Transferring Images onto Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Transferring images onto Terra Cotta has been around for a few years but I’ve just recently fallen head over heels for Terra Cotta, so this is my first try!

This spring I’ve been doing lots of projects with Terra Cotta, DIY  Aged Terra Cotta flower pots HERE , Terra Cotta & Burlap Coasters HERE. and DIY Terra Cotta Bird Feeder HERE!

This little project uses my Aged Terra Cotta flower pots and adds an image onto the front!

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

You’ll need a  graphic -I got mine from the Graphics Fairy! She’s got an amazing website with free printable graphics and most with words even have a mirror image print option! (so your words don’t look backwards :) )

Cut out your graphic close to the print lines & coat the printed side of the graphic with Mod Podge…

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

Stick the image onto your pot (mine was already DIY Aged-but you could paint yours in soft white). Press down really well.

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

I let it dry overnight because I read that’s what I should do! Next, wet the image well using a paper towel or spray bottle of water or just run it under a drizzling faucet for a moment…you can see it starts peeling back…Take the pads of your fingers and rub back and forth until the paper kinda balls up and comes off. If you rub a bit of your image off it’s ok since these are meant to look old!

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

You can spray with a sealer if you want to!

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

I’m thinking these wouldn’t do well outdoors but tuck a houseplant inside the pot and it would make a sweet little gift!

transfer image onto terracotta flowerpot

Have a blooming good day my friends!




  1. says

    I have used this process for image transfer before but never on a pot! Great idea! Graphics Fairy has the best images to choose from but how they are applied is equally important. And you did a fabulous job with yours!!

  2. Marissa says

    I’ve been looking for something exactly like this! I’m so excited- I have so many pots that look too Spanish style, ruining the cottage look I’m going for. Did you distress the pots yourself, or were they already that way? I’ve looked around, and the finishes I find are all too “obvious”, if that makes any sense. Help!

  3. Helen says

    Not meaning to sound ignorant…. what is Mod Podge? I live in Greece , and have never seen this.
    Is there another name for it, could i use something else? Thanx

    • says

      Helen, Mod Podge is an adhesive that dries clear! Google it and there are “recipes” out there to make your own! Happy to meet you my new friend xo

  4. Audrey says

    Wouldn’t words go on backwards? Do you have to print out the words backwards on the computer? I wanted to do this with a quote or something.

    • says

      Audrey, you have to reverse them in a setting on your printer! Or if you buy them on etsy they will send you the words in reverse! Good luck!

  5. Jessica says

    You could try sealing your image with a matte or satin polyurethane varnish (non-toxic, in the acrylic paint section of your craft store) to make these pots safe for use outdoors! Thanks for the tutorial, I look forward to trying this project!

  6. Mandy says

    Does the image have to be adjusted since it’s flat going onto a curved surface? The cylinder is smaller on bottom so I’m thinking it would need to be curved but I don’t know how to do that. I love what you did- it’s beautiful! :)

  7. Rebecca says

    I love all of your tips and tricks! I share each of them on my wall so I can try them. The aged terra cotta pots are the best. I sometimes use a paste was with a dark brown, and apply it very thinly over the pot, then rub it off unevenly. It adds another layer of aging, and protects the applied design on the pot.


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