Succulent Fairy Garden

Have you hopped on the fairy garden  bandwagon? I’m in awe of some of the delightful details that creative people put into a fairy garden! But I haven’t played around with them yet…until now. And this really isn’t a ‘fairy garden’ in the truest form…

succulent fairy garden

It’s more like a bunch of succulents waiting on a fairy to come take up residence…

succulent fairy garden

I may not have a fairy, but you guys know how I love my succulents! I did a Live Succulent Wreath HERE


And then a faux Succulent Front Door Wreath HERE!

faux succulent wreath

And when the temperatures inched up last month, I thought I’d plant some succulents for the screen porch! At some point when I was planting… I thought about fairy gardens…

succulent fairy garden

Since I’ve yet to make a fairy friend, I didn’t have any fairy furniture or fairy garden swings or fairy adirondack chairs (Have you SEEN all the fun stuff for fairies?). But I did have some little Polymer Clay harvest baskets and flowers that my sweet mama made years ago…

succulent fairy garden

So I added those along with a cracked pot and a Washi tape bunting…

succulent fairy garden

And I’m waiting on a tiny homeless fairy to come take up residence …

succulent fairy garden

Have  you helped your little ones make a fairy garden? If so, what pray tell, did you put inside? xo

Sending all kinds of Monday hugs and smooches my friends xo

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  1. says

    That is very, very, very cute, Robin. Love the idea of succulents! My grandgirls just put together one in a wheelbarrow that I posted a couple of days ago. Ours needs a few finishing touches. Yours looks pretty complete. LOVE it! xo Diana

  2. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says

    I have done a Gnome Garden. My youngest who is 19 thinks I’m to old….I think not. I don’t have alot in mine either, it is in an old bird bath so not much room. But I enjoy it just the same. Stop over and take a look sometime…..

  3. Tawn says

    That is very cute, Robin. And I know that there must be a fairy out there just looking for such a sweet place to call home.

  4. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, how sweet! Can’t imagine how much fun it is to be one of your granddaughters!
    Now that I’m looking at your succulent wreath, I’m sorta feeling sorry for mine. I bought her from Home Depot. And she’s looking awfully scrawny~~~now that I see yours.

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