Creating an Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor space that you love? I don’t think you have to have a lot of money or space to create a retreat, although if I did have a lot of money…this is pretty :)

outdoor spaces


I found a little inspiration for serene outdoor spaces that I wanted to show you…

outdoor spaces

Source Unknown

If you have a patio, porch or tiny square of level ground in the yard…what do you want to do out there? Do you want to eat?

outdoor spaces

If there’s room for a table & chairs, old ones can be found for a song and simply repainted…

outdoor spaces

But you don’t need a lot of room or even a covered patio to enjoy having dinner outdoors…



White Lace Cottage

I love to have coffee & quiet time on our porch, on the weekend The Husband and I will sit on the porch for over an hour, so comfy seating is important…


Southern Living 

I’ve noticed that lots of companies have their outdoor furniture on sale right now…in case you’re looking for some!



Once you decide how you’d like to use your space, you really can create little retreat on a small budget.



Tell me about your outdoor space if you have one…

Sending summer love my friends ~ xo


    • says

      Marisa, Fabric makes such an AMAZING difference! And this is the perfect time of year to recover outdoor furniture…I’ve been seeing outdoor fabric on Big-Sale!!! Enjoy your Friday my friend ~ ox

  1. says

    Our deck is two level and is so in need of repairing. Funds are low right now though. Would so love to put a roof over the upper part and tear the lower part out and pour a patio on the lower.

    • says

      Felicia…I so understand about the cost…decks are so expensive. Do you think a product like Deck Over would help? We used it on our ancient back deck with wonderful results! Have a delightful Friday my friend xo

  2. says

    I have a lil back deck AND a lil front stoop….I have been DREAMING about how to change them up all COLD frigid winter and I am FINALLY getting around to doing something!! Check my blog in a few weeks to see if I’ve progressed!!

  3. Dorth says

    We have two chairs outside that face the back hill with the trees and flowers all blooming. I love it out there before and after dinner. Why be inside when you have all of nature in your midst.

    • says

      Dorth, sounds like you have a beautiful view…that’s something I didn’t think about…creating a space with a pretty view if we can! Have a wonderful day my friend ox

  4. Rita says

    We don’t have a big backyard, but I get compliments on it all the time. We built a deck out of heart redwood 18 years ago. The boards have never checked and we have never placed a single board. I stain it every year with a special stain. We built a pergola over the top with every board at an angle to give us shade in the blazing sun. I have surrounded our yard with plants and trees, hung bird feeder and flowering plants. I love to sit out there on the glider in the mornings or anytime, really and enjoy listening to the birds and seeing all the shades of green and pops of color. It’s a small yard in comparison to many, but it’s our slice of heaven on earth.

  5. judy in carefree says

    My favorite outdoor space beside my raft in the pool is a seating arrangement ( a Pottery Barn copy made for us in Mexico) on our front porch overlooking our spa and pool. It has a 180 degree view of the valley (Phoenix area) and is a place where I view the most beautiful sunsets in the evening.

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