Bird Seed Ornaments

I love to make Bird Seed Ornaments in December. Mid December to be exact…about the time I’m done decorating but still in the mood to do a little project…about the time the temperatures drop and I feel sorry for all the tiny critters outside. And if I still had little people at home, it would be about the time they got out for Christmas break and needed something fun to do!

birdseed ornamentsBefore I show you  my ornaments, which are embarrassingly simple and not so pretty, I wanted to show you some pretty ones that you could make instead if you’re so inclined!

Look at this sweet heart…

Bird Seed Ornaments

Bargain Hoot

And these from SAS Does are pretty enough to put inside on the tree!

bird seed ornaments

SAS Does

And these are bird seed ornaments used as shower favors!

birdseed ornament

Simply Notable

But I think this little gingerbread birdseed ornament is my favorite…maybe it’s because he’s pictured in an evergreen that’s laden with snow :)

birdseed ornamet


As cute as those are, if you want to do some ornaments that are super easy and super quick, here’s what I do…

You need: *A Block of Suet *Birdseed *Pinecones *Twine

Soften the block of suet in the microwave.

Add birdseed to the softened suet and smash and mash!

Press the mush into pincones…press, press, press!

birdseed ornament

birdseed ornament

Add twine for hanging ! I make extra and store them in air tight containers in the freezer that way the birds get a little treat every week well into the winter. (storing them in the freezer isn’t necessary, I’m not sure why I do that!)

birdseed ornaments

My version takes about 20 minutes from start to finish and it’s cheap and easy…but the other versions are soooo pretty!

A few years ago I did ornaments using peanut butter and cranberries, that’s an easy recipe too! Posted HERE

bird seed ornaments

Do you ever make treats for your feathered friends ?



  1. janet says

    We’ve had to stop feeding our birds. Sadly, the squirrels, possums and raccoons get the goods before the birds do. >:-/

  2. Diana says

    Oh Robin, thank you for posting the peanut butter recipe again. I was thinking about that the other day and thought I had saved it but couldn’t find it. I love feeding the birds they bring me and my kitties such joy watching them. Sending warm wishes…..I now have a working computer again. Goodness!

  3. Marellia says

    Please I would love the DIY for the flower pot bird feeder to be emailed to me having a problem downloading! I really think its awesome, and in my new home I have lots of birds I feed every day
    Thanks a million. Marellia

    • says

      Marellia , my computer died and for the next 2 days I’m working on The Husbands iPad, can u email me (address in contact me page) in 2 or 3 days and I,ll get it to you !!! Xo

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