Tiny Feather Wreaths – 5 Minute Project!

Have you ever made a feather wreath?

feather wreath

Well, this tiny version is quick and easy because after all…we’re getting close to Christmas aren’t we sweet friends?

I’m done decorating but this is the time I like doing  a bit of baking and a quick and easy project or two! If you have an extra few minutes and like feathers, this project might be fun! I think these wreaths would be beautiful on the Christmas tree but I put mine around my candles and I’ll probably leave them there for most of January (without the little deer) for Winter decorations!

I made a video tutorial that is under 2 and 1/2 minutes long…let me know if you do these!

YouTube Preview Image

Sending love my friends xo


  1. deezie says

    Hi Robin
    I just adore the feather wreaths you made. I am going to make some today since I have all the supplies. They looks so pretty under the candles. Thanks for sharing

  2. Debra says

    I’ve followed you on Facebook, but for some reason your posts dont show up in my feed…lucky for me someone else was talking about you and I found your blog here. CUTE VIDEO I’m going to put you on my weekly blog visit list.
    ( the good and fun girls list!)
    Thank You for the video great quality.
    Merry Christmas,

    • says

      Debra! I’m so happy to meet you my friend! Facebook is giving everyone a really hard time w/ showing posts, they want businesses and blogs to pay for people to see the posts (which I can’t afford to do) I’m so happy we can connect here on the blog! I’d also love to connect on FB – Here’s the scoop on getting the updates you want on FB:

      1. Double Check that you’ve ‘liked’ the page
      2. Click on the ‘liked’ button
      3. Click where it says ‘Get Notifications’
      Also…if you have a 1/2 second sometimes … “like”, comment and SHARE the content- that keeps my posts coming to you.
      sending love my new friend xo

  3. says

    Cute idea, Robin! Next time I am at the craft store, I will pick some up. I like quick and easy projects! And, you could make different colored ones for different seasons and holidays. Thanks for sharing. I love your videos!

  4. says

    What a darling idea, Robin! I just love these!!!!! Definitely going to make some….soon! :) I also MUST ask you where you bought both of your coooool leather/beaded bracelets???? I LOVE them!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

    xoxo laurie

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