Craft Room Inspiration from Pinterest

I’m planning a small craft room/office makeover and so I started a new Pinterest board (All Things Craft Room/Office HERE) to inspire me! When I start a project, even a small project an inspiration board helps me decide what colors I’m drawn to, what feel I want the room to have and what elements really jump out!

Craft Room Inspiration

Here are a few of my favorite things from the new board…

This craft room / office is from Two Twenty One …what I love about it is the cheerful vibe! I can’t look at this photo without smiling!

Crafts Rooms

This happy peek into Torie Janyne’s craft room also makes me smile…(everything Torrie Jayne makes me smile :) )

Craft Room

This table that Beckie from Infrrantly Creative and her hubby made is just perfect…the height, the size…I love it!

craft room

And this craft room/office is from Houzz…what is it that I love so much? The colors I think…

craft rooms

What a fun way to organize and display paper in this pretty room HERE…(Houzz)

craft room

So far I know I want a work surface that is high enough for standing up…I’m thinking I want to keep the colors soft and feminine …and I want the room to have a happy vibe…

I’ve got more fun craft room/office spaces on my Pinterest Board HERE

& if you haven’t followed me on Pinterest…come on over (HERE)! I have some really inspiring boards if I do say so myself peeps :) ox

What do you think I should consider for my mini craft room makeover…I’d love your ideas!?

Sending love sweet friends



  1. Sandy from Ca. says

    Love your boards but wish you could come and help me with my craft room :) It is a mess and I never know where to put everything! I bought the cubes from Michaels'(they aren’t the best but what I can afford now) and not sure how to put all my scrapbook papers and now I sew and stamp too!!!! Can’t wait to see your new room, could you do a video too of how you put everything please :) Happy weekend to you :)

    • says

      Sandy, I’m having trouble with where to put all of my stuff too!!!I think cubes from Michaels will be perfect, you can organize everything that way! I have plastic bins and drawers that I’m going to hang on to because no matter how they look they are great for keeping me organized! A video is a good idea … xo

      • Sandy from Ca. says

        Thank you for your answer and I am excited to see your video too :) Hope the weather gets better soon for all of us :) Hugs :)

  2. says

    I love that large craft table! Perfect for working on! If I had a craft room, this would be the first thing I’d want. I love bright, happy colors and my dream craft room would have lots of yellow. xxoo :)

  3. Tawn says

    I am in the process of planning on my craft room. We are going to make the boys’ playroom upstairs into my room. I am really excited about the room. The room does have knee walls, so the sloped ceiling will have to be considered in our plans. But I am up to the challenge!

  4. Heather says

    I do the same thing, create the board, decide what sparks my interest then edit out . We have many of the same pins!

  5. says

    Hello My Dear One! I have spent the past three months redoing my studio/nest…and still not finished! I am painting walls and furniture Country White Semi Gloss latex(Walmart). I have my computing/moving making area, a work table for cutting/sewing, my desk for painting, a Hoosier cabinet for storing three sewing machines and a serger, my comfy chair, book case, a daybed and my television. I have my mother’s wooden ironing board from 1940 that I am using as an end table next to my daybed. Plastic Totes for storage that I will stack and cover with a burlap throw, two tall 7 drawer plastic carts in the closet and plastic shoe boxes under my counter for storage. Galvenized cubby holds my patterns. I love my space…12″x20″ with 10 windows and a sliding glass patio door. I have 2″ blinds on the windows and insulated cream colored curtains to help keep out the hot Texas summer heat and winter’s cold. I have decided to move most of my crafting supplies out to my *little old house* and set it up like a store (another project) so I can go shopping in my own supplies when I do each project. Will be posting pictures on my At Home With Edna blog when time permits. Don’t we have fun???

    • says

      My friend Edna, that room sounds perfect! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas! I’m going to visit you soon xo


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