What Inspires You?

What inspires you? Really, I want to know. Are you inspired by all things in nature?

potting bench 120

Does a certain color make your little heart skip a beat?potting bench 136

Or are you inspired by doing something…because a ritual as simple as making the bed, doing the laundry or repotting a tiny green plant can sometimes feed the Creative in you…potting bench 093

Are you filled with excitement for all-things-possible when you see a vessel (or a room) empty just waiting to be filled?
potting bench 081

It’s a good thing to know what inspires you my friends, because inspiration can be as delicate as a bubble, dissolving into thin air before you’ve paused to pay attention. are you inspired

I really – truly want to know what inspires you…because if you and I are hanging out here at my little blog-home, I want you to always leave inspired.

Do you have a second to let me know what you’d like to see more of around here?

I’m listening…

Sending love my friends xo


  1. Diana says

    So many things inspire me as the world is filled with beauty, but the thing that inspire me most is walking into a craft store or craft studio and seeing rows of ribbon, lace and paper. Immediately my wheels start turning as I envision all the beautiful things that I can create with it. Also, when I see pictures of homes filled with wonderful treasures and artfully decorated and organized (like yours) I an inspired to re-create that beauty in my own home.

    • says

      Diana, I sooo relate to walking into a craft store and feeling ideas start churning as I see ribbon, lace or paper. Love that there are lots of us who do this! sending love my friend xo

  2. Tawn says

    I think that seeing the creativity and resourcefulness of others just gives me the inspiration needed. Our Heavenly Father made each of us unique, therefore we each have our own gifts and talents. And through the eyes of other, we can begin to see what we can accomplish when we use ours.

    As I tell my husband the beautiful of handmade is being handmade.

    Love your heart and your inspirations!

    • says

      Tawn, so well said my friend. We all have gifts and talents and it pleases the Father when we use them…I love your creative heart too my friend xo

  3. says

    Robin, I can’t imagine a single person not leaving here with a tidbit of something that sparks an idea in their head! Your ideas are often way ahead of what is here in this area- and I love when it finally shows up around here. I hope you know- all things YOU, that is what draws me in. Whatever makes your heart flutter, stirs mine equally, because a bit of you is in each thing you create, make, craft, design, etc.

    Love you sweet friend- always

    • says

      Vicky my sweet encouraging friend, thank you. You know my heart and I so want to inspire—you and I are so connected, I feel inspired when I read your beautiful words and see your stunning photos…sending love xo

  4. says

    I totally agree with Vicky. You are what draws us here. I love your creativity and your heart. It seems that on days when I need just a little something different, you just might be feeling the same thing and post something from your heart. I love it here in your blog home.

  5. says

    Am loving these comments above mine!
    Let’s see….I’m inspired when I see change happening–either to a person’s heart or to their physical surroundings.

    I’m inspired when someone listens to my ideas. Guess that means good communication inspires me.

    I’m inspired through music. Color. Art. People’s expressions. A good cup of coffee. Watching someone knit.
    And it can be the most random thing too–like the way a husband reaches for his wife’s hand in church, or how people welcome you into their home.
    Your blog posts do it for me, Robin. That’s why I had a fit when I couldn’t pull up your blog yesterday.
    Love you! Keep doing what you’re doing. It works.

  6. Lauren says

    I am inspired when I see a room really put together, yet comfortable. I am inspired when I see flowers in a garden, a pot, a hanging basket with beautiful color combinations, and finally, simple, yet delicious, new recipes that can be enjoyed by my family and friends are an inspiration. That’s really what I love to see on blogs like yours!

    • says

      Lauren, I love a comfy room too…really it doesn’t matter what style as long as someone decorated it with things they love!

  7. Carol says

    People in public service places that act as if you are the only customer they have.

    Beautiful flowers and the timber south of our house with beautiful black cattle. Sunsets and rainbows. Had a double one the other night. We need more rain then what we got, but the rainbow was a lovely promise

  8. Bea says

    Well-what inspired me as I read this blog and scrolled down was the picture of the terra cotta pit with the writing on it! Lovely! I could see that filled with some flowers or even wooden spoons.
    Reading your blog makes me want to get busy and be creative! Thanks !

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