epsom Salt can add a soft sparkle to your decor. To get this look, simply coat the outside of your glass candle votive in Mod Podge and then sprinkle the salt until the votive is completely covered. You can even add color to the salt by mixing it with a little craft paint! To get more decorative uses for Epsom Salt visit All Things Heart & Homes. […]

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