Grapevine Ball Topiary~Lighted!

In the spirit of all-things warm weather I made a sweet little grapevine ball topiary the other day… tiny lights  give a magical glow!
Grapevine Topiary Collage

Grapevine Ball Topiary

I started with a humble terra cotta flower pot …you know I love terra cotta…(All my projects with terra cotta HERE) and added a grapevine ball, remember the hanging grapevine ball light I made last summer? Posted HERE-

diy outdoor chandelier

I did the same thing with this little topiary…even an unassuming grapevine sphere is magical when you add tiny white lights…

Grapevine Ball Topiary

This project doesn’t take much…

*A terra cotta flower pot (I used a 12″ pot)

*A grapevine ball (12″) Just make certain the ball fits snug into pot

*Strand of 50 tiny lights with BROWN cord

*Strip of sheet moss & a bit of spanish moss


(Ignore the twigs in the photo…they were accidentally in the photo)

Grapevine Ball Topiary

First give your terra cotta pot an aged patina…on this pot I used watered down white paint and took it off quickly with a baby wipe… I added just a little watered down green paint and quickly wiped it off until it looked like I wanted it …blog 2

Put the lights into the inside of the grapevine ball, tying them with twine as you go to keep them in place…the large 12″ ball is pretty easy to work with simply because of the size…

(this photo was from the outdoor chandelier that I made HERE)

diy outdoor chandelier

The plug from the lights will go out of the grapevine ball, into the pot and out of the hole in the bottom of the pot…but, the hole isn’t quite big enough for the plug to go through- so to make it a bit bigger you can either:

*Use a Masonry Bit and drill it (I show you how to drill terra cotta HERE)

Or…and this is what I did: * Use a Rasp (which is a round metal file-you can find

 at Home Depot) to make the hole large enough to get the plug through…

blog 3

blog 5

The Husband helped me use the Rasp to make a tunnel for the cord to sit in so the pot would sit flat…Blog 7

Now that was easy!

 I added strips of sheet moss (w/ a glue gun) onto the lip of the pot…
blog 8

And softened the edge with some Spanish Moss…blog 9

And in a jiffy this little topiary is done!

Blog 10

 I know it’s not quite spring time sweet friends…but I’m getting ready :)

And for those of you who like your creativity in video form…here’s the video tutorial!

YouTube Preview Image

Are you dreaming about all things spring?

Sending love

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  1. Tawn says

    Good morning, Robin.
    Where did you purchase the grapevine ball? It looks so cute and I would love one sitting on my front porch.


  2. Vicky says

    I love grapevines. My husband made 3 trees: 6,5,4 ft from our wild vines on our 40 acres. I also liked your chandelier and topiary. Two questions: where did you find your grapevine balls and lights with brown cord? I would like to make a couple topiaries.

    • says

      Vicky, I got the large grapevine ball at Michael’s! The lights did come from Joann! I’d love to see yours if you make some!!! Send me a picture and if it’s ok, I’ll put it up on this post! ox

  3. Vicky says

    Hi Robin,
    I went back and reread the post on your vine lights and discovered that Joann is the source for your lights and balls. I like your thrifty hunting using your coupons over a period of time.

  4. Brenda Osborne says

    That is beautiful~ I may try to make one!! :)
    You are so creative, I love all the projects you share!!

    Love you~

      • Marie says

        You should be able to put the string of lights up through the bottom of the pot before you insert them in the grapevine ball, thereby, eliminating the need to drill the hole out on the pot. Just a thought…..


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