Bird Cage Craft for Spring!

I made this little bird cage craft for the Michaels Pinterest Party a couple of weeks ago! I like it because it’s a quick and inexpensive little project.
bird cage craft

Because I wanted to give options I made a couple of different ones…they both use the little bird cages from Michaels Stores budget craft supplies…you know, the aisle that has all the bins of inexpensive great stuff!!!

Bird Cage Craft

These have a base of a terra cotta flower pot…

bird cage spring craft

And this base is a darling little ceramic cupcake stand…

bird cage craft

Head over to Michaels and go on a creative scavenger hunt, you’ll find something fun to do!

For this one I used:

*little bird cage, *Cupcake stand, *Moss, *little bird or little sprig of lilac …

Paint your cupcake stand base and hot glue the cage onto the stand…Add a bit of moss into the bottom of the cages…

bird cage craft

Add a sweet little bird…

bird cage craft

Or maybe tuck in a sprig of spring flowers and have your little bird perched on the top of the cage…

bird cage craft

For these little guys I used my favorite thing…terra cotta flower pots!

First give the flower pot an aged patina using watered down paint…(HERE are instructions on an easy way to age terra cotta)

bird cage spring craft

Fit a piece of Styrofoam into the flower pot then cover it with sheet moss and secure the bird cage to the Styrofoam with floral pins…

bird cage craft

For this one I used Spanish moss on the inside and hot glued more moss over the lip of the flower pot…also I glued burlap ribbon around the flower pot just to add a bit of texture!

bird cage craftI put a little bird nest inside the other bird cage…

bird cage spring craft

These look so cute tucked here and there just in time for spring! They would also be ever so cute sitting at each place setting on Easter Sunday!

bird cage craft

This little project would also make a great Craft Night Project…it’s easy and inexpensive and everyone could share a bag of moss and it would be such fun to see everyone’s unique version!

bird cage craft

And here’s the YouTube tutorial for those of you who like your creativity  in video form…

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Diana says

    These are so cute Robin! You could use these in the terra cotta pot and put everyone’s name on a chalkboard label and use them as place settings for Easter dinner. You could paint all the cages a different Easter color, how fun would that be.

  2. Lucie Hale says

    I really, really loved this project. I think I will tackle it for my home, this spring. Lookiing for a good sale to buy all the terra cotta pots. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Love this project. I can picture one of these little birdhouses sitting on a table on my deck. I am so ready for spring. I’m new to the blogosphere, but I can see a trip to Michaels in my future. Please stop by.

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