DIY Mason Jar Light

DIY Mason Jar Light

Do you remember the screen porch makeover I finished a few weeks ago?  The lighting I decided on for  for early morning coffee and late night porch time was this easy DIY Chandelier…(posted: HERE)

diy mason jar light

The little chandy is almost perfect. Almost.

See, I have my quiet time on the porch before the sun comes up and if I sit in my comfy chair I can’t see to read my Bible or write in my prayer journal! The Husband reads the Bible from his iPad so he doesn’t have a problem with the light, it’s my chair that needed a little illumination!

Soooo, I came up with this easy little Mason Jar light to hang right over my chair on the porch…it’s perfect in the early morning and at night it’s like I’m catching fireflies…

diy mason jar light

At first I wasn’t certain exactly what I’d do, I just knew I needed a light. To get my creative juices flowing I took a little field trip to a local craft store…

Do you guys do that…go to a craft or home improvement store and wander the aisles until one idea leads to another and before long a project comes together? Anyhoo,  not knowing exactly what my light would look like, only that I needed to make one, I spotted the Mason Jars.  Hobby Lobby has individual wide mouth large Mason Jars (5)that made me think they’d be perfect for inserting a string of (100) tiny white string lights

Because the light would be going on the screen porch, I wanted to make certain I kept with the rustic feel of the grapevine sphere chandelier already hanging over the table. This grapevine wire seemed like a good idea for hanging the mason jars and of course I picked up some burlap ribbon because I always find use for burlap ribbon!

iy mason jar light

But …how would I hang the mason jars?

After a few minutes of looking through the hardware look what I found!

These cast iron swivel hooks…now I was getting a visual!

diy mason jar light

Here’s the 411 :

* 5 large mouth Mason Jars

* Grapevine Wire

* Burlap Ribbon

* 100 White Lights

* 100 White Lights

* Cast Iron Swivel Hooks

To make the hangers for the jars just twist the grapevine wire around a pencil…

DIY Mason Jar Light

Then around the mouth of the jar…

DIY Mason Jar Light


DIY Mason Jar Light

And bring the grapevine wire up and around and attach it to the little ring you made to begin with.

DIY Mason Jar Light

I put the top ring back on just to better secure the grapevine wire…

DIY Mason Jar Light

Now for the fun part! Hang your hook wherever you want it and get out those pretty white lights…

DIY Mason Jar Light

Decide how you want the lights to hang, I did mine in the shape of a cluster of grapes ;)

Since some of the jars needed to hang lower, I used burlap ribbon to get them to the right place. The burlap ribbon also softened the overall look of the light.

When they were hanging just so, I tucked in my white lights…this took several tries to find the best order as it coincided with the plug!

DIY Mason Jar Light

DIY Mason Jar Light

The Husband put an adapter on our existing porch light (it turns a light socket into an electrical socket) so the mason jar light is controlled by a light switch
but you could easily run an extension cord down the wall  in a corner or along your trim-just use one of those cords you can step on to turn on and off! :)

I love the new light, it’s perfect for my coffee/quiet time in the morning!

DIY Mason Jar Light

There are a hundred ways you could design a mason jar light, if you decide to do one I’d love to see a picture!

Sending love to you my sweet friends ox

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  1. Julia @ Cuckoo4Design says:

    I love these lights and I think I might have to run and get myself some of the grapevine wire.

    • Robin says:

      Julia, yes! Go get the grapevine wire and tell me what you do with it! I know you and it’ll be great!! xo

  2. This is so ME it’s not even funny!! I absolutely adore this!!!

    Can’t wait to show my creative husband your idea!

  3. Diana says:

    This is a excellent idea Robin and the porch is perfect. What did you use on the floor? I’m thinking about ripping up my carpet and painting the wood floors underneath. Thank you!

  4. I saw your mason jar lights on FB and I had to come over to see how you’d made them. I love them and may try making some for our porch. I have just the spot for two of them! Thanks for showing the grapevine wire because I have never seen it.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Jane! I’m so happy you dropped in and please let me know if you make these for your porch! I’d love to see them!!! xo

  5. This is absolutely fabulous!!!! I just adore! Pinning!

    :) Linda

  6. I absolutely love this! Seems very easy to create but makes such an impact! I love the light that twinkle lights give off! Great job!~~Angela

  7. Perfect! I have white lights hanging on my bedroom windows for a nice soft light when I am reading my Kindle in bed. This idea is even nicer! Looks beautiful, Robin!

    • Robin says:

      Eileen, I love that you have the tiny lights on your bedroom windows! How cozy , you and I think alike! xo

  8. Absolutely adorable! Saw this being shared on facebook, so I shared it on my page too :) Added your facebook page and the link to your post. Off to pin now… Shannon

  9. How fantastic!!!! Well done and great tutorial!! I absolutely love it and yes, that burlap is fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your talent and life with us!!!

  10. This is just beautiful! I’m going to have to make myself one I think! It would even look pretty indoors as a nightlight. I found you on hometalk by the way!


  11. What a darling idea!!!! I love the look!

  12. It’s so swaggy! (Is that even a word?! Does that mean it’s got swagger?) I think it’s a great touch – love it.

  13. Hi Robin,
    I just came across your pretty light on Hometalk, and wanted to come tell you how much I love it!
    I did a post awhile back about a different style of mason jar light I made using candles.
    I might try another using white lights like yours! Your whole porch is just lovely!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    • Robin says:

      Jeanette, thank you and I’m so happy to meet you, I’ll head over to Hometalk and have a look at your post! xo

    • Robin says:

      Jeanette, I’m so happy to meet you! I love those mason jars don’t you??? I’m going to ck out your light ! ox

  14. Love this so much I am going to make some today! I am a new follower from Hometalk. We are having a Hometalk Linky party this Friday. Join us if you can. Info is on my blog.

    • Robin says:

      Nancy, thank you for telling me about your party! I’ll join right up if I can only remember!!! xoxo sending love my new friend!

  15. When I was cleaning out under the kitchen sink of Mamaw’s old house, I found the mother load of old Mason jars. This is going to be fun! :O)

  16. What a beautiful light from such a simple idea! Very creative :)

  17. Oh, this takes me back to my farmhouse on the lake! So pretty and country all at the same time. Found you on Hometalk and following you there and following also on Pinterest! Love your blog!

  18. I just found this on Pinterest! Love it! I want to make me one now!

  19. Love it and pinned it!

  20. A very beautiful idea! Fabulous porch too! I live in the Seattle area, and we had a record dry July… we finally had to pull the outdoor carpet up for a few days to allow for the rain. :)
    I have plenty of mason jars always wanting to play!

    • Robin says:

      Shelly, thank you so much! I can’t believe Seattle had a record dry month! Let me know if you do the light, I know you’ll put your own spin on it and it’ll be even better! xoxo

  21. love to be able to make so as to hang outside.
    how could i do such a project:so as not to let rain or snow enter jar of lights?
    love to hang on each front hook of mobile home.
    if a way–thanks.

    • Robin says:

      Pat, I think that that with the tops off of the jars rain would get in and I don’t think it would be a good idea for the tops to be on because of overheating (even with a hole in the top) But if you hang the lights under even a slight overhang I think it would be fine…xo

  22. This is such a unique idea! I actually featured it today on my mason jar light round-up :)

    Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  23. Kristi says:

    Do you have talent and creativity or what?!?!?! That is so neat. When I wonder around Hobby Lobby I get overwhelmed, have a breakdown and go home with nothing. Ha! This is the third project of yours that I have seen and love all of them. Thanks for the inspiration! Next time I know what to buy at Hobby Lobby :)

    • Robin says:

      Kristi, you’re so encouraging my friend! thank you…we should go to Hobby Lobby together! What trouble we’d get into! xoox

  24. Luann Sparks says:

    I absolutely love this idea, I am thinking of changing up a little, I want to find a stand to put in the middle of my glass top outdoor table and I could run the cord thru where the hole is for the umbrella. I just need to figure out what I can use to hold the light fixture up without falling over. If anyone has any ideas let me know pls!

    • Robin says:

      Luann, what a great idea…putting it outside standing up on your table! The hole for the umbrella is perfect to run the cord through :) Since it’s a rustic arrangement what about a large terra cotta saucer with a hole drilled out to take the cord…(drilled with a masonry bit) Will the umbrella be place? You could use copper wire to wrap around the outside of the jars to hold them up, I think that would add visual interest too! Hummmm, you’ve got me thinking :) xoox

  25. Pinned it. I love it. Actually I pinned it twice, once before I read the post at MasonJarCrafts and didn’t realize it came from here. So there is the lesson – read then pin.

  26. Darlene Grau says:

    I love your mason jar lights…and btw, I do wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby waiting for an idea to hit me…being inspired by all their shelves of glorious opportunities…(I love anything Hobby Lobby…and I’m blessed since my husband works there), but it doesn’t take long for inspiration to hit….Oh…if I only had a million dollars!

  27. pam ~ crumpety cottage says:

    Hi, just found your blog. :D Love the lights! So pretty. I’ve been trying to find outdoor lamps for our shallow back porch and the few I have found have been so expensive — and not half as pretty! I love this look. Thanks so much for sharing this cozy and creative idea. ~ Pam

    • Pam, thank you!!! Those lights are really pretty, especially when it’s dark out xo I’m so happy to meet you by the way!

  28. I found this post on Pinterest… we are getting married next June in a beautiful boathouse right on the water, and I think a few of these would look beautiful hanging next to the large french doors! I’ve recently discovered that my grandmother has about 2 to 3 dozen old fashioned blue mason jars in her basement that I am planning on using as decor, and I think they would look awesome in this project!

    • Erin! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What a great idea for the boathouse! I’m happy to meet you my friend xo

  29. This is a great idea. Love it.

  30. These are beyond beautiful! I love that you and your hubby have your quiet time together too! My husband and I do it at the opposite ends of the day. :) This project is gorgeous from start to finish and so inspirational. It’s one of my faves from the Mason Jar Linky party. Thanks for sharing it friend!!

  31. Hi, Robin!

    I stumbled across your project on Pinterest and it’s the perfect kind of lighting I was looking to create for my apartment! Question though: were the mason jars you used pint sized or 32 oz? I’m looking to place my order and wanted to double check :)

    LOVE your blog!

    • Mary, the ones I used are pint size!!! I should put that in the post!!! I’m sorry :) I’m so happy to meet you new friend xo

  32. Hi, I just seen this and loved it.. I made one using Jelly Mason Jars and 100 lights. I didn’t have the burlap wire but had some wire I had left from crafting.. I had the burlap ribbon so I made bows and attached. I also added some bittersweet I had . it really turned out nice and it puts off just the right light in my hall at night. thanks oh the reason I used what I did is I couldn’t wait to try this and had these things. I am snowed but I am getting some of the grapevine wire…

    • Pam I love that you were able to use what you have around and put your own spin on the light!!! That’s what sharing inspiration is all about and you just inspired me my friend, I bet the bittersweet looks wonderful! xo

  33. Christina says:

    i dont want to seem negative because i really do love this idea but i do have one concern…..wouldnt over time the glass get to hot and the jars break? im only asking because were fixing to move into a new house with an open back porch and id love to do this but worry about the elements over time. extremly hot summers plus lights as well as the super cold in winter….any thoughts?

    • Christina, I’m sorry! I just saw this comment!!! You don’t seem negative at all my friend…So far I’ve never noticed the glass getting too hot. The mouths of the jars are very wide perhaps that’s why!? I did make some for Christmas and put them outdoors and they filled with water! I plan to get a special drill bit for glass and drill holes in the bottom to see if that solves the water problem! My lights are on a screen porch and they are away from the screens so they don’t get wet and I only leave them on early in the morning and for a couple of hours at night so again, they’ve never over-heated! Good luck xo

  34. christiann says:

    LOVE this !!!

  35. Love this idea, I’m going to make these and hang them on the outside of our camping trailer canapy over the table. Thank for the idea. Cookie

    • Karen, what a great idea for the camping trailer! Come back and visit soon my friend xo

    • christiann says:

      I, too, want to make this, but first I need to paint my screened in back porch. The previous owners painted it a dark green..the siding, the roof and the cement floor .. And I just am not ready to tackle the paint job…Help!!

  36. I love this idea!! Fabulous. I am planning to try it, but curious what size Mason Jars you used?

  37. Linda Kelley Bridges says:

    Not sure how I stumbled up on your Mason Jar lights but I love the idea. My porch is not screened in but I love it the same especially when it rains. I plan on making some of these beautiful lights & hanging up in the porch as it is open ceiling & rather rustic. Being a native Texan & still living here I love the country look with the jars & burlap. I live in Southeast Texas where it is hit & humid so these low heat lights will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Linda…I’m so happy to meet you! I think you’ll enjoy the light we use the light every morning when we’re having coffee! xo

  38. I adore these lights so much that I worked to clean up my back patio. I wanted some that were solar, so I bought solar stakes and removed the stakes. I wrapped three pieces of 24 gauge wire around the solar light. Then I hooked the wires over the mouth of the jar until the solar panel was level to the rim. Next I screwed the lid w/o the seal to keep the wire in place with the solar panel level. I finished it out with the grape vine wire handle! Thank you so much for you creative inspiration!!!

    • Leann, that sounds AMAZING! I’d love to see a photo if you have a moment to email me one or put it on my FB page! xo

  39. Cleaver! Gorgeous! Love!
    Must go shopping!

  40. Christy Shires says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am addicted to Mason jars, try to collect all the old ones I can afford, which is not much, but I still try. Need to find the hook and I will be on my way.


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