Turning the light on…

leave the light on


My go to state of mind is troubled.

I remember the feeling from early childhood, and now all these decades later, if left to my own devices, I will walk through my days in a dark haze of uneasiness.

During my quiet time I’m reading through the gospel of John, the other morning I read:

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” (Jn 14:1)

Of course it jumped out at me, because right now, (you guessed it) I’m troubled. Nothing earth shattering is going on…most of you wouldn’t be bothered at all, but as I said, troubled is my go-to state of mind.  Holding onto that verse a few minutes later, I said it out loud over and over as I drove the dark backroads to the gym.

Strangest thing happened…somehow every time I said the word trust, I saw a glow from someone’s porch light.

Unfriendly darkness surrounded the car as I whispered: “Do not let your hearts be troubled…Trust in God…” As soon as the words trust in God, left my mouth, I passed a porch light softly illuminating someone’s front door. And I felt something very much like peace.

I said the verse again slowly, driving past house after house blanketed in darkness- “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God…” Again, I noticed that someone else left on their porch light when I say, trust in God, and like before, that same feeling of peace washes over me.

I must have said it 10 times and almost every time I got to the phrase: trust in God, I saw the glow of  another light and every time my emotional reaction was the same–peace.


Perhaps the only way to dispel the darkness of being troubled is to turn on the light of trust by remembering Who I trust.

I trust God.

He’s got this.


I bet most of you don’t have issues with feeling troubled but if you do, how do you handle it?

Sending love sweet friends



  1. Elaine Arent says

    So timely. I have a brother that I’m not very close with that put feelers out asking about moving in with me and my husband. He’s not very responsible. It may not happen but I’m concerned that it may happen. I keep asking the Lord to help me Trust in Him he knows what is best. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Elaine

  2. Tawn says

    Robin, such sweet, honest, and truthful words. I think as women we all tend to go to that spot at times. I know I do, but I try to always remember who God is and what He has carried me through. I have lived the worse day possible, and He been by my side the whole time. For that, I praise Him, giving Him the honor and glory.

    Thank you for your post today.

  3. says

    I just wrote a post today about God showing up, right when I need him (no surprise).

    To call on His name…..it has power!

    He was showing you, in that moment, that He is very real and hears every word :)


  4. deezie says

    Hi Robin
    What a sweet post, I get troubled also. Seems my mind thinks way to much on things some times. I am like you and I just pray. I rely on God to help me through and he always does. I will certainly be keeping you in my prayers while you work through this
    enjoy this beautiful day

  5. says

    Such a timely post….I’ve been troubled lately and not really sure why. I shouldn’t be…..I have everything anyone needs in life, yet still I feel uneasy. You have the right idea and turn to Him for comfort and guidance and your post this morning reminded me to do the same. Bless you and thank you! I hope you feel better soon!~~Angela

  6. Genny says

    I often feel troubled too. And, I turn to prayer as well. It really does get you through all the rough spots by just putting it all in God’s Hands and, for me at least, just asking for the strength to make it through the rough times. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through whatever is troubling you.

    • Kathie says

      Wow, are we related?! My go to mind is also troubled – I’m down more than up most days…. Helping care for autistic granddaughter is not a good combination with my mind like this. Today I’m going back to the gospel of John.

  7. says

    Robin, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I like “I said it out loud over and over “. From the book Jesus Calling, I’m sure you’ve heard of it or have it, I have learned to say “I trust you Jesus” out loud when I am troubled, when things are more than I can handle alone. Jesus always comforts me and sends peace when I say these words aloud and truly mean them. These words remind me that He can handle what ever is troubling me, much better than I can. And I know that He knows what’s best for me, …….so I trust Him. I love your blog! You’re right, God’s got this, so keep that pretty head of yours held high in God’s strength and overcome! You’re going to have a good day!

  8. Gina says

    Shew, I would be troubled too if I was headed to the gym that early in the morning. 😉 All kidding aside though, I may not have troubled feelings but I certainly have issues. I try to saturate my mind with God’s Word. I have written down verses that deal with those things, feelings, attitudes to read over and put to memory. I think too I have to recognize where those thoughts come from and take them captive and resist the devil and he will flee!! :) Easier said than done, huh? 😉 Thank you for being transparent with your readers. It helps in our Christian walk when we know of other’s struggles. :)

    • says

      Gina, I love the word ‘saturate’ … that’s EXACTLY what I need when I’m spiraling. I’m memorizing along with Ann Voskamp from the book of John and it’s helping me so much…thank you for your wisdom my friend xo

  9. says

    I so relate to this Robin! I’ve spent much of my life battling worry and feeling ‘troubled’ and it has only been recently that I feel that I’m gaining some freedom from that through a deepening relationship with Christ and a better understanding of how the Lord wants me to really be living. We can almost make ‘idols’ out of worry and being troubled because they give us a false sense of control, you know? But once we release that and allow God to take over we experience such amazing peace. Thank you for sharing from your heart!

    • says

      Vanessa, what you said about having a false sense of control is so true…I’m not sure why I think that worry will allow me control over an issue…it’s like if I can’t change it, I’ll worry about it! Good insight friend ~ xo

  10. Susan says

    Thank you for your post. I also had this issue but a few years ago finally let it go but now it is back. I really just need to trust in God. So hard at times but for me talking and writing down how I feel and lot’s of prayer is helping!
    Peace to you!

  11. Debbie Smith says

    Thank you Robin for this beautiful post!! My word for this year is TRUST. I have struggled with anxiety for a long time but it seems that the older I have gotten thr worse it has gotten. (It is a family trait.) But with prayer and loving support from family and friends I am trying to take one day at a time and Let Go and Let God.

    • says

      Debbie, you and I have a lot in common! I love that your word is trust…I suspect God knows you’re growing in trust this year my friend …sending love and a hug from someone who understands xo

  12. says

    You know I love it when you get around to the heart business. The light of God is so comforting, peaceful and promising. God is light for sure and when we look to Him and His light our hearts rejoice, even in the face of troubles. Blessings and light my friend!

    • says

      Tom, Oh that’s wonderful “the light of God is so comforting…peaceful…and promising.” amen!!! Blessings to you too friend

    • says

      Sandra…thank you my friend- I love how you put that…and thank you ever so much for praying peace on my life…I receive it~ sending love xo

  13. Julie says

    Robin….sometimes I think The Lord has placed your blog in front of me. I saw this post on the day you posted it but I couldn’t bring myself to read it because I was too raw. I bookmarked it and this morning I felt like I could read it and deal with it. I, too tend to be troubled. I also know to turn to The Lord. Sometimes I’m better at helping others with their issues and burying mine. So thank you times 10 for writing this. Thank you for somehow being a friend that I have yet to meet, and bless you and your family.

    • says

      Julie, and I thank YOU for reaching out…so often I write with an honest heart and then kinda wish I hadn’t …(it’s embarrassing ya know!?) I so appreciate you telling me that maybe God used this in your beautiful heart. Sending love to you my friend…hope we’ll meet face to face one of these days…xo

  14. says

    Robin, your heartfelt posts seem to be written just when I need them! I too, struggle with worry and have been for a few weeks now. Reading God’s word, His promises and praying really is what helps give me peace. Your analogy with the porch light is so wonderful because there is something so comforting about seeing lights on in a house at night. Love and hugs, dear friend!

    • says

      eileen, thank you for sharing your struggle, it makes me feel somehow better that I’m fighting this along with other friends. Sending love and saying a prayer for you as you trust xo

  15. says

    Enjoyed your dark time and solution. It just proves Christ is the Light of the World, n’est ce pas? Without Him there is no light. I like the psalm that says “Out of the depths have I cried to Thee O Lord”…St. John in trying to tell us about Christ summed it up with “Jesus is love”… and we all need love.
    I also took your home tour and wish to say that both you and your husband have accomplished amazing things since your move. Love your home…it says family is welcome here.

    • says

      Hello my new friend Sylvia…thank you for being so very uplifting in your sweet comment. I was touched with how you summed it up (quoting St John) Jesus is love…yes yes yes…xo
      And thank you for taking the home tour and for your your encouragement…xo

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