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I’m excited to tell you about

WE’VE Built

We've Built a Gift Story

WE’VE Built is a community connecting diverse, highly-skilled people resulting in beautiful relationships and artistic objects.

I love buying handmade but even more than that, I love to buy a gift that supports a bigger cause. WE’VE Built offers handmade products.  When you buy them you support the artisans who made them and their communities through craftsmanship, job stability, and job creation!

Their philosophy is simple. In one word it boils down to collaboration, but collaboration that incorporates sustainability, technology, storytelling and design.  WE’VE is an opportunity for artisans and designers to come together and offer their expertise; you create the possibility for them to aggregate enough orders to go to production. Artisans are guaranteed enough sales to justify their investment in time and materials, and buyers get the satisfaction of seeing how the product is made, learning the artisans’ story and understanding the impact their purchase will have on the artisans’ communities.

Here’s how WE’VE works…


 Look at this beautiful silk scarf I got from WE’VE Built, made by Lulan Artisans.

Lulan is a creative collaboration between contemporary American textile designers and gifted Asian Master Weavers.  Lulan Artisans create Hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-woven textiles like my beautiful silk scarf.

Weve Built A Gift Story

The other day I was at my daughter Stephanie’s house and I asked her to model it for me! She got photo bombed :)

Mason Jar Light DIY_636

The scarf is so soft and the color reminds me of radiant orchid. (which is the color of the year for 2014!)

Mason Jar Light DIY_637

I love the scarf because the color is vibrant and subdued at the same time…and the fabric is silk and scrumptious but mostly I love the story. That an American artisan shared a vision with a group of textile artisans in Cambodia and they worked together to produce this amazing product enabling the designers to hold their vision in their hands and the Asian artisans to create and provide work for their community. Mason Jar Light DIY_635

WE’VE Built has so many more offerings-you might even finish up your Christmas shopping! Have a look around – each of those beautiful items has a story dear friends…(click on the photo)

WEVE Built a Gift Story

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