Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Hello sweet friends~look at these rustic wood candle holders The Husband made! You guys know I’m getting ready for a couple of fall parties, first I’m throwing  a baby shower in September and then there’s my big fall family party in October, so almost everything I do these days is with those parties in mind!

DIY Rustic Wood Candleholders

This wood is Bird’s Eye Maple and these are Wood Blanks. Ever heard of them? Your local lumber yard probably has wood blanks from time to time. Wood Blanks are what’s left of the wood after layers and layers of the outside are taken off to make laminate! Some blanks are square and some are very small, they’re used for turning bowls or making pens. The other day, our local lumberyard, Peachstate Lumber happened to have these. They were cut in tall 2  1/2 foot stumps. (By the way you could so use a wood stump for this project, a tree stump would make perfect rustic wood candle holders with or without the bark!)

DIY Rustic Wood Candleholders

The Husband cut these with a chainsaw because like I said they came in 2 foot stumps and he loves an excuse to use the chainsaw. He sanded down the top, no need to do anything to the sides they are gorgeous from the get go.

I rubbed a little food safe mineral oil on them to bring out the grain…

DIY Rustic Wood Candleholders

Using a 2″ Forstner Bit, he cut out holes for the candles…

siy rustic wood candleholders

diy rustic wood candleholder

We used these candles in glass that are sold in bulk a Walmart for super cheap…

diy rustic wood candleholders

And these babies will serve double duty, as part of my fall decorations and helping set the mood at my fall party!

diy rustic wood candleholders

I took the summer centerpiece off to take these photos and I’m just telling ya…the starfish are not coming back till next May…I’m sorry Peeps, I know school hasn’t even started for some of you, I know some of you are still planning beach trips…and then there’s my buds down under who are heading into spring! But as for me, I can’t help myself…I’m looking to fall….

diy rustic wood candleholders

I’m on the screen porch right now writing this post, the sun hasn’t come up and the temperatures are ridiculously unseasonable. You know, one of those days in August or September that whispers of things to come. Delicious autumn.

And while I’m sitting here enjoying the slight chill, I’m thinking these candle holders might just find a place on the porch this fall…

diy rustic wood candleholders

Sending you lots of love today my friends



  1. says

    Robin, these are just gorgeous!! They look just beautiful on the table with the blue Mason jars. I would love to make these, so will have to see if I can find wood blanks! Thank you so much for sharing – definitely pinning and hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. says

    I know–isn’t this weather incredible!!!! I can’t believe it.

    I LOVE these. Will be bringing the laptop downstairs tonight to show Mike’s BFF. I want some for myself. :-)

  3. says

    These are gorgeous, Robin! Perfect for your fall decor! I’m so ready for fall, I can taste it! I’m so envious of your weather…..still triple digits here and no relief at night…ugg! Have a beautiful day!!~~Ang

  4. Gina says

    How adorable!! I need some myself because I have tons of votives leftover from my daughters wedding. :) These would be beautiful to decorate at a rustic wedding. 😉 It’s too chilly to sit on my back porch most mornings, especially this morning in the low 50’s. :O

    • Robin says

      Gina, extra votives would be a great thing! All of us in the US will be getting those cooler mornings before long won’t we? xo

  5. Judy in Carefree says

    Beautiful, Robin! 110 today, but I have started thinking about fall…just have to wait awhile to put it out.

  6. Barbara says

    Another great idea, Robin!! And so easy, too. Thanks for sharing….can’t wait to make some. (Did you know that you are providing all my Christmas gift ideas so far?!)


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