One Word for 2014

Picking one-word for the new year is something I’ve been doing for word

One little word to focus on through four seasons. Year after year those one-little-words have opened my eyes to so many life lessons.

I start asking God to show me a word around October. A couple of months ago, when I started that process of asking for my one word and listening for His leading, I did get a word. But I didn’t like it.

I loved my word for 2013…abide. I mean could there be a more beautiful word? It conjured up a feeling of: “just – be”.  When I plucked that word out of my mental sky all those months ago, I felt I was in for a year full of serenity as I connected to my Maker and remained.

But here’s what I learned in 2013 about the word abide. Abiding takes work. Abiding isn’t easy (at least for me). Abiding is unnatural, especially in today’s world of pushing to make the next deadline and striving to meet the next goal.  As a matter of fact sweet friends, as I looked back over 2013 one thing was crystal clear…

I learned how NOT to abide.

I should issue an alert…I’m going to get brutally honest for a minute peeps…

By year’s end, I found myself burned out with not an ounce of art left in me. You know what I mean by art…inspiration, creativity, being in the zone where you find beauty in everything. There was none of that. I was empty. In wondering why, I looked back over my prayer journal reality dawned. Page after page there was angst. Day after day I was striving. Situation after situation I felt the burden of failure squeezing the breath out of me.

Two surface issues seem to be to blame.  First, I focused on growing my blog in 2013. Pushed and worked so hard only to feel very much like a failure constantly.

Next, and this is very personal…but if you’ve been hanging out with me you know I’m compelled to be honest with you guys…I gained 20lbs in 10 months.

My doctor put my on a medication for issues I was having with menopause. (TMI? Sorry.) A side effect of the medicine was weight gain…good gravy they weren’t kidding. I came off the medicine in May and have been struggling to lose that weight ever since.  I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of exercising (which I let go of in 2013) and eating more healthy.

I could go on and on about the failures I’ve experienced with both of these issues, but I won’t. I’ll just say that I learned, in 2013, how NOT to abide.

I’m sorry this has been a bit negative guys, but I wanted to be honest. The Husband and I always take time in the week between Christmas and New Year’s to look back over the previous year and look forward into the new. A few days ago, when talking about my one-word of 2013, abide, he said:

“God’s not done teaching you about that word, maybe with your personality learning to abide  is going to take more time”

It was exactly what I had been thinking.

I really don’t like the idea of taking a word and carrying it over into the new year but The Husband’s right…there’s so much more for me to learn about the word abide, so I’m tip toeing into 2014 hand in hand with my one-word friend from last year…


one wordThanks for listening my sweet sweet friends. You mean so much to me and I appreciate you more than you know…

Do you pick a word for the new year? Please share it with me and if you have a minute tell me why you picked your word!



  1. says

    The one word concept hasn’t worked for me but it seems so many bloggers exercise this practice.
    Like you, I was, and still continue to struggle with creativity. I’m hoping as the holiday ends and the decorations get put away, the removal of clutter opens a path for new ideas. Happy new year!!!

  2. Debbie Yaeger says

    Thank you so very much for your honesty! I so look forward to your posts ever day! I discovered last night that you were “hidden” from my Facebbook page! Luckily, I check my email first every day! I wonder if any one else has this problem? I am still undecided about word for 2014. Just happy to start afresh! This year was a tough one!

    • says

      Debbie, thank you for your sweet words my friend, I feel just like you, I’m happy to start new…I’d love to know when you pick your word for the year ~ xo

  3. says

    I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing to read blogs like yours where people are genuine and not trying to portray a perfect persona that is false. In fact, your one word idea has been percolating in my own mind for some time now. :) Happy New Year, Robin.

      • says

        Hi Robin, I think I have a phrase or two. It’s “Palms up, Expect a miracle”, or “Look up”. Can’t decide on one word. I think if it would be one word, perhaps it should be something like “receive”. Must ponder more.

  4. Penny says

    I love your blog and so happy I stumbled across it earlier this year. Since I live in Marietta, you felt even more familiar to me. As I was deciding which one’s to keep for the new year, yours made my top 3. I admire your honesty and look forward to your posts. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. I admire people who have the passion and creativity that you do – I am just trying to soak it up like a sponge :) Happy New Year Robin!!

    • says

      Penny, I’m so honored that you kept my blog coming to you!Thank you for the encouragement not to put too much pressure on myself-truly, I take this to heart…sending love my friend xo

  5. says

    It’s me again Robin! We appreciate your honesty. For everything to be rosy all of the time is unrealistic in this world. So much further to look forward to Heaven! I remember reading Alexandra Stoddard’s LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE when my children were very small. Two points of the book I have carried with me to this day.
    1. Everyone’s life is like a well. You can only provice for others while your well is full. If your well dries out, you are no good to yourself or others. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND KEEP YOUR WELL FULL!
    2. And this was a huge thing to learn with 3 small children–You can either continue to run around putting out fires or you can catch the guy with the matches! Many things we stress over have one trigger. If we remove that trigger the stress is gone. Knowing when to pick your battles and not making a battle out of everything is paramount. My very best wishes for 2014 in all that is good and lovely. My word for 2014 is FAITH

    • says

      Lisa, I LOVE the thoughts from Alexandra Stoddard’s book, such wisdom- I truly appreciate and take to heart your encouragement my friend~
      And faith is a wonderful word…In 2011 my word was 2010 my word was Belief and it was such an amazing year learning about that word…sending love xo

  6. Angie says

    I chose the word HEALTHY. I’ve never picked a word before. It was weighing on my heart to do so this year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48 last year. Four days into the new year. I’m done with the surgeries. No chemo/radiation was necessary. I chose healthy not just for getting healthy in the phyisical sense although that is a huge part of it but healthy embodies, mind, body and soul. I need to work on all of it. With God’s help I will become a healthier person this year.

    • says

      Angie, Oh honey I’m so happy you’re done with the surgeries and your word for this year is profound- I agree with you that “Healthy embodies mind, body and soul”. I pray for beautiful you in the coming year my friend xo

  7. Jen M says

    First of all I am sending you a hug. Thanks for telling us how you really feel with your word and the journey it has taken you on. It is nice to know my blog friend is honest and can share how she really feels. As you listen to God with your word it will bring blessings. Maybe right now you are in the middle of it but blessings are close and if you gave up you would miss something. For 2014 my word is serene. I felt that I needed to be still and really listen to others and I don’t need to always talk to my husband and daughter-that sometimes I need to pray more and just button my lip. I would also like to blog about it. I will let you know if I start my blog again. Can’t wait to grow with you. Jen

    • says

      Jen my friend…thank you for your sweet words. I took a deep breath when I read your word…serene is one of my FAVORITE words of all time…ever :) Blessings on your blog endeavor~ looking forward to what God might show us this year xo

      • Jen M says

        This year I tried and prayed about what I really wanted to be. I know I speak my mind too much with my Husband and Daughter so I hope this will really help me grow. I know I am not where I need to be but I’m not where I used to be. When I went back and looked in the dictionary the word really spoke to me and I thought it would work better than button my lip . lol God will show us both things this year and I am looking forward to it as well. Have a cozy weekend my sweet friend.

  8. Diana says

    My word for 2014 is truth, actually it is my truth. I think why everything gets so complicated is we have a constant bombardment of ads and tv shows telling us what we need, how to think and how to act. So, I am going to focus on what is important to me and what I really like and stop caring about things that in the long run just don’t matter. There will always be something new and or shiny, but in truth new isn’t always better nor will it bring you total happiness. Love yourself just as you are and open the door to new possibilities and options. Blessings and may this be the best year ever.

    • says

      Diana, my goodness, isn’t it amazing how the media dictates our lives if we allow it in? I think perhaps you’ve hit on a key to living well, to focus on what’s important …sending love my friend ox

  9. Rita says

    That is one reason we all love your blog….your honesty. Some blogs are too perfect, thus give me the feeling of an act. You, my dear, share your heart and it’s genuine. I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into a blog. I applaud you for always bringing a smile as you share crafts and tidbits. You are amazing and such an inspiration to me. Thank you for being you! May your year be filled to overflowing with love, peace and joy.

    • says

      Rita – thank you sweet friend for accepting me as I am. That’s one of the things I love about you, the way you reach out and love people (even me, an online friend ) And may your year be filled to overflowing with love, peace and joy as well ~ xo

  10. says

    This is the Robin I know, I miss, and still love dearly. Honest, real, authentic and speaks volumes of wisdom that mentors me and teaches me so. I’m so proud of you! I chose a word too, but love that you repeated your own- gives me food for thought!!

    Love to you honey~ deep and wide~

  11. Jenn Nahrstadt says

    failure is a word the enemy loves to throw in our faces. not realizing what happened in 2013 would’ve been failure, for it would’ve been an inability to see yourself and what happened. so, i don’t see what happened as failure, but rather insight. you now know how you don’t want to run your blog, and you are free to step back from that pursuit. you now know what caused your weight gain, and you are taking steps {pun intended} to make changes.

    DO NOT GIVE IN TO DISCOURAGEMENT! you are learning and you are growing, and if it takes 2 years to get what you are “supposed” to get from your one word, who cares? i’m sure alece, gitz’s friend who runs, would concur.

    i agree with everyone who has posted; keep the honesty comin’! you’re a clarion of humility, authenticity, vulnerability, and grace in the midst of a very clogged internet with all the opposite stuff!

    my one word for 2014 is WRITE. God has made it very clear that this is His path for me, so I am stepping out on it, seeking to follow His lead and not chart my own course.

    love you! let’s get together soon!

    • says

      Jenn, my friend with a gift of encouragement! How you’ve focused in on such an enemy of mine, failure. Thank you for your perspective and words of wisdom on this- I’m listening and hearing you…
      Ok…your word…WRITE!!!! I love it Jenn. I’m so looking forward to hearing more about what you have planned for 2014 & I’d love to get together soon! ox

  12. Sandy from Ca. says

    Robin, I haven’t picked a word for this year but will think about it. You are so honest with all of us and this one reason I look forward to reading your blog and your posts on FB. You have a big, beautiful heart and it shows in everything you do. I too am having issues with my weight( I gained about 25 lbs this last year) I feel into a deep pit when I lost two very close family members. I keep thinking why me God? Then I had to remember it is not about me, I need to reflect on what his plan is and not just me. When I realize what my word is I will let you know but for “Thank You” and God Bless. Hugs, Sandy

    • says

      Sandy, HUGGGGING you from here! I mean it, I so understand the deep pit honey- I pray for you in the coming months that the details of your days will reflect your His plan for you~ Looking forward to hearing your word xo

  13. Carol says

    I came thru a summer of trials,but I can now look back and see what God was trying to teach me and I am a more content person. Our family decided we have so much we give to charities in the name of each person and the thing I love is no wrapping paper mess. We give money to our grandchildren and they are thrilled. We dwell on the joy of being together. Has made a big difference how we come thru the holidays. ( Our grandchildren are in their 20″s)

    As we start the year I have decided to finish projects that I have started and not try to add more during the winter when I would have to plow thru snow and cold weather. It’s amazing how much better we feel and there is less stress. I was one who at times was gone every night and thought I could be a superwoman and I ended up in the hospital far too many times. Ps 46: 10 says it all.

    • says

      Carol…Really, just reading your comment I feel myself relaxing. How wise to focus on the joy of being together during Christmas and to focus on finishing your projects from 2013 as opposed to starting more…I treasure your advice and so appreciate it.
      And yes, Be still and know that I Am God says it all my friend xo

  14. Linda says

    What a beautiful post, filled with insight for all of us. We all struggle with issues, and I personally appreciate your honesty and openness. Thank you.

  15. says

    Robin, Yours is the one crafty, decorating, recipe blog I can come to and not feel discouraged that I am not as perfect as those types of blogs that I read. I look forward to your honesty! I have struggled with many of the things you have and have looked to you to find my inspiration. That is what I get out of your honesty. Your grace and humility have touched me over the years as I have read your blog and become your friend.

    This is the first year that I have found a word. It came to me one day in November and it seems to follow me everywhere. It is the word “believe”. It is something I struggle with choosing fear instead. And, this year, as we most probably will be putting a sold sign on our house soon and having to travel to find our “new” home, I am going to cling tightly to that word and see where God leads.

    “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”- Guillaume Apollinaire

    Love and hugs dear friend, Eileen

    • says

      Eileen, ohhhhh my friend, I’m so relieved that when you come here you don’t feel discouraged! I battle with feeling less-than every day and I’d just be so deeply sad if anyone came here and felt that.
      And your word…Believe…oh how I love that word. In 2010 ( I think that’s the right year) my one-word was Believe and it’s my all time favorite word. The year was so full of lessons and opportunities to believe, not to believe in God – because I did/do, but to believe that God was good and I could rest in that. At the end of that year I truly felt less stress, less worry, less intensity. I can’t wait to hear what God teaches you about your word- sending love
      ohhhhhh, and the quote- sigh xo

  16. says

    Robin, I have chosen the word “Still” Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” I try to hard to do everything myself when I should just be still. This is going to be a biggie for me. It’s my first time ever of choosing “One Word.” We will see how it goes. It just might be my word for next year too. At least I will know that road has been plowed before. :-) Love you, your honesty and your blog. Happy New Year.

    • says

      Felicia, how completely beautiful. Still. To be still, truly still, you have to have to be enveloped by the Father I think. Trusting that He’s got “this” (whatever this is) I pray the journey with stillness this year would be full of life changing moments…ox

  17. Peggy says

    Hi Sweet Girl, Your honesty is one of your (many) best traits!
    I didn’t “get” my word until the last week of December. Very honestly (!) I hadn’t even thought to ask about it. But it popped up anyway and I’m excited to report: the word is GRACE. Also honestly, I haven’t noticed spectacular results from my previous years’ choices; but since it popped up on its own, I am looking forward to the possibility that it will have more impact than the previous years’ words have done. We’ll see! Regardless, God is Good!!! Love to you!

  18. judy in carefree says

    I’m carrying over my word, “complete”. I left so much unfinished last year that I had no choice but to carry my word over. So far so good as I’m trying to “complete” at least one thing every day rather than try to set hard and fast goals that I know won’t be accomplished. Kitchen Christmas tree down this morning and island where it sat back to normal. Robin, Happy New Year to you and yours!

  19. says

    Hi Robin,
    just found your blog – will be a loyal visiter! you make folks feel so welcome…..I too pick a word for the new year, for 2014 my word is Patient…..We will share this word with our grandchildren and see how we can change for the new year….Abide – “Stay or remain, continue” whatever your journey was for 2013 its not finished yet, maybe there is another person you need to touch before your finished…..and as for the twenty pounds….once you stop frettin’ over it you’ll lose it!
    Happy New Year!

  20. Anita in SC says

    I’m going to choose abide……… After reading your beautifully written and honest blog, I know that has to be my word of the year 2014 has to be abide! As a 66 year old “Nena” of a 17 year old Grandson that lives with us, your blog today really touched my heart in a ver special way. You really nailed it on the head to the true meaning of that word. Thank you for sharing in such a honest way! May God bless you and yours in the year 2014 and I will anxiously look forward to your blogs in this new year!

  21. says

    Robin~ I love your honesty! I completely understand the season of life you explained..alth0ugh mine isn’t menopause ( yet! ) I’ve had times of losing interest in my “art,” or passion, as well, from time to time. It forces me to stop and refocus on God and what He wants to show me. I feel like sometimes we can become so focused on our passion, that we lose sight of what is truly important. Finding the balance in this world can be a struggle for all of us…I really like your one word approach. I’ve also seen that message “God will keep teaching us the same lesson, until we get it!” Love that, and adore you! Happy God placed you in my life last Summer at Haven. xo

  22. Joanne says

    Hi Robyn,
    Appreciate your honesty and i can relate . I think it is great you are continuing your word ABIDE into 2014 . My word is JOY . Also the word EMBRACE , as I need to embrace each day GOD gives me. God bless you in the new year and I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! Keep the faith !!!’

  23. Jeannette says

    Your honesty is refreshing Robin. That is why I keep coming back to your blog. My word for 2014 is “patience”. I need a lot of help in this department, but I plan to be very mindful this year and give it my best shot! lol
    Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year.

  24. Gail says

    Hi Robin….
    What a wonderful post….I admire you so and have enjoyed every idea and every word of
    encouragement. You are truly a child of God and you use your blog to share so much of yourself and
    honor God at the same time. Thank you, you are an inspiration. I understand why you would want to continue with abide…My word this year is Peace….since my daughter’s death on Oct. 30th I have struggled…and prayed for peace….so, hopefully this year I can find the peace that passes all understanding.

  25. Elaine Arent says

    Thank you Robin for your honesty. I’ve so admired your posts over the past few years. I often mention you to my friends up here. I’ve especially mentioned your word for the year and how I wish I had the drive to complete a year. Well in November the Lord really impressed on me Thankfulness. Giving thanks in everything. I approached my husband about keeping a thanksgiving journal. Recording thanks for everything from my dog to my salvation. So a long story short we are taking the word Thanksgiving as our word. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Elaine

  26. says

    I loved your honesty here, Robin. I could so relate to both of the things you shared, struggling not to let blogging and social media become more important to me than they should be, and gaining weight from medication the dr. put me on for fibromyalgia. Ugh!!! Sending you love and a hug for letting me know I’m not alone!

  27. Diana says

    I love your blog, it inspires me in so many ways! I love your honesty, it makes you “real” to me. I too have been picking a word every year. Two years ago the Lord spoke to me, “Trust”. At the time the word sounded lovely to my ears and to my heart. I soon learned that trust was not so easy. Last year again I asked for a word and again He said, “Trust”. Well, the year before had been no picnic and I wasn’t too thrilled about having to face more trials. A year later though I can see His hand through all the very difficult things my family and I went through. “Trust” wasn’t easy, but it was sooo worth it! I can’t wait until this time next year to hear all about what God has taught you and what you will share with us! Here is a hug from my heart to your open heart.
    Btw my word this year is “Create”. Looking forward to what that will mean in my life.

    • says

      Diana, thank you a million times over for sharing about your journey with trust…I truly feel encouraged at the thought that you can see His hand at work in your family. How you’ve lifted my spirit today dear friend ~ Sending love xo

  28. Barbara Koppenhaver says

    God gave me my “one word” maybe the end of Nov., or the beginning of Dec. I didn’t claim it right away, but gave Him time, hoping I’d grasped the wrong word. I do not like my word, TRUST. It was put to the test in a way I never expected on Dec. 31st. It wasn’t even supposed to have kicked in yet. Someone very near and dear to me demolished their car, their fault. Thankfully they were saved themselves by one inch. During the hours that followed I realized there are probably more lessons to be learned from this than I may ever realize. I know it has made a positive impact. It’s not anything I would have ever picked, but I am trusting.

  29. CC says

    I will be praying for your abide(ness:)! Thank you for sharing your heart, which can be so difficult. My word is -move- , so if you hear that word, please send one up for me. Thank you Robin.

  30. says

    i definitely sensed your absence and wondered what was the cause. i’m glad to know it wasn’t more serious. although, when you’re in the middle of what you experienced, it doesn’t seem trivial.

    i will show my ignorance and tell you picking a theme word for a year is very new to me. it would be cool to pick a word, but so much more valuable to wait for your word…and learn all you can about living that word. i understand what you mean about being empty of art. this year has been full of that for me-empty of art, energy and enthusiasm. they are the exact things on which i need to focus. maybe i need those 3 words. :)

    you are armed with the life experiences you need from last year to live this year with your word. stay connected and count your blessings-as i know you do. i think we all ‘walk’ beside you in one way or another. we’re your support team-just as you fill us with your beautiful wisdom and insights. it will all be all right. promise.

  31. says

    Delighted the Good Lord sent you the end of this year when I really needed to hear your words. My word for 2014 is BEGINNINGS. Letting go of negative friendships, bad eating habits and sitting at the computer all day. New BEGINNINGS always inspire! xoxo

    • says

      Edna, I so love that word, beginnings. One year my word was friendship and by the end of that year I had let go of a friendship. I completely understand and I think you’ll find new beginnings in 2014 so exciting. xo

  32. suzy says

    I did come up with a word…..thank you for sharing this….I love it! A few weeks back, I started thinking about a “word” and the very first thing that popped into my head was the word “Peace”. I think I need to find peace – or try to find peace – by letting GOD take my burdens and my worries, not dwelling on what I can’t change, stop finding fault in myself and others, just find peace…..peace with EVERYTHING about or happening in my life…..knowing it’s all part of GOD’s plan. :-) Happy New Year!

    • says

      Suzy, I love your word…peace- I pray this year would be full of peaceful moments my friend (and I so agree…it’s all part of God’s plan) ox

  33. Chrystal says

    Robin, I too feel your pain about the weight gain. I’m in my late 50s and have been eating everything I love and not caring about unhealthy choices, just want good tasting food. Now, have gained about 30 pounds in the last 3 years. I need to stop and get back on track of eating healthy and loose this weight.
    My word is Control! Control my choices for a healthier and fit me! Also, I want you to know that your blog gives me peace. Thank you for that.

    • says

      Chrystal. … hugssssss!!!!! I love your word! I could very well pick that very word, self control a fruit of the spirit that I long to grow in my life. I pray that we will both have success with self control this year my friend, and thank you for your sweet words- it mean’s so much to me that you feel peace when you’re hanging out with me~ xo

  34. Julie says

    Robin, I’m not so sure that you “have failed”. I know what it feels like to be stuck in a place where you’re not content. Been there, done that most of 2013. But from my position you have been the one blog that is genuine, spiritual, creative without over-trying, and I feel such peace when I read your posts. One definition of abide is, “to bear patiently”. Maybe you were abiding “awaiting, withstanding, fixed” in the fall, and all you needed was permission from yourself to stand still and be kind to yourself. Those of us that are loyal readers will be here when you have something to share, and we will be excited! But dear friend, please don’t be so hard on yourself! I think that getting your hormones in line will be a giant start to getting your creativity back. Unhappy hormones can cause havoc in our bodies. My sister-in-law is a pharmacist who has dedicated her life to helping women get their hormones in balance. I was at a complete standstill in all areas of my life. It is AMAZING what balanced hormones can do!!! XO ps…. My word is contentment. Learning to live with Lyme disease and not let it rule my life.

  35. Ginger James says

    Hi Robin, how lovely speak it is to have time to reflect on your blog and take in the message of “acceptance” that seems to ring through in your words above. It is hard to have intentions and plans not go well but it is always a reminder that our plans are not always God’s plans and He is the one that knows best. I think that your “mini-creative-crash” in December was His way of bringing you near to Him and far from a to do list. How lovely that in doing so, you have looked back and found that you are just where He wanted you to be last year – and this is not a bad thing, this a GOOD thing because it shows His desire is still to have you Abiding in Him. I have a feeling that your example of not letting a 365 day calendar seem like a completion date will help others to move forward in their own journey without thinking that a time frame is the only measure of success or failure. As always, God is the greatest economist, He wastes nothing and your double year journey with the word ABIDE will certainly be used to lift up and encourage many…how precious is it to see God saying to you “Robin, I am still at work on you” and knowing His plan is more than we can ask or imagine!
    Last year my word was “PRESENT” – I wanted to be more Present in the place where I was, with the people I was with and not distracted by “to do lists” and grocery needs and negative thoughts but just “Present” in a way that made me feel that I was appreciating what I had each and every moment. I will have to say that I was doubly surprised with what God did with that word. I do feel that in many ways, I was more Present (not always, but more than in years past and progress is progress!) in my daily life but what surprised and delighted me was that I experienced God being “Present” with me more than I ever have in my 53+ years. I know He was always there, but I wasn’t always paying attention, but this year, He let me grow closer to Him and feel His Presence and call upon His Presence in my heart and mind in ways that I have never imagined possible. I am extremely grateful for the gift that has been given to me and aware that this is a relationship He is growing and wants me to grow as well. I will continue to work on being Present in my daily life this year, but as I reflected on a word for 2014, I was surprised to find that it is to be “Reconcile.” In many ways that might denote something is bad or needs to be made right – and that is true in that I want to reconcile some relationships that have experienced a break or have allowed time to make distant, but more than anything, I sense that I am to “Reconcile” things with myself. Self acceptance and self love allows one to accept and love others just as forgiving oneself allows us to forgive others. I want to step farther and farther away from the world’s view of what is acceptable and live deeper and deeper in what is God’s plan and purpose for me. On that note, I am going to work to “Reconcile” thought patterns and judgements and expectations and try to remember to live for One and serve that One in the days of 2014.
    Thank you for always being open and honest and true to each of us and for allowing us to grow personally because of your Presence in our lives. If I were to see you in person today, 20 pounds plus or not, I would only be able to focus on your heart because you dear friend wear it on your sleeve and that is the greatest gift – an open, pure heart that just wants to give love to others. The pounds may come and they may go, but a heart is hard to change. Thankfully, yours is just right as it is!
    *As I too am traveling down the road of that lovely mid-life “change,” I have decided to accept the complications and frustrations that come with this time in life because it is a part of being a woman as was birthing my two children and they were and are worth all that entails!

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