Powder Room Makeover-we moved the bathroom door!

The Husband and I just finished a fun Powder Room Makeover! As far as makeovers go, this won’t seem like such a big deal to someone taking a peek inside. But let me just tell you…this makeover was HUGE to me! Ya see, the powder room was the one room I really disliked in this house.

powder Room makeover

From the time we moved in two years ago, I wondered (out loud) a thousand times…why in heaven’s name would anyone build a house and put a bathroom here…do you see where it is located? Yep…pretty much in the breakfast room. I mean, it’s directly behind the farm table! I kept the door closed  all the time and instructed friends and family to use the master bathroom (our master is on the main level)…

Powder Room Makeover

We discussed moving the bathroom but that was way too much money so we did the next best thing…we opened up a door on the other side of the powder room and closed off the old opening!

Here’s the new opening as The Husband was cutting it…DSC_8918

Here’s how it looked the moment he got the space opened up!DSC_8920

Take a look at the opening before and after The Husband worked his magic with sheet rock!

powder room makeover

Since we were already working in the powder room and I was feeling better about the little space, I thought: why not add a little personality? 

If you’ve been hanging out with me for long, you know I love to add some kind of rustic element to each room…
Powder Room1

So The Husband made a couple of shelves out of old planks…I picked out brushed nickel brackets as a contrast to the rough wood…we used Behr Premium Plus (color Rhino) in the powder room…

behr premium plus rhino

Rhino is such a beautiful mix of gray and blue…


The pedestal sink and mirror stayed the same…DSC_9242

The room is super small and it was tough to get photos but there’s a vintage stain glass window on one wall…DSC_9232

And a couple of my favorite painting (painted by my mom).DSC_9240


***The color on the breakfast room/kitchen walls is:  Behr Dolphin Fin – depending on the amount of sunlight streaming into the space, Dolphin Fin is soft gray with a hint of blue***

The new door makes all the difference…or maybe it’s the lack of the old door that makes all the difference :)

powder room makeover

Either way…it’s a good thing.

powder Room makeover

Sending love my friends xo


  1. says

    It looks very nice — I wish our powder room was as big as yours. You have to slither in and close the door. We had to get a new sink and had to special order — it is minuscule. Your powder room turned out great and I love the shelves.

  2. Vicky says

    Some small changes can make all the difference. Good thinking. A few years after building our country home, I had a long skinny window placed above the long sink vanity in the master bath horizontally. Previously the room had no outside light. LOVE IT. Since we have 9 foot walls it looks fantabulous. At the same time, we had two long single windows put in the living room to match the double casements. Once again, we love the new view. Sometimes it takes a while to get it right.

    • says

      Vicky, I love that you added windows! Natural light is just the best facelift for a room …and I agree, it’s taken us a couple of years living here to know what this house needs…when you first move in, there are too many decisions clamoring for attention- it takes time for the house to speak to you :) ox

  3. Jen M says

    Wow it looks great and I’m sure you feel better about it as well so that makes a happy house.

  4. Sandy from Ca. says

    Looks wonderful Robin and I agree who would put a bathroom in the dinning room? Love what the hubby did just wish mine was that handy cause I have a few plans for our home too :) Love how talented your Mom is too. Hugs my friend and have a wonderful day.

  5. says

    I love it. When I saw the first picture I thought to myself, “I hope they moved the door.” LOL. It looks awesome!!!! Where did you find the adorable brackets for the shelves?

  6. says

    That’s what I call a big change! Moving the door was a great solution. Love the shelves and your mom’s paintings.

    Enjoy that new wall space!

  7. says

    This is seriously so smart! Way to think outside the box – or rather, in the box?

    The bathroom really looks lovely. I love the wall color and those shelves are haunting my dreams.

  8. says

    I swear you are my decorating twin. I love everything about your design style. I may even paint my powder room that same color! I’ve been using a greige color (can’t remember it as I type this) from Sherwin Williams but it leans more toward green than blue, and I love the blue. Plus, there is zero natural light in my powder room, which is off the entry hall and that also has zero natural light – until I install a storm door, that is. :) Love the rustic touches and your mom’s artwork is so fun.

    • says

      Claire, I’m like you- I love the blue-grays too! The Behr Rhino & Behr Dolphin Fin are both beautiful grays with undertones of blue. The Rhino is a hint more blue and a tad darker then the Dolphin Fin :) xoox

  9. Patti says

    Great save. I’m with you, hate the view of the toilet especially from the kitchen. We just built a house and spent lots of time trying to avoid those kinds of situations. Did great with the powder room, but actually made the hall bathroom worse! Thought if we flipped the whole room the toilet would be less obvious than it is in our old home that is built on a similar plan, but because of other things it is more obvious! Oh well, I will probably live here the rest of my life so will have to deal with the fact that if the hall bathroom door is left open I get a perfect view of the toilet while I’m washing the dishes! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, no matter how hard you plan or how much sleep you lose, there are going to be things you wish you had done differently. Your powder room looks great. I’m a do it yourselfer, but not quite the caliber to move a door!

    • says

      I like that you put the bathroom in the hall though! It is really hard to plan all these details, I’ve never built a house so I can only imagine the thousands of things you had to think about! Have a wonderful day friend ox

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