Back Yard Before & After at Willow Creek!

Many of you know, we moved from Willow Creek to our house on Stone House Lane a year ago.  For 23 years we lived at the Willow Creek house and did a million projects! This is our back yard overhaul on Willow Creek…we’re now planning a bit of an overhaul on the back yard at Stone House Lane :)


Once upon a time I said to The Husband: “wouldn’t it be nice to have a patio in the backyard?”
Have I told you that I need to be very careful what I suggest to The Husband? (Once he took down a wall just hours after I asked him in passing: “do you think we should open up the den into the library?”)

That’s kinda how it went with the patio on Willow Creek…now, we don’t live on Willow Creek any more but this was a great project & I wanted to show you…

Keep in mind the yard looked like this when I made the suggestion about a patio…

Also keep in mind how projects go. One project leads to another then another then another…

So, after a bazillion loads of dirt to level the yard…2 trees down…a fence put up…retaining wall built…adding 4 stone steps…adding a walkway…and 8 weekends working 10 hour a days…we had a patio!

Grass wouldn’t grow before because there was sooooo much shade. When The Husband decided to take down 2 trees…

He thought sod would be a good idea!

The pups love it!

But most importantly, it works really well when we have the Fam over!

A little later The Husband built a BIG picnic table and we put in a swing set for the our tiny girls!

I love it when a project comes together!

Of course, we moved last spring and now we’re planning a back yard project on Stone House Lane…and it will include a patio!

~Have a productive week my friends~

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  1. says

    Beautiful! That’s just what is happening in our yard right now too! We have huge old growth cedars in our backyard which caused our wood deck to rot, so out it came and in is going a huge paver stone patio

  2. says

    WOW!!!! It all looks beautiful, Robin! I love patios! The picnic table will be wonderful. Isn’t it wonderful to ahve a “handy” husband!??? Have a fabulous week! XO, Pinky

  3. jenn nahrstadt says

    if the Husband wants to quit his day job and go into landscaping, we would be willing to be one of his first clients or guinea pigs! we so need help with our backyard…it slants something horribly and grass won’t grow there due to the number of trees. we’d need truckloads of dirt too. great job, Mr. M!

    • Robin says

      Jenn…that man can do any kind of DIY project! (our yard was like a mountain going downhill! For all these years (23) it kept getting worse …I thought we’d never have a yard!)xo

  4. says

    Perfect! Love your finished patio. I can tell a lot of work went into it, but you’re going to enjoy it so! Love your chairs, I have a couple of yellow ones like them in my back yard and they’re great. Best of all, all those happy friends and family on your patio! Have a great week!

  5. says

    It looks beautiful, Robin! And it looks like TONS of work!!! I’m really impressed. Our backyard needs some serious help, but I’m deathly afraid of that exact same thing happening (one project leads to another). lol But now seeing your lovely end product, maybe it won’t be so bad…??


  6. Jane says

    It looks wonderful! I can’t believe the change! I also can’t believe the amount of work that must have been! But now you can enjoy it for years to come! Awesome job!!

    • Robin says

      Julie…Considering I’m a loyal Home Depot shopper, I’m embarrassed to say I got these at Lowe’s but Home Depot only carried ‘typical’ outdoor furniture…and I wanted something that felt vintage. sorry home depot :(
      (I LOVE them! xo)

  7. says

    Well, your patio looks very lovely, Robin! Major kudos to the husband! Love that he will be building a picnic table for a pumpkin carving contest. No task too small, huh? 😉 Enjoy all your new space and “amenities”!


  8. judy in carefree says

    Robin, the yard is just beautiful! Tell the Husband he does great work! I’m sure you had some design imput!

  9. Diana says

    It looks great Robin but what I LOVE… those metal 50’s chairs…….Can’t wait to see the new backyard.

  10. says

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