Rustic Shelves in the Dining Room

We added rustic shelves in the dining room.

This is no surprise to you, my buds who hang out with me. You guys know I love to throw something old and rustic into every room.
Rustic Shelves

When we moved in two years ago, I planned to add built in shelving and cabinets to the dining room…you know, like the dining room in the movie Something’s Gotta Give

I so love that dining room…sigh.


But, when you live in a house long enough, you start to listen to it. Do you know what I mean? This house with it’s 16 foot very rustic stone fireplace,

Angel Wings Edited Night1 logobeams  & planks made into tables and shelves,

DSC_1125-393x590…the house and I, we agree.

So the other day when I found some metal brackets on BIG sale at Target, I knew it was a sign–I only had to convince Mike :) rustic shelves in the dining room

Truth be told my friends, it didn’t take much to talk him into making some rustic shelves…

…because he loves rustic just as much as I do. Maybe even more…DSC_9606

This house and I, we’ve been all over the place in the past two years. Through renovations and countless DIY’s to backed up plumbing and dying trees…through it all,  I’m starting to feel like we’ve become good friends. And like good friends we understand each other.

Just in case you wanted to put up a rustic shelf couldn’t find any old planks, you could use 2 x 10’s and beat them up (there are youtube videos telling you how to make new wood look old), route the edges and stain them with a dark stain and finish them by sanding...just an option :)

Sending love my friends xo

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  1. Sylva says

    Beautiful!!! You really did ‘listen’ to your home. They look like they belong in exactly that spot!

  2. says

    These look awesome Robin. I love that you home is so warm and cozy with feminine touches but still has a rustic (masculine) appeal as well.

  3. Laura says

    Love your new shelving! I could see that in my house. I am wondering how you have your plates standing up? Are you using plate stands? I can’t see them in the pictures.

  4. says

    They look fantastic!! I love the look of shelves — If you add art on them you can easily exchange it for something else. I guess it’s almost like adding more mantles and decorating. That is certainly a win-win!!

  5. Jen M says

    The room looks great ! It really pays to wait and listen to the house speak! Great mix of style to make it cozy and pretty!

  6. Casey says

    I’ve been wanting to do those exact type of shelves in my kitchen but hadn’t found any brackets that I liked. I love these you found at Target. I’ll be heading over there today to pick some up! Thanks for sharing this! Your wall is absolutely gorgeous.


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