DIY Fishing Floats with Chalky Paint for Glass

How are you my friends? (I’m announcing the winner of Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats Cookbooks Monday morning, ck back to see if you won!) Today I’ve got a quick summer project, if you have a second…I’ll show you!

These pretty DIY fishing floats are everywhere this summer and I’m going to tell you why…they are sooo easy to make with glass Christmas ornaments!

diy fishing floats
easy diy fishing floats

I’m drawn to soft blues and greens as you know…easy diy fishing floats

To make these pretty glass “fishing floats”, I used the brand new Americana Chalky Finish paint for GLASS! (how exciting!) I mixed a drop or two of the paint w/ water (so this won’t take up lots of your paint…you’ll have extra to do other projects!!!)

***I used colors Serene & Vintage***easy diy fishing floats

When the mixture was pourable, I just poured it into the glass balls!

diy fishing floats

And swirled it around and around!
easy diy fishing floats

There was excess paint in the bottom so I poured the majority of it into another glass ball…easy diy fishing floats

The Chalky Finish Paint mixed with water left some of the glass transparent with just a wash of color and then there were other parts of the glass ball that had more opaque coloring. (If I found the color to be too saturated, I added a bit more water and swirled a little more!)easy diy fishing floats

I left these to dry for a few hours with the openings facing a fan…because I was in a hurry to see how they looked!

I love them in my beachy centerpiece but really, and I do hate to bring up the C word—>but I love the dreamy colors so much that I’m going to do some more of these for my Christmas tree! (sorry about bringing up Christmas…now let’s get back to the season at hand! :) )
easy diy fishing floats

And speaking of summer, how’s your’s going? Have you done any gardening or summer decorating or pray tell…any summer projects?!

Sending love ~ xo

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  1. says

    Did you mention what color you chose? I didn’t notice it. I love them! Now add a bit of twine to them and they’ll totally rock. I may try that myself. :)

    • says

      Claire, Twine would be perfect! I think I’ll try that! thanks friend !
      (I forgot to add the colors…I used Serene and Vintage—> I’ll go back and add that! xo)

    • says

      Angela, my thoughts went to Christmas too! I was a little afraid to mention it though :) I’m so glad you and I think alike xo

  2. Laura S says

    I’ve used the Chalky Finish paints on a couple of projects & love them but I didn’t know they’d come out with a glass paint too. My husband’s family were commercial fishermen so now I have a fun project to do as a surprise for him. I am also going to try the tile coasters to try to bring a little of the ocean feel to this land locked, drought stricken part of Texas we live in. Thanks for so many fun projects and yes, a great Christmas project as well. It is difficult to think Christmas when it’s 100 degrees outside, lol.

    • says

      Laura…I love that your hubby was a commercial fisherman! I bet you can get your hands on some real fishing floats! (I know what you mean about the hot temps making it tough to even consider DECEMBER!) Pray you get a soaking rain soon my friend xo

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