Moss Cone Topiary

I did this little moss cone topiary for my springtime centerpiece! Monday of this week I posted the easy tutorial for the round topiaries HERE and today I’m going to show you the quickest little topiary ever!

Moss Cone Topiary

All you need :

*Styrofoam Cone

*Sheet Moss

*Terra Cotta flower pot that is the perfect size for your Styrofoam cone to fit into…you can give the flower pot an aged patina with paint (HERE &  HERE) are a couple of ways to do that…

*Reindeer Moss

*Spanish Moss

*Floral Pins

*Twigs (I used a few twigs from a grapevine swag that I’ve used in several spring projects!)

Simply hot glue your sheet moss to your cone!

Moss Cone Topiary

Carefully add twigs to your cone …wrapping around in a pretty way!Moss Cone Topiary

Use you floral pins to keep the twigs in place…Moss Cone Topiary

Now, tuck your Reindeer Moss here there and everywhere…using hot glue to keep it in place…Moss Cone Topiary

Moss Cone Topiary

Fit your Styrofoam into your terra cotta flower pot! I kept mine right here next to the sink for a week or so…Moss Cone Topiary

Until I finished the other two topiaries, now they make up my spring centerpiece on the farm table!


And just in case you want to do this along with me…

YouTube Preview Image

I hope springtime is in our very near future my friends 



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