DIY Beachy Coasters

These DIY Beachy Coasters were so much fun to make…I mean you guys know I love the dreamy colors of the ocean and when they’re all mixed in a watery movement…well, all the better!
DIY Beachy Coasters

I’ve been wanting to try a project with paint and rubbing alcohol because, as you may know, alcohol has a wonderful effect on paint, colored pencils and markers!DIY Beachy Coasters

If you’ve got just a second or two, I can show you how I did this…just in case you might want to play around with some paint & alcohol!
DIY Beachy Coasters

Here’s What You Need:

*Acrylic Paints…I used Americana Acrylics in *Sea Glass *Salem Blue & *Mint Julep Green

*Rubbing Alcohol

*Ceramic Tiles (white ones – I used shiny )

*Dropper (or you could use your finger to drop alcohol onto the tiles)

*Paint Brush

*Stone Sealer (I used This Stone Sealer)

*Adhesive backed Cork or Felt (I used felt because I had some)

DIY Beachy Coasters

First add drops of all three paints on a paper plate then pour a little water into the plate…you want the paint watered down. (It works better that way)DIY Beachy Coasters

Now take your paint brush and mix a bit of each color (one at a time) w/ water and paint your tile! After you’ve added a bit of one color-rinse your brush and add another color!
DIY Beachy Coasters

Now the fun part…take your dropper and drop little drops of alcohol onto the painted tiles (slowly) …the paint just scatters! Take it slow or you’ll be left with no paint on the coaster!
DIY Beachy Coasters

Here’s how mine looked when I was done dripping the alcohol onto the tile…I liked it, but wondered how it would look if I went back and softened the spots by gently spreading a bit of the paint back into the alcohol dot…DIY Beachy Coasters DIY Beachy Coasters

Here’s how it looked…slightly more transparent in the alcohol dots-kind of has a color wash…DIY Beachy Coasters

Let your tiles dry for a few hours (maybe overnight) – I put a fan on mine and they dried in no time!

Take outside and spray with Stone Sealer. (I sprayed 3 or 4 good coats letting them dry between)

Now add some adhesive backed cork or adhesive backed felt…

DIY Beachy Coasters

I ended up leaving the dramatic alcohol spots on a couple of the tiles and softening the other two!DIY Beachy Coasters

We’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and the stone sealer seems to be working…no paint loss with damp glasses!
DIY Beachy Coasters

Have you eve done projects with paints and alcohol? If not, you might want to give it a try-it’s super fun!

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Hoping you’re on Beach Time today my friends… xo


  1. JoAnn says

    Those are great! I love sea glass colors. Anytime ive made coasters out of tiles there has always been a problem with condensation on glass building up and making puddles on the coaster that end up running onto table. Does the sealer stop that from happening? Thanks!

  2. says

    For summer, I just love these colors! This is an easy project I can do too and I like that! I’ve never thought of using alcohol. And, I like the effect on the coasters. Thanks Robin, for another neat project! xxoo

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