Painted Bar Stools

I painted bar stools for my craft room/office! You know how much I’ve loved working on this room, I’ve let myself do some crazy things, like the Washi Tape/Baker’s Twine Storage and Watercolor Doily Wall! So when it was time to add the bar stools to the project table, I wasn’t about to use the same color on all the stools!

Painted Bar Stools

So I took inspiration from the soft blues and greens of light color sea glass…

painted bar stools


You know how much I love Behr Paint (Behr even has it’s own Category on my blog! HERE) Anyhoo, my friends at Behr sent me this color fan deck for their newest (and most advanced) paint with primer: MARQUEE –I had a whole lotta fun looking through the ‘Lights’…

Painted Bar Stools

I finally settled on four soft shades of dreamy blues and minty greens…Painted Bar Stools

My favorite of the four is the Whipped Mint…(I’ve already used it to give a boring TV Console a Makeover HERE)

Three of these bar stools were already painted (in a color I wanted to change)- I wasn’t sure how the Behr MARQUEE would cover, but I’m HAPPY to tell you, the MARQUEE went on like a dream…it completely covered in ONE coat! (Dayflower & Alice White look similar in these photos but they are very different in person!)Painted Bar Stools

This is Folly…isn’t this a beautiful color?
Painted Bar Stools

This room is fast becoming my favorite room in the house!Painted Bar Stools

And I have lots of space …do ya wanna come over and do a project???! :) Painted Bar Stools

I’m already doing another little project with all four of these soft sea glass inspired colors…

Painted Bar Stools

What elements in nature inspire your color love my friends?

Have a color-filled day ~ xo

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Behr DIY Expert

***Behr so kindly provided the paint for my bar stools—>but you know, dear friends, the opinions are all mine***


  1. Love the gorgeous colours Robin.

  2. Jen M says:

    I love how soft and pretty they look! I must try something in the whipped mint! I’m going to try this paint this weekend on my tables finally!

    • Jen, you will LOVE it! Please let me know how you like it and if you can send me a picture! xo

      • I will do. I can’t wait to see more of your craft room. I’m still getting mine in order … I have slowed down with the move and this room is smaller than in my last house but it’s still fun.

  3. oh I love the whipped mint too!

  4. I’m packing up my things right now and coming over. I have two sewing machines, an assortment of sewing equipment and 400 cookbooks. Do you have room? Oh and I can’t forget my laptop and printer. :-) I am so excited — I can finally find out what it’s like to have a place to do crafts. Although the room is so very pretty I may just sit back in awe and admire.

    • Marisa…we’ll make room! What fun we’ll have :) Two sewing machines!! You can teach me a thing or two I imagine! xooxox

  5. JoAnn says:

    Love, love the soft and pretty! Have you distressed any pieces with it? I do a lot of distressed pieces.. Thanks, Jo Ann :)

    • JoAnn, thank you! You know I’ve used Behr Ultra Premium Paint with Primer on furniture and distressed it but I haven’t used Behr MARQUEE on distressed pieces yet…but now that you mention it–I will!!! xo

      • JoAnn says:

        Yes, I use their Ultra Premium too and love it! It distresses well! Ive heard the Marquee needs only one coat with no bleed-thru…are you finding that true? Thanks :)

        • JoAnn, YES! If you stay with the MARQUEE colors, ONE coat! So far I’m just AMAZED! I think you’ll love it! xo

  6. Diana says:

    I absolutely love these colors and this room! Robin, is folly a very light green? These colors are so cheerful and look great with those chair pads…….more love…..

    • Diana, yes! Folly is a light green…so beautiful. Thank you for encouraging me with my color choices my friend xo

  7. That’s so pretty, Robin! I love a good craft room and I’m going to go nose around your blog :)

    • Marty, thank you friend, I’m so happy you’re hanging out with me at my blog-home…I love hanging out at your blog-home! xo

  8. This room is coming along so beautifully… Martha Stewart would approve!

  9. I love these barstools. I love the idea of painting them all different colors – so cool.

    And yes, I do want to come over and work on a project. On my way. :)

  10. The bar stools are magnificent! The colors are so soft and pretty!

  11. Robin, YES! I wanna come over to do a craft project! LOVE the FRESH colors of your stools! DARLING skirted cushions, too! I’m sure you made those. Just precious. Really. I DO want to come play! Thanks for sharing these lovely colors, and letting us know the paint you used. I will revisit Behr because of your post! I’m happy to hear the new paint comes with a built-in primer! I do need to freshen several pieces here at the lake. Brown stain is not my fave… You have inspired me!

    • Kim, my sweet friend, we really must have a project day! How fun! You’ll love the Behr MARQUEE…check out the colors online and you can play with the colors on ! xoox

  12. Janice Duncan says:

    Oh Robin, love your chairs! I gotta go to Home Depot and see if they have one of those color fans, I need it for my FL house when we go in July!!
    Thanks for sharing

    • Janice, thank you!!!! You can order color fans at Home Depot .com but I don’t think the MARQUEE Color Fan is available just yet…but soon! Have so much fun in July xo

      • Janice Duncan says:

        Robin, thanks for letting me know you can order the color fans! I want to wait on the MARQUEE one because I need to try out that new Behr paint. I will be covering old paint so I need the paint and primer in one.
        Didn’t they have a paint/primer combo before? Did they just reformulate it or just rename it?

        • Janice, the Behr Ultra Premium was paint with primer but this is even better. if you stay in the MARQUEE colors, they say ONE coat coverage! I painted over painted stools and really it goes on like a charm! xo Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

          • Janice Duncan says:

            Thanks Robin I’ll definitely be giving the Marquee paint a try down in FL. I like just having to paint on one coat and being done!
            Our fav Behr does it again!

          • Isn’t it amazing what one coat of paint can do? :) ox

          • Janice Duncan says:

            YES, that’s one reason I love Behr paint so much!!

  13. Robin,

    Beautiful colors! And this room is calm and relaxing…just what is needed when you are creating. I do love those stools. May I ask where you got them? I am in need of a stool for my craft table and this would work perfectly in there. I know that when the room is revealed is will be awesome.

    Thank you for the peek.

    • Tawn, Did you get my FB message? Just making sure…I got the stools online at a JC Penny! (they don’t seem to stock them anymore though!) xo

  14. Soooooo beautiful, Robin. Such soft, soothing colors–almost look edible! I LOVE this room. I know it’s fun with all the granddaughters! xoxoxo

  15. Diana says:

    Robin, I LOVE the stools and especially the whipped mint! The fabric on the stools is gorgeous, can you tell me the name of the print?

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