Spring Mantle With a Succulent & Moss Arrangement

I think staging a mantle with a giant television looming over it is one of the most difficult decorating dilemmas of all time. That being said I love having the TV over the fireplace. Not having to look away from the roaring fire to watch a movie on a rainy winter night is worth the aggravation of trying to decorate around the darn thing.

Here’s what I ended up with for my spring mantle…

I had several false starts and the photo below is just one of them. After glaring at this arrangement for a bit, I thought it too ‘busy’. What do you think?

So I set out to simplify the mantle. I started by putting both lanterns on one side, adding height to one of them.

And do you remember Little-Ivy, my DIY English Ivy Topiary posted HERE? I enlisted her help for the other side of the mantle. She’ll get plenty of light here and I think she’ll be happy for a few months…

Here’s where this left me…When you have the television over the fireplace, and your mantle is large, you gotta have a little something under the TV.

I requested a box or a trough for just this purpose and The Husband whipped one up! In keeping with my plant-crush, I used moss sheets, Spanish moss and faux succulents to fill the little trough…(I’ve got a simple DIY for this box coming up!)

Isn’t my little trough/box just perfect right here?

This rendition of a spring mantle felt better than my other attempts. A simple theme of natural elements.

Some of you still have snow…nevertheless, have you started getting your house ready to welcome spring???

(And for my buds down under…have you had enough of summer yet???)

~Have a day full of sunshine my sweet friends~



  1. says

    Do you know what I’m so impressed with??? The way you turned the bird’s nest on its side. I’d have never thought to “break the rules” like that, but wow, it sure works.

    I love how you celebrate the seasons, Robin! and life too!


    Your fascinated friend.

  2. Gina says

    Very pretty. You do have quite a challenge with such a large mantel but it looks great!! I have snow but I did put out a couple of things yesterday to “spring” up my house. 😉

  3. says

    Your mantel turned out wonderful, Robin! Simplifying it was the right idea. I love the trough under the TV as well. It is just what that area needed. I don’t have a mantel and my TV is in a large entertainment center. But, if I did have one, this is just how I would decorate it.

  4. says

    I sure do miss my large mantle!!! Your Spring mantle looks beautiful. I like both lanterns on one side and love the new bowl in the center. “He just whiiped one up”, love that!!!! I am going to start on Spring decor this weekend. XO, Pinky

  5. says

    It’s rather comical Robin- it warms a little but the snow is so messy when it begins melting. It creates huge puddles of water that are filled with all the gravel and sand we’ve laid down over the ice for traction- its so dirty! But I still want to put on my cute shoes instead of boots, and colorful light weight clothes- and its still very much winter mostly. No real spring decorating yet- a few weeks maybe.

    I don’t know which I adore more- the trough made by the husband- or the husband- he is a keeper for sure- but this you already know.

  6. says

    Hi Robin, love how your mantel turned out, the lanterns are wonderful. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we actually have to look at a “Picture” before it’s clear what to do with a space. I’m the original overdoer when it comes to my mantel. I guess it’s like the old saying about jewelry. Get it dressed then take off one piece. But in my case it’s usually more than just one!

    • Robin says

      Debra, I love that thought…get it done (be it mantle or jewelry) and take off one piece! :)
      So happy you dropped in xo

  7. Lisa Olson says

    This was SO HELPFUL! Thank you for this post and all the pictures to go along with it – your opening words were my sentiments EXACTLY. I appreciate you showing the how to work around “the darn thing” =) -just what I was looking for!


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